ARC Records (Dutch reissue/compilation label)

~ Label


Truck Driving ManDick Nolan12" Vinyl12
Medley Twist '83Eighty One12" Vinyl26
Surfer GirlThe Beach BoysCD10
TOP 109
  • -1984
TOP 116[none]
Gangster of LoveJimi HendrixCD10
TOP 124[none]
Still Twistin’Chubby CheckerCD12
CD TOP 155
Greatest Hits LiveCharlie Thomas & The DriftersCD14
TOP 143[none]
Fun Fun FunJan & DeanCD12
When A Man Loves A WomanPercy SledgeCD16
TOP CD 502
Hamburg 1961The Beatles feat. Tony SheridanCD8
TOP CD 510
Billy's BagBilly PrestonCD16
  • -1987
TOP CD 514082333064027
Home of the BluesJohnny CashCD16
TOP CD 521082333071827
Classic CutsThe YardbirdsCD16
  • -1987
Broken PromisesGladys Knight & the PipsCD12
  • -1987
20 Great Oldies I’ll Aways Remember, Vol. 6Various ArtistsCD20
CD 006[none]
20 Great Oldies I'll Always Remember, Vol. 9Various ArtistsCD20
CD 009[none]
Oldies But Goodies, Vol. 1Various ArtistsCD20
CD 890113[none]
Oldies But Goodies Vol. 3Various ArtistsCD20
CD 890115[none]
Let The Good Times Roll Vol. 1Various ArtistsCD20
CD 890118[none]
Let The Good Times Roll, Vol. 2Various ArtistsCD20
CD 890119[none]
The End of an Era, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD20
CD 890125[none]
The End of an Era, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD20
CD 890126[none]
The End of an Era, Volume 4Various ArtistsCD20
CD 890127[none]
Hans en Grietje en 3 andere sprookjesFrank VerteltCD4
ARC 031190[none]
Sneeuwwitje en 3 andere sprookjesFrank VerteltCD4
ARC 041190[none]
Doornroosje en 3 andere sprookjesFrank VerteltCD4
  • -1990
ARC 061190[none]
Klein Duimple en 3 andere sprookjesFrank VerteltCD4
ARC 071190[none]
The Killer StrikesJerry Lee LewisCD12
12 Onvergetelijke Wereldhits Vol 1Various ArtistsCD12
CD 911103
12 Onvergetelijke Wereldhits Vol 2Various ArtistsCD12
CD 911104
Solo SchlagerChristian AndersCD12
ARC 9660248713051966240
That's The Way (I Like It)KC & the Sunshine BandCD16
MCPS 9490608712273030227
The Magic CollectionLouis ArmstrongCD20
MEC 9490458713051490455
The Jackson Five (The name of the Album is 'The Jackson Five' only, without '(featuring Michael Jackson)' in it. The Magic Collection (MEC catalogue) is a sub-label of ARC and is not part of the title of the album. MCPS is the rights society.)The Jackson 5CD24
MEC 9490468713051490462
The Magic CollectionThe Jackson 5CD24
MEC 9490468713051490462
Top des Stars, Volume 6: Gangster of LoveJimi HendrixCD10
TOP 124[none]
The Magic CollectionTina TurnerCD10
The Magic CollectionCanned HeatCD13
MEC 9490178713051490172
The Magic CollectionThe PlattersCD16
MEC 9490248713051490240
The Magic CollectionJürgen MarcusCD13
MEC 9490638713051490639
The Golden HitsShocking BlueCD14
TP 3791-4309488713051309481
Solo SchlagerBernhard BrinkCD14
Cradle Of Love & 13 Rock 'N Roll HitsVarious ArtistsCD14
ARC 9605218713051965212
SoloschlagerJürgen MarcusCD12
  • -1996
ARC 9660328713051966325
SoloschlagerPeter OrloffCD15
  • -1996
ARC 9660348713051966332
The Magic CollectionThe ByrdsCD14
MEC 9491378713051491377
‘Like A Breeze’ Gheorghe Zamfir And His VirtuosiGheorghe ZamfirCD10
SEL 720401128713051721122
The Magic CollectionThe Beach BoysCD10
The Magic CollectionAl JarreauCD18
  • XE2000-02-01
MEC 9491468713051491469
The Magic CollectionMungo JerryCD16
MEC 9490108713051490103
RastamanDJ The Wave feat. Saragossa BandCD5
The Magic CollectionSteppenwolf ’97CD12
  • DE2006-06-11
MEC 949035 A8713051490356
I Love The 90'sDr. Alban vs. HaddawayDigital Media14
  • AT2008-07-10
The Ultimate Movie Collection Vol.1Various ArtistsCD121001948713051100194
Golden Memories, Volume 22Various ArtistsCD168022[none]
Night RockerDavid HasselhoffCD129490948712273030524
Sneeuwwitje en 3 andere sprookjesFrank VerteltCD4ARC 041190[none]
The Dynamic RockersThe Dynamic RockersCD14ARC 0603968713051603961
The Dynamic Rockers Featuring John Spencer in His early YearsThe Dynamic Rockers feat. John SpencerCD16ARC 0604968713051604968
Christmas Music Volume 1[unknown]CD17
ARC 241290[none]
Immortal Memories Volume 1Various ArtistsCD12
ARC 91506[none]
A Gallery of Hits Vol. 4Various ArtistsCD12
ARC 915148713051915149
Those Were the Hits, Volume 4Various ArtistsCD12ARC 915198713051915194
Simply the Best!, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD12
ARC CD 91523
Your Favourite Clarinet Melodies[unknown]CD18
CD 021190
The Golden Big Band Era, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD16CD 021690[none]
Merry ChristmasVarious ArtistsCD16
CD 230938
Rock'n Roll Greats Vol. 1Various ArtistsCD20CD 890110
Rock'n Roll Greats, Vol. 2Various ArtistsCD20CD 890111
Rock ’n Roll Greats, Vol. 3Various ArtistsCD20CD 890112[none]
Oldies but Goodies, Vol. 2Various ArtistsCD20
CD 890114[none]
Good Times Baby, Vol. 4Various ArtistsCD20CD 890123[none]
The End of an Era, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD20CD 890124[none]
Dust My BroomElmore JamesCD12CD TOP 120, TOPCD 120049656710987
All The HitsPat BooneCD12CD TOP 154
The Singles: Original Single Compilation of the Year 1963, Vol. 1Various ArtistsCD20CDMS 6301
The Magic CollectionJimi HendrixCD11MEC 9490098713051490097
The Magic CollectionRod StewartCD12MEC 9490288713051490288
The Magic CollectionMarilyn MonroeCD20MEC 9490298713051490295
The Magic CollectionSantanaCD9MEC 9490308713051490301
The Magic CollectionBee GeesCD15
MEC 9490448713051490448
The Magic Collection: The TroggsThe TroggsCD10MEC 9490528713051490370
Greatest Hits - Live!Kool & the GangCD13MEC 9490598713051490592
The Magic CollectionEric ClaptonCD14MEC 9490688713051490684
The Magic CollectionKim CarnesCD10MEC 949075-A8713051490752
The Magic CollectionThe DriftersCD26MEC 9490778713051490776
The Magic CollectionJames BrownCD16MEC 949089
The Magic CollectionChuck BerryCD14MEC 949095
The Magic Collection: Hits of the EaglesEaglesCD17MEC 9490988713051490981
The Magic CollectionElla FitzgeraldCD11MEC 9490998713051490998
Mon légionnaireÉdith PiafCD18MO 30128712273030128
Greatest Synthesizer HitsVarious ArtistsCD16
TEL 96110018713051961115
Live at Club a Go-GoThe AnimalsCD7TOP 9410378713051410378
Ma pommeMaurice ChevalierCD18
TOP 9430038713051430031
He's Got ItLittle RichardCD12
TOP CD 101
Reelin’ and Rockin’Chuck BerryCD9TOP CD 117
Born to Be a Rolling StoneGene VincentCD12TOP CD 122[none]
Born to Be a Rolling StoneGene VincentCD12TOP CD 1228713051201228
Top des Stars, Volume 6: Gangster of LoveJimi HendrixCD10TOP CD 1248713051201242
24 Hours from TulsaGene PitneyCD12TOP CD 141