Electric Valley Records (Heavy psych/doom/stoner label from Sardegna, Italy)

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Spl33tRaikinas / Desert HypeDigital Media4
  • XW2014-08-31
(T)r.i.p.RaikinasDigital Media12
  • XW2014-09-26
ArcadiaRaikinasDigital Media11
  • XW2016-12-30
24Moons24MoonsDigital Media4
  • IT2018-05-30
She Was a Witch1782Digital Media1
  • XW2019-01-17
Lords of GalaxiaElepharmersDigital Media6
  • XW2019-02-28
AmnesiaMarmalade KnivesDigital Media7
  • XW2020-04-24
Las historiasLas historiasDigital Media5
  • XW2020-07-24
Arteaga / Atomic MoldArteaga / Atomic MoldDigital Media4
  • XW2020-07-28
1CancervoDigital Media6
  • XW2021-02-26
The Fire AboveAmammoth12" Vinyl6
  • IT2021-03-19
The Fire AboveAmammothDigital Media6
  • XW2021-03-19
SéanceStonusDigital Media3
  • XW2021-03-26
The NecronautCrypt MonarchDigital Media3
  • XW2021-07-23
A Gash With Sharp Teeth and Other TalesLoose SuturesDigital Media10
  • XW2021-10-15
Devil's BridgeDope SmokerDigital Media7
  • XW2021-10-29
Time Is a RazorStone House on FireDigital Media6
  • XW2022-01-28
Peace & Doom Session Vol. IIPurple DawnDigital Media7
  • XW2022-03-11
Chameleon TongueMano de MonoDigital Media8
  • XW2022-04-15
Live at WBLas historiasDigital Media7
  • XW2022-05-20
Valley GiantElectric MountainDigital Media9
  • XW2022-05-27
AmpireBongbongbeerwizardsDigital Media3
  • XW2022-06-24
Exit Through the WormholeMystery DudesDigital Media8
  • XW2022-06-24
Cosmic MountainLucid GraveDigital Media6
  • XW2022-07-15