Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Revolver II The Lowdown CD 22 SAAH001
Inside Steffen Basho-Junghans CD 5 SAAH002
Oceanless Landing CD 6 SAAH003 789856300327
The King Beneath the Mountain Surface of Eceon CD 6 SAAH004 [none]
This Is My Ampbuzz Ampbuzz CD 6 SAAH009
Fade In / Fade Out EP Landing CD 5 SAAH008
Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music (Planet 2) Planetarium Music CD 7 SAAH006
Immortality Lessons Cul de Sac CD 9 SAAH007
Rivers and Bridges Steffen Basho-Junghans CD 6 SAAH010
Also Rising SubArachnoid Space CD 10 SAAH013
Dragyyn Surface of Eceyon CD 6 SAAH014 [none]
Gekkyukekkaichi Tsurubami CD 2 SAAH015
Not One Star Will Stand the Night Rebel Powers CD 2 SAAH016
Waters in Azure Steffen Basho-Junghans CD 8 SAAH005
Death of the Sun Cul de Sac CD 6 SAAH011
Airs Above Your Station Kinski 12" Vinyl 8 SAAH012
The Stranglerʼs Wife Cul de Sac CD 18 SAAH017 [none]
Non-Sequiturs Harris Newman CD 11 SAAH018
The Tenth Corner Vocokesh CD 7 SAAH019 0789856301928
Don’t Climb On and Take the Holy Water Kinski CD 5 SAAH022 789856302222
7 Books Steffen Basho-Junghans 2×CD 3 + 4 SAAH2021
Satin Black Paik CD 5 SAAH023 789856302321
This Is the Wind That Blows It Out Glenn Jones CD 8 SAAH024
The Manifestation Six Organs of Admittance CD 2 SAAH026
Abhayamudra Cul de Sac & Damo Suzuki 2×CD 5 + 6 SAAH2728
The Red Veil SubArachnoid Space CD 6 SAAH025
Further From Grace Nick Castro & The Poison Tree CD 9 SAAH030
SpaceLaunch for Frenchie Kinski CD 11 SAAH035 078985630352
Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle Kinski CD 7 SAAH036
Pine Cone Temples Thuja 2×CD 6 + 2 SAAH3233 789856303229
Brocade Landing CD 5 SAAH037 789856303724
Immolation/Immersion Nels Cline & Wally Shoup & Chris Corsano CD 5 SAAH039
Accidents with Nature and Each Other Harris Newman CD 12 SAAH029
Through The Smoke The Vocokesh CD 7 SAAH 034
Come Into Our House Nick Castro and the Young Elders CD 9 SAAH042
Ecim Cul de Sac CD 13 SAAH043
Late Summer Morning Steffen Basho-Junghans CD 6 SAAH045
Monster of the Absolute Paik CD 7 SAAH041
A Question For The Somnambulist F/i CD 8
...All This and Hieronymus Bosch The Vocokesh CD 11 SAAH048
Against Which The Sea Continually Beats Glenn Jones CD 11 SAAH046
Ezra Moon Autumn Shade CD 12 SAAH049
Photosynthesis Plants CD 8 SAAH051
Decorated Harris Newman CD 9 SAAH052
Bad Vibrations My Education CD 8 SAAH055 789856305520
Two Wings Ben Reynolds CD 5 SAAH054
Last Worldly Bond Primordial Undermind Vinyl 6 SAAH061
Barbecue Bob in Fishtown Glenn Jones CD 9 SAAH056
Eight Bells SubArachnoid Space 12" Vinyl 5 SAAH057
Eternal Sean Smith CD 7 SAAH059
Sunrise My Education CD 7 SAAH060 789856306022
A Struggle Not a Thought Chuck Johnson Digital Media 11
Lunar Roulette SYCH Digital Media 4 SAAH066
Lunar Roulette SYCH 12" Vinyl 4 SAAH066
Lunar Roulette SYCH CD 4 SAAH066
Red Planet Arborea Digital Media 10 [none]
A Struggle Not a Thought Chuck Johnson CD 11 SAAH070
A Struggle Not A Thought Chuck Johnson 12" Vinyl 11 SAAH070
Huge Fluid Freedom Sean Smith CD 4 SAAH069 789856306923
World Behind Curtains Yair Yona CD 8 SAAH071