MCA Records (1967–2003; name as in imprint during 1972–1990)

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evolution of the MCA Records imprint logo throughout its history:
(there are some sub-variants, but these are the main transitions)

Big MCA letters with a small ® at the bottom right tail of the A: MCA®

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Interprète Les ItaliensAndrés Segovia12" Vinyl9
MACS 6123
An Evening With Boris Karloff and His FriendsBoris Karloff12" Vinyl10
Reflections In Blue (Mono)Brenda Lee12" Vinyl10
MUP 306[none]
Reflections In Blue (Stereo)Brenda Lee12" Vinyl10
MUPS 306[none]
Painting on Wood / Slow MotionThe Magicians7" Vinyl2
  • GB1968-10-25
MU 1046
Merry Christmas From Brenda Lee (Mono)Brenda Lee12" Vinyl12
MUP 330[none]
Fever TreeFever Tree12" Vinyl10
(We're Gonna) Rock Around the ClockBill Haley and His Comets7" Vinyl2
MU 1013[none]
Love Makes a WomanBarbara Acklin7" Vinyl2
MU 1038
The Good Life (Mono)Brenda Lee12" Vinyl12
MUP 322[none]
Call Me (Stereo)Brenda Lee12" Vinyl12
MUPS 321[none]
The Good Life (Stereo)Brenda Lee12" Vinyl12
MUPS 322[none]
Memories of Time UnwoundAmory Kane12" Vinyl11
MUPS 348[none]
Little Green ApplesBarbara Acklin & Gene Chandler7" Vinyl2
BAG 1[none]
Am I the Same Girl (Soulful Strut)Barbara Acklin7" Vinyl2
MU 1103[none]
I Get the Sweetest FeelingJackie Wilson7" Vinyl2
MU 1160[none]
Remember WhenLenny DeeVinyl12
MUPS 393
GiantBuddy Holly12" Vinyl10
Johnny One Time (Stereo)Brenda Lee12" Vinyl11
MUPS 396[none]
Live: Madison Square Garden CenterBill CosbyVinyl8
Wishbone AshWishbone Ash12" Vinyl6
  • GB1970-12-04
MKPS 2014[none]
Coal Miner's DaughterLoretta Lynn12" Vinyl11
Born to Be WildSteppenwolfVinyl4
Wishbone AshWishbone Ash12" Vinyl6
CameoMarian Henderson12" Vinyl11
MAP/S 2122[none]
Brian Hyland (Stereo)Brian Hyland12" Vinyl11
Jesus Christ Superstar (1970 original London concept cast)Andrew Lloyd Webber2×12" Vinyl12 + 11
MAPS 2075/1-2/D[none]
Airport Original SoundtrackAlfred Newman12" Vinyl12
MAPS 2455
Pop & Blues Festival '70 - LiveVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl4 + 4
MAPS 3062[none]
PolttopisteJohnny12" Vinyl12
MAPS 3918
CeciliaJohn & Anne Ryder7" Vinyl2
MC/S 1880
Tumbleweed ConnectionElton John12" Vinyl10
MCA 2014[none]
Brian Hyland (Stereo)Brian Hyland12" Vinyl11
MCA 5057[none]
Rays of the SunSebastian12" Vinyl10
MCA 7001[none]
Gospel OakGospel Oak12" Vinyl9
Michael Todd’s Around the World in 80 Days: Music From the Sound TrackVictor Young12" Vinyl12
The Great Screen Themes By Carmen CavallaroCarmen Cavallaro12" Vinyl14
Gold (Cover printed in England)Neil Diamond12" Vinyl10
MCF 2515[none]
Annemarie / Je lacht je rotTrio '677" Vinyl2
MCS 2499
Make Me SmileKaren Wyman7" Vinyl2
MCS 3313
Las Vegas / Let Me Be Turned to StoneTony Christie7" Vinyl2
MK 5058
Two Mules for Sister SaraEnnio MorriconeVinyl11
MKPS 2013
The Great Metropolitan Steam BandThe Great Metropolitan Steam Band12" Vinyl11
MUP 403[none]
Where Have All Our Heroes GoneBill Anderson12" Vinyl11
MUPS 428[none]
Gypsy WomanBrian Hyland12" Vinyl11
SMCA 532[none]
WoodstockMatthews’ Southern ComfortVinyl2
UNS 526
PilgrimageWishbone Ash12" Vinyl7
MDKS 8004
Fanny AdamsFanny Adams12" Vinyl6
MAP/S 4069[none]
MDKS 8002
(Is This the Way to) Amarillo?Tony Christie7" Vinyl2
MKS 5073
For Adults OnlyBill CosbyVinyl8
PilgrimageWishbone Ash12" Vinyl7
The MCA Sound ConspiracyVarious Artists12" Vinyl11
Ipy Girl Ipy/愛の世界鰐淵晴子12" Vinyl11
浪曲一代/壷振り物語水城ゆう子12" Vinyl2
こけざる組曲三保敬とジャズ・イレブン12" Vinyl5
こけざる組曲三保敬とジャズ・イレブン12" Vinyl5
Rock Joy In SaxTakeru Muraoka12" Vinyl10
Memphis Portrait (Stereo)Brenda Lee12" Vinyl11
MAP/ S-3809[none]
Tony ChristieTony Christie12" Vinyl12
MAPS 4738, MKPS 2016[none]
OsibisaOsibisa12" Vinyl7
MAPS 4740[none]
GringoGringo12" Vinyl9
MAPS 4890
BudgieBudgie12" Vinyl8
MAPS 4959, MKPS 2018
Second ComingHelp12" Vinyl8
MAPS 5119[none]
Uncle Jim’s MusicUncle Jim12" Vinyl11
MAPS 5731[none]
Down Town / DialogueCanyon7" Vinyl2
MCS 2515
Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves (Sleeve with"No. 1 in USA", side indication on labels Seite 1 and Seite)Chér7" Vinyl2
MCS 5211, MCS-5211[none]
Living GameMick GreenwoodVinyl11
MDKS 8003
I Did What I Did for Maria / Give Me Your Love AgainTony Christie7" Vinyl2
MK 5064
A Testament of TimeGordon Giltrap12" Vinyl10
MKPS 2020
Green BullfrogGreen Bullfrog12" Vinyl8
MKPS 2021
I Don't Know How To Love HimYvonne Elliman(unknown)2
MKS 5063
Memphis Portrait (Stereo)Brenda Lee12" Vinyl11
MUPS 423[none]
ChérCher12" Vinyl12
MUPS 438
Golden Organ FavoritesLenny DeeCassette12
ArgusWishbone Ash12" Vinyl7
  • GB1972-04-28
MDKS 8006[none]
Art Tatum 2: Piano Solos "Art of Tatum" 1939-1940Art Tatum12" Vinyl16
  • FR1972-05-10
Inside the Mind of Bill CosbyBill Cosby12" Vinyl10
FriendlinessStackridge12" Vinyl11
MKPS 2025
The Best Of Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
300 772-370
Johnny Burnette And The Rock'n Roll TrioJohnny Burnette And The Rock'n Roll Trio12" Vinyl12
HeadsOsibisa12" Vinyl9
410005, 410005 U
Art Tatum 1: Piano Solos "Art of Tatum" 1934-1937Art Tatum12" Vinyl16
National Lampoon Radio DinnerNational LampoonVinyl9
Love Is Like a Spinning WheelJan Howard12" Vinyl11
〈脱出組曲〉 竹千代ファースト竹千代Vinyl11
次元村岡実とニュー・ディメンション・グループ12" Vinyl6
BrendaBrenda LeeCassette11
KMUPC 15485[none]
MoodsNeil Diamond12" Vinyl11
MAPS 6097
Band of AngelsAlan Parker12" Vinyl9
MAPS 6169, MUPS 471[none]
With Loving FeelingTony Christie12" Vinyl12
MAPS 6268
There’s a Song in ThisUncle Jim’s Music12" Vinyl10
MAPS 6364[none]
Cabaret (Original Sound Track RecordingKander & Ebb12" Vinyl12
MCA 016645011781166415
Hot August NightNeil Diamond2×12" Vinyl8 + 12
MCA 2-8000[none]
Crocodile RockElton John7" Vinyl2
MCA 40000[none]
Heavy Organ: Bach Live in San FranciscoBach; Virgil Fox12" Vinyl8
TracksMcKendree Spring12" Vinyl10
Levon / GoodbyeElton John7" Vinyl2
Merry Christmas From Brenda Lee (Stereo)Brenda Lee12" Vinyl14