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ReR Megacorp is a label out of England run by Chris Cutler. Formed in 1978 with Mick Hobbs under the name Rē Records, the label was created "as a musical intervention - to bring into the UK a whole range of records by groups & musicians whom we thought excellent & yet who were completely unknown here. Then - as now - we were only concerned with the quality of the music; & epiphenomenally with supporting independents - for many of the most interesting groups could only make their work available by pressing & manufacturing themselves. This remains the case. We are not ever concerned with commercial viability, only with distributing the music we feel close to." By forming distribution networks, and by exemplifying a pattern for similarly inclined musical ventures, a set of affiliated labels emerges representing a large cross section of experimental, unusual and innnovative music throughout the world (Points East, These Records (UK), No Man's Land (Germany), Ayaa (France), Cuneiform Records (USA), and Gross National Products (SA). While most of these labels are fully distinct operations, they share a common musical ethic and an accommodating attitude, yielding excellent music for both the listener and the musician.

A Recommended shop opened in the early '80s, and in mid-decade the shop and distribution functions separated from the labels, becoming a workers collective and changing its name to These Records. In the early '90s Cutler merged the labels under the name ReR Megacorp and set up a new distribution and mailorder service under the same name. These Records continued until 2006, when it finally closed.

Label Code: LC 2677 / LC 02677

Often telling which label a release is on can be confusing, even with the release in front of you. The way to tell them apart is by the catalog numbers:
Re or Rē numbers = Rē Records generally releases featuring Chris Cutler
R.R. or RR numbers = Recommended Records releases by other artists
ReR numbers = ReR Megacorp releases after 1988

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Rē Records Quarterly Vol.1 No.2 Various Artists (unknown) 5 [none]
A Quiet Gathering Steve Moore Vinyl 10 ReR 30
The Last LP Faust Vinyl 8 ReR 36
Urban and Tribal Portraits Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta 12" Vinyl 12 ReR 37
Fin De Siècle Les 4 Guitaristes De l’Apocalypso-Bar Vinyl 10 RēR 42
AMMMusic 1966 AMM CD 8 ReR AMMCD 752725000925
Tumble Biota CD 14 RēRBCD
71 Minutes of… Faust CD 13 ReRf1CD 752725002127
In This Life Thinking Plague CD 9 ReR TPCD1 752725001021
Bigger Than Jesus Kalahari Surfers 12" Vinyl 13 ReR 38
Bellowing Room / Tinct Biota CD 8 RēRBCD2
Turn of the Screw Hail CD 16 RēR HCD 718751183322
Messages & Portraits Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta CD 18 ReR MVCD 5022769690587
Acnalbasac Noom Slapp Happy CD 15 ReR SHCD
Black White and Grey When Digital Media 6
Editions After Dinner CD 18 ReR ADCD1 752725001229
Violin Music For Restaurants Jon Rose CD 21 ReR BJRCD1
Rer Quarterly - Selections From, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 11 ReR QCD1
Hopes and Fears Art Bears CD 16 RéR abCD2
Almost Never Biota CD 20 ReRBCD3 [none]
Brain Weather Jon Rose CD 41 ReR BJRCD2 752725001427
Man or Monkey Cassiber CD 10 RéR CCD2 752725000222
Kirk Hail CD 12 RēR HCD2 752725000628
A Noise, a Sound Musci - Venosta CD 14 ReR MVCD2 0752725000123
The End of an Epoch ZGA CD 11 RéRZGACD2
End Beginnings Lesego Rampolokeng & Kalahari Surfers CD 14 LRSCD1
Barricade 3 ZNR CD 15 ReR ZNR1
Hunger's Teeth 5uu's CD 11 RéR 5uu1 752725001724
Volume One: The Eighties Kalahari Surfers CD 21 ReR KS1 752725002424
Vanishing Point The (EC) Nudes CD 13 ReR N1 752725001922
Object Holder Biota CD 24 RéRBCD4
The Faust Tapes Faust CD 1 ReR F2CD 5022769690372
Sirens & Silences / Work Resumed on the Tower / Letters Home News From Babel CD 18 ReR NFBCD
p53 p53 : Chris Cutler, Lutz Glandien, Marie Goyette, Zygmunt Krauze, Otomo Yoshihide CD 25 ReR p53 752725005029
Just Woke Up Peter Blegvad CD 15 ReR PB2 752725005128
Three Suite Piece René Lussier, Jean Derome & Chris Cutler CD 20 ReR LDC1 752725006125
Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ver.1.28 Ground-Zero CD 16 ReR GZ1 752725006323
Revolutionary Pekinese Opera, ver 1.28 GROUND-ZERO CD 16 ReR GZ1 752725006323
Perks Jon Rose CD 21 ReR JR3 752725005227
Crisis in Clay 5uu's CD 16 ReR 5UU2 752725008624
:// Jon Rose CD 28 ReR BJR4
More Encores Christian Marclay CD 12 ReR CM1
Cosmo Sun Connection Sun Ra and His Arkestra CD 6 ReR SR1 752725008525
17% Hendrix Was Not the Only Musician!! Thee Headcoats CD 14 COCB-83054 4988001248798
The Fence Jon Rose CD 18 JR5
Horde Mnemonists CD 10 RéR MN1 752725009522
Hangman's Hill Peter Blegvad CD 13 ReR PB3
Headlock Thomas Dimuzio CD 10 ReR TD1 752725008426
Country Girl Crystal Gayle CD 16
...a Mere Coincidence... The Science Group CD 16 ReR SCIENCE1
Quake Chris Cutler & Thomas Dimuzio CD 18 RéR CCTD1 752725010924
Musique Action '98 Dumitrescu, Avram, Cutler, Hodgkinson with the Hyperion Ensemble CD 4 ReR DACH1
Leg End Henry Cow CD 8 ReR HC1
Unrest Henry Cow CD 8 ReRHC2
Where Is the Green Parrot? Peter Cusack CD 14 ReR PC1 752725010726
Sang Tim Hodgkinson CD 4 TH2 0752725011327
Paradise of Replica / Paradise of Remixes After Dinner CD 13 ReR AD2 698706002420
The Wümme Years 1970-73 Faust 5×CD 3 + 9 + 26 + 13 + 8 ReR B1, ReR F1, ReR F5, ReR F7, ReR FB2 752725012126
2 Gentlemen in Verona Chris Cutler & Fred Frith CD 16 ReR CCFF3
Faust Faust CD 3 ReR F6 752725011921
So Far Faust CD 9 ReR F7
In Praise of Learning Henry Cow CD 5 ReR HC3 752725011129
The Hyperstring Project: New Dynamic of Rogue Counterpoint Jon Rose (unknown) 21 ReR JR6
Speak Puppet Janet Feder CD 10
The Faust Tapes Faust CD 26 ReR F2
BBC Sessions + Faust CD 8 ReR F5
Keep the Dog: That House We Lived In Fred Frith 2×CD 10 + 10 ReR/FRA 03
Speechless Fred Frith CD 13 ReR/FRO 04
Western Culture Henry Cow CD 11 ReRHC4 752725013321
The 5th Elephant Lutz Glandien CD 12 ReR LG2 752725013222
Dust Chris Cutler & Thomas Dimuzio CD 19 RéR CCTD2 752725015424
Prints: Snapshots, Postcards, Messages and Miniatures 1987-2001) Fred Frith CD 12 ReR/FRA 02
Step Across the Border (reissue) Fred Frith CD 26 ReR/FRO 03 752725900225
Ash in the Rainbow Haco + Sakamoto Hiromichi CD 11 ReR HACO3 698706002628
Accidental: Music for Dance, Volume 3 Fred Frith CD 11 ReR/FRA 01
Altrastrata Blast (unknown) 8 ReRBlast1
Art Bears Revisited Various Artists 2×CD 18 + 18 02677
Winter Songs Art Bears CD 14 ReR AB2 752725017824
The World as It Is Today Art Bears CD 11 ReR AB3 752725017923
The People's Music Jon Rose CD 13 ReR JR7 0752725017220
Drive By The Necks CD 1 ReR Necks 3 0752725017626
Crashing Icons Absolute Zero CD 4
Spoors The Science Group CD 15
The Art Box Art Bears 6×CD 13 + 14 + 11 + 18 + 18 + 11 ReR ábOX 752725018128
Slew Thomas Dimuzio CD 14 ReR TD 2
Arcane Device: Engine of Myth David Lee Myers CD 15 ReR DLM1
Hopes and Fears Art Bears (unknown) 13 ReR AB1 752725017725
Desperate Straights Slapp Happy / Henry Cow CD 13 ReR HCSH1 752725019026
Gyromancy Mnemonists CD 4 ReR MN2 752725019828
The Boys The Necks CD 7 ReR Necks 4
Pond Tod Dockstader & David Lee Myers CD 13 ReR TDDM1 0752725019620
Baikal Ice (Spring 2003) Peter Cusack CD 20 [none]
Argonautika Michael Vogt CD 7 Tuba2
Twice Around the Earth (An Experiment in Listening) Chris Cutler CD 82 ReR CC2 752725020220
Acnalbasac Noom Slapp Happy CD 16 ReR SHCD 752725004220
Repetitive Selective Removal of One Protecting Group Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer CD 20
Nita: L'angelo sul trapezio Paolo Angeli CD 23 PA2
Bijou Tod Dockstader & David Lee Myers CD 27 ReR TDDM2 752725021722
Killing Time Massacre CD 19
Songs for Adults N.I.M.B.Y. CD 15