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1992 –Love Song for a Vampire (From Bram Stoker’s Dracula)Wojciech Kilar4:24
2002 –Here It Comes Again
'Neath the Light of Your Love
5 O’ClockUniversal Music - MGB Songs Ltd.
6 in the Morning Fool
2000 Watts
A Love So Right
A Thousand Beautiful Things
A to the K
Afraid of Love
Air Force Ones
Alguien como tú
Alive and Kickin’
All in Love Is Fair
All of This
All Right
All the Places (I Will Kiss You)
Almost Crimes
Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premier mix)
Almost Doesn't Count (Pull mix)
Almost Doesn’t Count
Alpha Dance
Amusement Park
Anew Day
Another Perfect Day
Any Hour Every Day
Anything Goes
Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)
Baby Fat
Baby Says No
Back on the Track
Bad Time Comin’ Down
Ball & Chain
Ball and Chain
Ballad of a Dead Soulja
Be My Baby
Be My Twin
Bébé le Strange
Believe in Magic
Better Be Good to Me
Between the Lines
Big West
Blame It on the Night
Bomp Me (Zapped!)
Boogie Boo
Break ’em Off Some
Bring the House Down
Brotherly Love
Burning Love
Can’t Live This Way Anymore
Can’t Stand It Any Longer (Toto song)
Candy (Mandy Moore song)
Caught Up in You
CG 2
Chain Lightnin'
Chamber Music
Children of Afrika
Christmas Day
Christmas Lights
Cold Shoulder
Come and Boogie
Come Follow Me
Come On Dance With Me
Cook With Fire
Country Grammar (Hot Shit)
Cowboys & Kisses
Crimes of Passion
Cry Baby
Daddy's Come Around
Dance Little Dreamer
Dancin’ Tonight
Dancing on the Edge
Dark Road
Deadly Melody
Deal ’em Again
Dem Boyz
Devil’s Stomp
Didn’t I
Die My Bride
Dig Another Well
Do I Make You Proud
Don’t Lose Any Sleep
Don’t Lose That Number (Mumbo Jumbo)
Don’t Stop Me Now
Don’t Trust Your Feelings
Don’t Waste Your Time
Don’t You Like It
Dream of the Archer
Dreamin’ in Black & White
Edge of the Century
Eighties Fan
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