whistle (Small simple single-toned flute)

~ Wind instrument


ReleaseArtistFormatTracksCountry/DateLabelCatalog#BarcodeRelationship Types
Introducing Roland KirkRoland Kirk12" Vinyl6
Argo (Chicago-based jazz label, 1955-1965)LP 669[none]instrument
Der TschikGeorg Danzer12" Vinyl10
BellaphonBA 24 003[none]instrument
Bap-TizumThe Art Ensemble of Chicago12" Vinyl7
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)SD1639[none]instrument
Sheet Music10cc12" Vinyl10
UK RecordsUKAL 1007[none]instrument
Blue Roseland OrchestraBlue Roseland Orchestra12" Vinyl12
MLP 15.517instrument
S chunnt halt druf aa um was s grad gaatJürg Jegge12" Vinyl15
ZytgloggeZYT 31[none]instrument
Deceptive Bends10cc12" Vinyl9
Mercury Records (or just “Mercury.” A UMG imprint, do not use it for ©/℗ credits)9102 502[none]instrument
AjaSteely Dan12" Vinyl7
  • US1977-09-23
ABC Records (US, 65-79)AB-1006[none]instrument
AjaSteely Dan12" Vinyl7
ABC Records (US, 65-79)AA-1006[none]instrument
Nachricht vom LandeFriedrich Gulda, Ursula Anders, Barre Phillips, John Surman, Cecil Taylor, Stu Martin, Albert Mangelsdorff2×12" Vinyl3 + 3
BrainBRAIN 0080.016-2instrument
Bloody Tourists10cc12" Vinyl12
Mercury Records (or just “Mercury.” A UMG imprint, do not use it for ©/℗ credits)9102 503instrument
Bloody Tourists10cc12" Vinyl12
Phonogram6310 504[none]instrument
First LightRichard & Linda Thompson12" Vinyl10
ChrysalisCHR 1177[none]instrument
StampsSteve Lacy2×12" Vinyl3 + 4
HatHut RecordsK/L[none]instrument
BrahmaBarry Altschul Trio12" Vinyl5
The Ettrick ShepherdThe McCalmans12" Vinyl12
Greenwich VillageGVR 209instrument
AjaSteely Dan12" Vinyl7
MCA Records (1967–2003; name as in imprint during 1972–1990)MCA-37214076741721412instrument
Der TschikGeorg Danzer12" Vinyl10
Hommager & pamfletterCornelis Vreeswijk & Träklang12" Vinyl12
a discADI 89 608[none]instrument
Do Me JusticeLen Graham12" Vinyl14
Claddagh RecordsCC37[none]instrument
Il ballo della lepreRiccardo TesiVinyl8
ShirakRT 84033instrument
AjaSteely DanCD7
MCA Records (1967–2003; name as in imprint during 1972–1990)MCAD-37214076741721429instrument
CeolbegCeolbeg12" Vinyl8
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)LTR 001[none]instrument
The Pugh-Taylor ProjectJim Pugh, Dave TaylorCD7
DMP (US jazz label, "Digital Music Products")CD-448instrument
AberjaberAberjaber12" Vinyl9
SainSAIN 1340M[none]instrument
Porque no! (Venuezuelian issue)Paquito D’Rivera12" Vinyl8
CBS (CBS Records’ international imprint from 1962–1990; renamed since 1991 as Columbia)JZ 20029[none]instrument
The Third DecadeArt Ensemble of Chicago12" Vinyl6
ECM Records (Edition of Contemporary Music)ECM 1273instrument
Land of LightThe Tannahill WeaversCD10
Green LinnetGLCD 1067048248106726instrument
The Raging Wrath of the Easter BunnyMr. BungleCassette8
Ladd-Frith Productions[none]instrument
Urban BushmenThe Art Ensemble of Chicago2×CD4 + 6
  • DE1987-03-17
ECM Records (Edition of Contemporary Music)829 394-2, ECM 1211, ECM 1212042282939425instrument (as “whistles”)
AmberMichael Jones & David DarlingCD7
Narada LotusND-61014076742601423instrument
I Stand AloneAgnetha Fältskog12" Vinyl10
wea (has logo with just “wea” on it)242 231-1022924223112instrument
Aja (Ultradisc II)Steely DanCD7
Mobile Fidelity Sound LabUDCD 515015775151529instrument
Anthem for the Common ManBattlefield BandCD11
Temple Records (Scottish traditional music)COMD 20085018085200821instrument
ShanachieSH 79008016351790828instrument
UzedUnivers ZéroCD5
Cuneiform RecordsRune 15 CD045775001524instrument
Street Fighting YearsSimple MindsCD11
  • GB1989-05-06
Virgin (worldwide imprint of Virgin Records Ltd. and all its subsidiaries)MINDSCD10077778644323instrument
Old Material 1984 - 1986Spirit of the WestCD10
Stony Plain RecordsSPCD 1141772532114127instrument
Deceptive Bends10ccCD9
  • US1990-02-06
Mercury Records (or just “Mercury.” A UMG imprint, do not use it for ©/℗ credits)836 948-2042283694828instrument
Carmina BuranaClemencic Consort, René Clemencic3×CD21 + 15 + 15
  • FR1990-10-08
Harmonia Mundi France (logo is used as both distributor and release label), Harmonia Mundi190336.38, HMA 190336, HMA 190336.38, HMA 190337, HMA 1903383149025044396instrument (as “sifflet”)
Bloody Tourists (made in W. Germany)10ccCD12
Mercury Records (or just “Mercury.” A UMG imprint, do not use it for ©/℗ credits)826 921-2042282692122instrument
Not the BunnyhopCeolbeg12" Vinyl10
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)CB001[none]instrument
Room to RoamThe WaterboysCD17
Chrysalis, Ensign RecordsF2 21768094632176820instrument
Sheet Music10ccCD10
Castle Classics (LC 6448)CLACD 1865013428781869instrument
Warm Your HeartAaron NevilleCD13
  • US1991-06-11
A&M Records75021 5354 2075021535428instrument
After the Ball...ArcadyCD13
Shanachie79077016351797728instrument (as “whistles”)
Art Ensemble of Soweto: America - South AfricaArt Ensemble of Chicago with AmabuthoCD6
Columbia (Sony Music, worldwide except JP; formerly owned by CBS between 1938–1990 within US/CA/MX), DIWCK 52954074645295428instrument (as “whistles”)
BreakawayThe Pasadena Roof OrchestraCD17
Pasadena Records (Pasadena Roof Orchestra)311 00434013531100435instrument
It's the BluesCub Koda & The HouserockersCD16
  • -1991
Fan Club RecordsFC 93 cd3347120027218instrument (as “police whistle”)
Sailing the Seas of CheesePrimus12" Vinyl13
EastWest Records America (this label only briefly used between 1990–91, please read annotations before use), Interscope Records7567-91659-17567916591instrument
Sailing the Seas of CheesePrimusCD13
Interscope Records7 91659-2075679165923instrument
The Back o’ the North WindBrian McNeillCD11
GreentraxCDTRAX0475018081004720instrument (as “high whistle”)
Words & MusicPlanxtyCD8
Shanachie79035016351793522instrument (as “whistles”)
Le Hoogie Boogie: Louisiana French Music for ChildrenMichael DoucetCD20
  • US1992-02-14
RounderRounder CD 8022011661802223instrument
Uh-ohDavid ByrneCD12
  • US1992-03-03
Luaka Bop, Warner Bros. Records (1958–2019; “WB” logo, with or without “records” beneath or on banner across)9 26799-2075992679923instrument (as “whistles”)
UFO TofuBéla Fleck and the FlecktonesCD12
  • US1992-08-16
Warner Bros. Records (1958–2019; “WB” logo, with or without “records” beneath or on banner across)9 45016-2093624501626instrument
Potato RadioKing & MooreCD13
Justice RecordsJR 0802-2719488080229instrument
The Mermaid's SongThe Tannahill WeaversCD11
Green LinnetGLCD 1121048248112123instrument (as “whistles”)
The Woman I Loved So WellPlanxtyCD8
TaraTARACD 3005658206300525instrument
Not the BunnyhopCeolbegCD10
  • GB1993-02-01
GreentraxCDTRAX 0535018081005345instrument
Live! At the Newport Jazz Festival '59Duke Ellington & His OrchestraCD11
  • US1993-02-09
PolyGram842 071-2042284207126instrument
Bloody Tourists10ccCD12
Mercury Records (or just “Mercury.” A UMG imprint, do not use it for ©/℗ credits)826 921-2042282692122instrument
Shadow of TimeNightnoiseCD12
  • US1993-09-14
Windham Hill Records01934 11130-2019341113027instrument
An Unfair DanceCeolbegCD12
GreentraxCDTRAX 0585018081005826instrument
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)7 82503-2075678250323instrument
Boat PeopleJackalopeCD10
Canyon Records (USA label specializing in Native American music)CR-7003729337700321instrument
DivergenteJaime LafuenteCD12
Several RecordsSCD-623[none]instrument
Faithlift (Columbia House)Spirit of the WestCD12
wea (has logo with just “wea” on it)W2 9364277749759738102instrument (as “whistles”)
How the West Was LostPeter Kater with R. Carlos NakaiCD23
Silver Wave RecordsSD 801021585080126instrument (as “eagle bone whistle”)
Il ballo della lepreRiccardo TesiCD8
MW Records (singer-songwriter and contemporary folk)MWCD 40018712618400128instrument
Manna/MirageThe MuffinsCD4
Cuneiform Records55004045775500423instrument (as “Cereal Box”)
No, No, No, Cha Cha ChaBrave ComboCD15
RounderCD 9035011661903524instrument (as “whistles”)
Secret PeopleCapercaillieCD14
Arista74321 16274-2743211627429instrument
The Orange TreeGrey Larsen & André MarchandCD10
Sugar Hill Records (American bluegrass & Americana label)SH-CD-1136015891113623instrument (as “whistles”)
Winds of ChangeThe FureysCD15
Shanachie52037016351523723instrument (as “whistles”)
Longing in Their HeartsBonnie RaittCD12
  • CA1994-03-22
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)CDP-58142777749902460102instrument
Introducing HappinessRheostaticsCD18
  • US1994-08-09
Sire Records61791-2075596179126instrument
Ready for the StormDéantaCD13
  • US1994-10-10
Green LinnetGLCD 1147048248114721instrument (as “whistles”)
Toward the WithinDead Can DanceCD15
  • GB1994-10-24
4ADDAD 4015CD5014436401527instrument
Toward the WithinDead Can DanceCD15
  • DE1994-11-24
4AD, Rough Trade Germany (company credits only; do not use as a release label!)RTD 120.1994.25014436401527instrument
Look LeftAlison BrownCD10
Vanguard (imprint of Vanguard Records)79477-2015707947725instrument
Toward the WithinDead Can DanceCD15
Toward the WithinDead Can DanceCD15
Play It Again Sam (PIAS Belgium & worldwide generic imprint releases)170.4015.205413356972221instrument
World of MonstersThe DroversCD11
Thermometer Sound Surface7007-1-41955-2-7700714195527instrument (as “whistles”)
We Live HerePat Metheny GroupCD9
  • US1995-01-17
Geffen RecordsGEFD-24729720642472927instrument
We Live HerePat Metheny GroupCD9
  • JP1995-01-21
Geffen RecordsMVCG-1684988067018274instrument
  • US1995-02-10
XenophileXENO 40260048248402620instrument (as “whistles”)
Divinities: Twelve Dances With GodIan AndersonCD12
  • US1995-05-02
Angel Records (please read annotations before use! primarily classical genre imprint, EMI subsidiary)EMI 552622724355526229instrument
Braveheart: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (BMG club edition)James Horner & The London Symphony OrchestraCD18
  • US1995-05-23
London Classics (“LONDON” in white uppercase on a blue-over-red rectangular block; until 1999, for US/CA releases only), BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. (BMG company that owned their direct marketing company/club editions)448 295-2, D 110669[none]instrument
Two-HeadedSpirit of the WestCD11
  • CA1995-06-20
wea (has logo with just “wea” on it)CD 10615706301061527instrument
  • DE1995-08-07
BMG Ariola München GmbH74321 27537 2743212753721instrument
Braveheart: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJames Horner & The London Symphony OrchestraCD18
  • DE1995-10-03
Decca Records448 295-2028944829525instrument
New BeginningTracy ChapmanCD11
  • CA1995-11-14
Elektra Entertainment (renamed from Elektra 1989–2004; revived as Elektra 2009-06-01)CD 61850075596185028instrument
Toward the WithinDead Can DanceCD15
  • CA1995-11-14
4AD76974 2030-2instrument
Many Happy ReturnsArcadyCD16
Sugar Hill Records (American bluegrass & Americana label)015891113128instrument
O SoleiyPakala PercussionsCD9
ArB MusicAT 80043448964800422instrument
The Guv'nor's Big Birthday BashAshley HutchingsCD15
HTD RecordsHTD CD 395023387003926instrument
The Sound of Shadows Breathing on ThemselvesI.A.M. UmbrellaCD9
Drag & Drop RitualDDR 36314020619200321instrument