Columbia (imprint owned by CBS between 1938–1990 within US/CA/MX; owned worldwide by Sony Music Entertainment since 1991 except in JP)

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Worldwide catalog numbers used by Columbia:

Releases that should be added here:
1. all Columbia releases prior to 1931;
2. only US and CA releases between 1931–1990; releases in other countries should generally be added to EMI's Columbia Records (1931-1990: worldwide except US, CA, MX, ES, & JP). (but note exceptions below)
3. all Columbia releases wef Jan 1, 1991 except for Spain (where Sony only acquired the rights in 2004 through its merger with BMG) and Japan. In Japan, Sony reissues this Columbia's releases under the Sony Records Int'l imprint. This is because Nippon Columbia has owned the "Columbia" name for use since 1931.

From the late 1890s until the late 1920s, the label was named Columbia Phonograph Company. In 1922, it sold its UK subsidiary, the Columbia Graphophone Company. The latter eventually acquired its former US parent sometime between 1925–1929. In 1931, the Columbia Graphophone Company merged with the UK's Gramophone Company to form EMI, and in compliance with US anti-trust laws, had to let go of its US operations. Ownership of the US-based Columbia then changed hands twice, before Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS, Inc.) eventually bought the label in 1938. Columbia remained with CBS until 1988, when it changed hands once again after Sony Corporation of America acquired CBS Records, and renamed it Sony Music Entertainment Inc. in 1991. Upon securing the international rights to the "Columbia" name from EMI, the flagship label Columbia was also then reintroduced worldwide (except in Japan).

* exceptions to the use of the Columbia name outside US & CA between 1931-1990: EMI had engaged in litigation with CBS regarding the import of US releases bearing the Columbia word mark into countries where EMI had still owned the rights to the name at the time. this might explain the existence of non-US releases with the CBS-owned Columbia label prior to 1991, when rightfully it shouldn't be the case.

For more details on Columbia's history, see:
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the Columbia "magic notes" mark came into existence in 1908, see: and
between 2009 and July 2011, Columbia and Epic together with their affiliated labels operated under the umbrella Columbia/Epic Label Group, which also comprised Aware Records, and Daylight Records, while also handling the distribution of E1 Music via Epic Records.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Sempier fidelis U.S. Marine Band Wax Cylinder 1 [none]
The Thunderer U.S. Marine Band (unknown) 1 [none]
Washington Post U.S. Marine Band (unknown) 1 [none]
Turkey in the Straw Billy Golden (unknown) 1 none [none]
The Laughing Song George Johnson (unknown) 1 [none]
The Mocking Bird John Yorke Atlee (unknown) 1 [none]
The Whistling Coon George Johnson (unknown) 1 [none]
Uncle Jefferson Billy Golden (unknown) 1 [none]
The Band Played On Dan W. Quinn Wax Cylinder 1 2045 [none]
El Capitan March Sousa’s Band (unknown) 1 [none]
Turkey in the Straw Billy Golden Wax Cylinder 1 7703 [none]
Moonlight on the Lake Manhansett Quartet Wax Cylinder 1 9008 [none]
It Don't Seem Like The Same Old Smile Manhansett Quartet Wax Cylinder 1 9027 [none]
Yankee Doodle Vess L. Ossman Wax Cylinder 1 3814 [none]
Darkies Patrol Vess L. Ossman Wax Cylinder 1 3817 [none]
Rag Time Medley Vess L. Ossman Wax Cylinder 1 3830 [none]
On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away George J. Gaskin Wax Cylinder 1 4130 [none]
Dancing in the Dark Sousa’s Grand Concert Band Wax Cylinder 1 529 [none]
Stars and Stripes Forever March Sousa’s Grand Concert Band Wax Cylinder 1 532 [none]
My Gal Is a Highborn Lady Len Spencer Wax Cylinder 1 7252 [none]
You’re Not the Only Pebble on the Beach Len Spencer Wax Cylinder 1 7263 [none]
A Hot Time in the Old Town Len Spencer with Vess Ossman Wax Cylinder 1 7266 [none]
Crappy Dan Spencer and Ossman Wax Cylinder 1 7281 [none]
Break the News to Mother George J. Gaskin Wax Cylinder 1 4156 [none]
Good-Bye, Dolly Gray J.W. Myers (unknown) 1 7502 [none]
Whoa, Bill! Vess L. Ossman Wax Cylinder 1 31780 [none]
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home? Arthur Collins (unknown) 1 A-872 [none]
In the Good Old Summer Time J.W. Myers 10" Shellac 1 940 [none]
Teasing (I Was Only Teasing You) Billy Murray (unknown) 1 1857
Come Take a Trip in My Airship J.W. Myers Wax Cylinder 1 32589 [none]
A Bunch of Rags Vess L. Ossman Wax Cylinder 1 3861 [none]
Pretty Desdamone Bert Williams Wax Cylinder 1 [none]
Nobody Bert Williams Wax Cylinder 1 33011 [none]
I Just Can't Make My Eyes Behave Ada Jones (unknown) 1 3588 [none]
The Glow Worm / Women - Merry Widow Lucy Marsh / Columbia Quartet Vinyl 2 A-0435
Virginia Song / Red Wing J. W. Myers / Henry Burr & James Hall 10" Shellac 2 A-0468
Oh How That German Could Love! / My Little Dutch Colleen Irving Berlin / Billy Murray Vinyl 2 A-0804
Where the River Shannon Flows / Red Clover Henry Burr / Frank C. Stanley & Henry Burr Wax Cylinder 2 A815 [none]
Medley of Jigs and Reels George Stehl Wax Cylinder 2 A 948 [none]
Knock Wood Ada Jones & Walter Van Brunt (unknown) 1 1058
All Aboard for Blanket Bay Ada Jones (unknown) 1 989
Let Me Call You Sweetheart / A Boy and a Country Girl Columbia Quartet / Henry Burr & M Mayhew Vinyl 2 A-1057
Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee Ada Jones & Walter Van Brunt (unknown) 1 1210
In Ragtime Land / One O’Clock in the Morning Albert Campbell & Arthur Collins / Walter Van Brunt 10" Shellac 2 A1098 [none]
Buddy Boy / Ragtime Soldier Man Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan 10" Shellac 2 A1201
When I Lost You / When Sally In Our Alley Sings Me Those Old-Time Songs To Me Manuel Romain Wax Cylinder 2 A 1288 [none]
You Made Me Love You / Pullman Porter's Parade Al Jolson 10" Shellac 2 A1374 [none]
Follow the Crowd (La Rose) / I Love the Ladies Peerless Quartet / Arthur F. Collins & Byron G. Harlan Vinyl 2 A-1513
Hesitating Blues / St Louis Blues Prince's Band Vinyl 2 A-5772
My Little Girl Ada Jones & Will Robbins (unknown) 1 1724
There Is a Light Shining for Me / O Mary Don't You Weep Fisk Jubilee Singers Vinyl 2 A-1895
Lobe den Herren / Auf, auf mein, Herz mit Freuden Männer Quartett / Louis Bauer 10" Shellac 2 E2120 [none]
Purpostus / Never Mo' Bert Williams Vinyl 2 A-1853
Indiana / Darktown Strutters' Ball The Original Dixieland Jass Band 10" Shellac 2 A 2297
Levinsky at the Wedding: Parts I and II Julian Rose 10" Shellac 2 A2310
Levinsky at the Wedding: Parts III and IV Julian Rose 10" Shellac 2 A2368
Frühlingslied Felix Mendelssohn, Johannes Brahms; Columbia Symphony Orchestra 10" Shellac 2 E2205 [none]
Estudiantina Waltz / Over the Waves Marconi Brothers 10" Shellac 2 A2439 [none]
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody / Alice I'm in Wonderland Al Jolson / Sterling Trio 10" Shellac 2 A2560 [none]
Evening Time at Pumpkin Center / Christmas Time at Pumpkin Center Cal Stewart, Ada Jones & Peerless Quartette 10" Shellac 2 A2789 [none]
Chinese Lullaby / Only Waldorf-Astoria Dance Orchestra / Prince's Dance Orchestra 10" Shellac 2 A2817 [none]
Ten Little Bottles Bert Williams 10" Shellac 2 A-2941
Weep No More (My Mammy) / April Showers Vernon Dalhart / Al Jolson 10" Shellac 2 A3500 [none]
Give Me My Mammy / My Mammy Knows Al Jolson / Charles Hart & Elliott Shaw Vinyl 2 A-3540
I Want My Mammy Al Bernard & Vernon Dalhart (unknown) 1 3520 [none]
Sweet Indiana Home Jimmy Blythe Piano Roll 1 395
Barney Google Jimmy Blythe Piano Roll 1 607
Teasin' / In My Heart, On My Mind, All Day Long Jan Garber & His Orchestra 10" Shellac 2 A3600 [none]
Baby Won't You Please Come Home Blues / Oh Daddy Blues Bessie Smith 10" Vinyl 2 A3888 [none]
Cohen 'Phones His Son at College / Cohen at the Fights Joe Hayman 10" Vinyl 2 123-D
Cohen 'Phones for a 'Phone / Cohen 'Phones Mrs. Levi Joe Hayman Vinyl 2 3-D
Wreck of the Old 97 / The Prisoner's Song Vernon Dalhart Vinyl 2 19427
Are You From Dixie? Ernest Thompson 10" Vinyl 1 130-D
Easy Come Easy Go Blues / Frosty Morining Blues Bessie Smith Vinyl 2 14005-D
O, Gee, Georgie! / If You Do What You Do Eddie Cantor with The Georgians 10" Vinyl 2 56-D
Whose Izzy Is He / I No Speak-A Good English Billy Jones & Ernest Hare 10" Vinyl 2 69-D
Careless Love Blues / He's Gone Blues Bessie Smith Vinyl 2 14083-D
Sweet Man Jelly Roll Morton Piano Roll 1 1334
St. Louis Blues Bessie Smith 7" Vinyl 1 14064-D [none]
Cheatin' on Me / Mamma (Won't You Come and Ma-Ma Me) Maggie Jones Vinyl 2 14074-D
Shipwrecked Blues / My John Blues Clara Smith Vinyl 2 14077-D
Yes Sir, That's My Baby / If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie) Ace Brigode and His 14 Virginians / Bourne & Ellis 10" Shellac 2 398D
I'm Sitting on Top of the World / You're More Than a Pal to Me Art Gillham Vinyl 2 505D
The Gin House Blues / Lost Your Head Blues Bessie Smith Vinyl 2 14158-D
Sometime / Pearl of Hawaii The Xylo-rimba Orchestra 10" Vinyl 2 430-D
What Was the Matter With Rachmaninoff? / Song of Love Flotsam and Jetsam 10" Vinyl 2 4596
Down by the Winegar Woiks / I Love My Baby Johnny Marvin Vinyl 2 511-D
Black and Blue Bottom / Stringing the Blues Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang Vinyl 2 914-D
Back-Water Blues / Preachin' the Blues Bessie Smith Vinyl 2 14195-D
After You've Gone / Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan) Bessie Smith Vinyl 2 14197-D
Lock and Key / Trombone Cholly Bessie Smith Vinyl 2 14232-D
Under the Moon / Charmaine! Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians Vinyl 2 1048
You Don't Like It - Not Much / I'm Nobody's Baby Ruth Etting Vinyl 2 1104D
Goodnight / Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Ted Lewis and His Orchestra Vinyl 2 1296-D
Denomination Blues Washington Phillips Vinyl 2 14333-D
Blue Skies / Tonight You Belong to Me Ben Selvin Vinyl 2 860D
Mesa Stin Zali Tou Krasiou / Misirlou Tetos Dimitriadis Vinyl 2 CO-56073F
Mammie waar ben je Duo Hofmann 10" Vinyl 2 D 9913 [none]
Dark Was the Night – Cold Was the Ground / It's Nobody's Fault but Mine Blind Willie Johnson Vinyl 2 14303-D
Mother's Children Have a Hard Time / If I Had My Way I'd Tear the Building Down Blind Willie Johnson Vinyl 2 14343-D