~ Percussion instrument


Any kind of instrument with membranes, usually variously sized drums.


to be working with these for now:

Cylindrical drums ) possibly combine
Conical drums )
Barrel drums
Hourglass or waisted drums
Goblet or chalice drums
Kettle, pot or vessel drums
Frame drums (possibly a sub of conical/barrel)
Friction drums

what to do with string drums etc.

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subtypes:barrel drum
cylindrical drum
drums (drum set) (Set of drums in modern music)
frame drum
friction drum
goblet drum
gong bass drum
hourglass drum
kettle drum
type of:percussion
related instruments:unspecified drum (Drums not specified. For rock "drums" credits, you generally want "drums (drum set)". For "programmed" drums you generally want drum machine. ONLY USE IF THERE'S NO BETTER ALTERNATIVE)
part of:chirimía and drum (pair of double-reed and drum. from South America.) (amount: 1)
Wikidata:Q212892 [info]