The Roadrunner logo was changed in 1999. The logo before 1999 has bigger starting and ending letters (RoadrunneR) and later logo has the same size for the whole name.
In 1988/1989 the logo got records under the RoadrunneR text, before there was none, or the catalogue number.

Catalog No. definition list

An incomplete list of Roadrunner Records Catalog No. prefixes:

  • RR ― Most common
  • RO
  • RRD ― Deluxe
  • RC ― CD(?)
  • RCC ― Cassette
  • RCD ― CD
  • RRC ― Casette(?)
  • RRP ― Picture Disc(?)
  • RRR ― Vinyl(?)
  • RRV ― VHS
  • RV ― VCD
  • RRCAR ― Vinyl, Germany(?)
  • RR PROMO ― Promotional
  • RDRF ― Promotional, Custom(?)
  • RDRR ― Promotional
  • SAMP ― Promotional Single(?)
  • RRJY
  • RRCA ― Japan, Deluxe(?)
  • RRCY ― Japan
  • APCY ― Japan
  • RRDJ ― Japan Deluxe
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BerlinIdeal7" Vinyl2
RR 5546
Programm 2DIN A Testbild12" Vinyl5
RR 9990
Los niños del parqueLiaisons Dangereuses12" Vinyl3
CountdownUK Subs7" Vinyl2
RR 5549[none]
The NylonsThe Nylons12" Vinyl10
RR 9843
Leather, Bristles, No Survivors and Sick Boys...GBH12" Vinyl15
RR 9935
Dokument: Ten Highlights In The History Of Popular Music 1981>1982Various Artists12" Vinyl11
RR 9940
Under the BladeTwisted Sister12" Vinyl9
RR 9946
DamagedBlack Flag12" Vinyl16
RR 9956
Endangered SpeciesUK Subs12" Vinyl12
RR 9986[none]
Forged in FireAnvil12" Vinyl10
  • XE1983-04-13
RR 9927[none]
Court in the ActSatan12" Vinyl10
RR 9894
Die HardVenom12" Vinyl3
RR 125521
MelissaMercyful FateCD7
Tokyo BladeTokyo BladeCD8
RR 34 9883
MelissaMercyful Fate12" Vinyl7
RR 9898[none]
Guardians of the FlameVirgin SteeleVinyl10
RR 9899
Kill ’Em AllMetallica12" Vinyl10
RR 9902
All for OneRavenVinyl10
RR 9909
Diamond Jack and the Queen of PainKevin Ayers12" Vinyl10
RR 9913
War and PainVoivod12" Vinyl9
  • XE1984-08-10
RR 9825[none]
Don’t Break the OathMercyful Fate12" Vinyl9
  • XE1984-09-07
RR 9835[none]
Shadows of the NightDark HeartVinyl9
Art & IllusionTwelfth Night12" Vinyl5
RR 9811[none]
Rollin' ThunderMad Max12" Vinyl9
  • -1984-10
RR 9838
CarnivoreCarnivore12" Vinyl2
Metal QueenLee Aaron12" Vinyl4
RR 125507
Haunting the ChapelSlayerVinyl3
RR 125508
Don't Break the OathMercyful FateCD9
RR 34 9835
Dirty Rotten LPD.R.I.CD28
  • -1984
  • XE1988
RR 9555 2016861955526
And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun...Warlord12" Vinyl8
RR 9806
And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun...Warlord12" Vinyl9
RR 9806
RR 9821
Night of the BladeTokyo Blade12" Vinyl8
RR 9826
Spartan WarriorSpartan WarriorVinyl9
RR 9847
Ride the LightningMetallica12" Vinyl8
RR 9848
Shadows of the NightDark Heart12" Vinyl9
RR 9849[none]
Burning StarHelstar(unknown)8
RR 9854
DisillusionLoudness12" Vinyl9
RR 9855[none]
RR 9858
Dutch SteelVarious Artists12" Vinyl10
RR 9862
Hail to EnglandManowar12" Vinyl7
RR 9865[none]
Show No MercySlayer12" Vinyl11
RR 9868
Violence & ForceExciter12" Vinyl10
RR 9870[none]
This TimeJaguar12" Vinyl10
The Legend Of Jim Croce: All His Greatest HitsJim CroceCD16
WarriorsWarriors12" Vinyl9
Metal RushMaltese Falcon12" Vinyl8
Fit for FightWitch Cross(unknown)8
Hell AwaitsSlayer12" Vinyl7
RR 9795[none]
Chasing the StormTröjan12" Vinyl10
  • NL1985-06-12
RR 9756
Call of the WildLee AaronVinyl11
  • XE1985-06-27
RR 9780
AnimosityCorrosion of Conformity12" Vinyl10
RR 9764
No Presents for ChristmasKing Diamond12" Vinyl2
  • DK1985-12-25
RR 125485
Speak English or DieStormtroopers of DeathCD21
RR 349725
Seven ChurchesPossessed12" Vinyl10
RR 9757[none]
Railway IIRailwayVinyl11
RR 9760
MatedUtopia7" Vinyl2
NightmareVenom12" Vinyl4
RR 125487
Total Death EPWarfare12" Vinyl4
RR 125499[none]
Hell AwaitsSlayerCD7
RR 34 9795[none]
Night of the BladeTokyo BladeCD8
RR 34 9826[none]
Don’t Break the Oath (slimline series)Mercyful FateCD9
RR 34 9835[none]
Rollin' ThunderMad MaxCD9
RR 34 9838[none]
Lee AaronLee AaronCD10
RR 34 9842
Metal QueenLee AaronCD10
RR 34 9861
At War With SatanVenomCD7
RR 34 9869[none]
Melissa (slimline series)Mercyful FateCD7
RR 34 9898[none]
Hard ’n’ HeavyAnvilCD10
RR 34 9916[none]
Metal on MetalAnvilCD10
RR 34 9917
Forged in Fire (Made in Japan)AnvilCD10
RR 34 9927[none]
Under the BladeTwisted SisterCD9
RR 34 9946
Liaisons dangereusesLiaisons DangereusesCD10
RR 34 9982, RR 349982
Playing With a Different SexAu PairsCD10
RR 34 9994[none]
Show No MercySlayerCD11
RR 349868[none]
All for OneRavenCD10
RR 349909[none]
Edge of InsanityTony MacAlpine12" Vinyl11
RR 9706[none]
Fear of TomorrowArtillery12" Vinyl9
RR 9735
The Spectre WithinFates Warning12" Vinyl7
RR 9737
Mystery of IllusionChastain12" Vinyl9
RR 9742
Nasty SavageNasty Savage12" Vinyl11
RR 9752
CarnivoreCarnivore12" Vinyl8
RR 9754[none]
If You're Man EnoughJadeVinyl9
RR 9755
AmnestyZoetrope12" Vinyl9
RR 9758[none]
Skeptics ApocalypseAgent Steel12" Vinyl9
RR 9759
Legions of the DeadTyrant12" Vinyl10
RR 9765
The Day of WrathBulldozer12" Vinyl9
RR 9779[none]
Long Live the LoudExciter12" Vinyl8
RR 9782[none]
SirensSavatage12" Vinyl9
RR 9783
Bonded by BloodExodus12" Vinyl9
RR 9787[none]
Vicious AttackAbattoir12" Vinyl8
RR 9788
Only the StrongThorVinyl11
RR 9790
The SkullTrouble12" Vinyl7
RR 9791[none]
Hell AwaitsSlayer12" Vinyl7
RR 9795[none]
Hell AwaitsSlayerCassette7
RR 9795-4016861979546
UniverseSilver Mountain12" Vinyl9
4 Song EPThe Living Daylights12" Vinyl4
Barely Holdin' OnLee Aaron12" Vinyl3
RRP 65488
CarnivoreCarnivore12" Vinyl8
RRR 219
The Day of WrathBulldozer12" Vinyl9