Post. Festival 2019 (2019-10-04 – 2019-10-05)

~ Festival


held in:Indianapolis, United States
guest performers:Au Revoir (American post-rock band)
Baikonur (Chilean post-rock band) (cancelled)
Black Brunswicker (Instrumental artist from Evanston, IL)
Circus Trees (Indie Rock band from Marlborough, MA)
Doktra (Math Rock band from Indianapolis, Indiana)
Driving Slow Motion (Post-Rock band from Fort Worth, Texas)
The End of the Ocean
Marc Ertel
Girih (US post rock / post metal band)
Isaac Helsen
Hotel Neon
I/O (Post Rock band from Brooklyn, USA)
The Life and Times
Lowercase Noises (post-rock)
MOIRA (Experimental band from Cincinnati, OH)
Naal (Drone artist from Chicago, IL)
Pray for Sound
Saltbreaker (Ambient music from Grand Rapids, MI)
Shy, Low (US Post-Rock band)
SOM (American post-metal band)
Wayne Robert Thomas
Tyresta (Ambient artist from Chicago, IL)
Wander (Post-rock band from the US)
held at:The Irving Theater in Indianapolis, United States
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