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Partial Catalog

Rel dateCat #ReleaseJAZZIZ page
1998/070798JAZZIZ on Disc: Collections, Volume One: July 1998here
1989/010189JAZZIZ on Disc: January 1989here
1990/010190JAZZIZ on Disc: Two: January 1990here
1990/070790JAZZIZ on Disc: 3: July 1990here
1991/010191JAZZIZ on Disc: 4: January 1991here
1991/090991JAZZIZ on Disc: 5: September 1991here
1993/010193JAZZIZ on Disc: 6: January 1993here
1993/090993JAZZIZ on Disc: September 1993here
1994/101094JAZZIZ on Disc: October 1994here
1994/111194JAZZIZ on Disc: November 1994here
1994/121294JAZZIZ on Disc: December 1994here
1995/010195JAZZIZ on Disc: January 1995here
1995/020295JAZZIZ on Disc: February 1995here
1995/030395JAZZIZ on Disc: March 1995here
1995/040495JAZZIZ on Disc: April 1995here
1995/050595JAZZIZ on Disc: May 1995here
1995/060695JAZZIZ on Disc: June 1995here
1995/070795JAZZIZ on Disc: July 1995here
1995/080895JAZZIZ on Disc: August 1995here
1995/090995JAZZIZ on Disc: September 1995here
1995/101095JAZZIZ on Disc: October 1995here
1995/111195JAZZIZ on Disc: November 1995here
1995/121295JAZZIZ on Disc: December 1995here
1995/WinterJZWN95DJAZZIZ on Disc: The Key Players: Winter 1995here
1996/020296JAZZIZ on Disc: Free: February 1996here
1996/030396JAZZIZ on Disc: March 1996here
1996/040496JAZZIZ on Disc: Guitars on Fire: April 1996here
1996/050596JAZZIZ on Disc: May 1996here
1996/060696JAZZIZ on Disc: June 1996here
1996/070796JAZZIZ on Disc: July 1996here
1996/080896JAZZIZ on Disc: Woodwinds on Fire: August 1996here
1996/090996JAZZIZ on Disc: September 1996here
1996/101096JAZZIZ on Disc: October 1996here
1996/111196JAZZIZ on Disc: November 1996here
1996/121296JAZZIZ on Disc: December 1996here
1997/010197JAZZIZ on Disc: January 1997here
1997/020297JAZZIZ on Disc: Percussion on Fire: February 1997here
1997/030397JAZZIZ on Disc: March 1997here
1997/040497JAZZIZ on Disc: April 1997here
1997/050597JAZZIZ on Disc: May 1997here
1997/060697JAZZIZ on Disc: June 1997here
1997/070797JAZZIZ on Disc: July 1997here
1997/080897JAZZIZ on Disc: August 1997here
1997/090997JAZZIZ on Disc: September 1997here
1997/101097JAZZIZ on Disc: Brass on Fire: October 1997here
1997/111197JAZZIZ on Disc: November 1997here
1997/121297JAZZIZ on Disc: December 1997here
1998/010198JAZZIZ on Disc: January 1998here
1998/020298JAZZIZ on Disc: Voices of the New Culture: February 1998here
1998/030398JAZZIZ on Disc: March 1998here
1998/040498JAZZIZ on Disc: April 1998here
1998/050598JAZZIZ on Disc: May 1998here
1998/060698JAZZIZ on Disc: June 1998here
1998/070798JAZZIZ on Disc: July 1998here
1998/080898JAZZIZ on Disc: Swing!: August 1998here
1998/090998JAZZIZ on Disc: Style: September 1998here
1998/101098JAZZIZ on Disc: October 1998here
1998/111198JAZZIZ on Disc: November 1998here
1998/121298JAZZIZ on Disc: Twelve Sounds of December: December 1998here
1999/010199JAZZIZ on Disc: January 1999here
1999/020299JAZZIZ on Disc: February 1999here
1999/030399JAZZIZ on Disc: March 1999here
1999/040499JAZZIZ on Disc: Duke Ellington: April 1999here
1999/050599JAZZIZ on Disc: Euro, a Special European JAZZIZ on Disc: May 1999here
1999/060699JAZZIZ on Disc: Independent Label Collection: June 1999here
1999/070799JAZZIZ on Disc: Cool Summer: July 1999here
1999/080899JAZZIZ on Disc: August 1999here
1999/090999JAZZIZ on Disc: September 1999here
1999/101099JAZZIZ on Disc: October 1999here
1999/111199JAZZIZ on Disc: JAZZIZ With Strings: November 1999here
1999/121299JAZZIZ on Disc: Twelve Sounds of December, Volume 2: December 1999here
2000/010100JAZZIZ on Disc: Millenium: January 2000here
2000/020200JAZZIZ on Disc: February 2000here
2000/030300JAZZIZ on Disc: March 2000here
2000/040400JAZZIZ on Disc: April 2000here
2000/050500JAZZIZ on Disc: May 2000here
2000/060600JAZZIZ on Disc: June 2000here
2000/070700JAZZIZ on Disc: Women: July 2000here
2000/080800JAZZIZ on Disc: August 2000here
2000/090900JAZZIZ on Disc: September 2000here
2000/101000JAZZIZ on Disc: October 2000here
2000/111100JAZZIZ on Disc: November 2000here
2000/121200JAZZIZ on Disc: Holiday Jazz 2000: December 2000here
2001/010101JAZZIZ on Disc: Classical Music in a Jazz World: January 2001here
2001/020201JAZZIZ on Disc: Love Songs, Volume 1: February 2001here
2001/030301JAZZIZ on Disc: March 2001here
2001/040401JAZZIZ on Disc: Cuba: April 2001here
2001/050501JAZZIZ on Disc: Critics' Pick, Volume 1 (2001): May 2001here
2001/060601JAZZIZ on Disc: June 2001here
2001/070701JAZZIZ on Disc: Women 2, July 2001here
2001/080801JAZZIZ on Disc: What in the World: August 2001here
2001/090901JAZZIZ on Disc: September 2001here
2001/101001JAZZIZ on Disc: The College Years: October 2001here
2001/111101JAZZIZ on Disc: November 2001here
2001/121201JAZZIZ on Disc: Home for the Holidays: December 2001here
2002/010102JAZZIZ on Disc: Homeland, a Tribute to the Spirit of America: January 2002here
2002/020202JAZZIZ on Disc: Traces of Love: February 2002here
2002/030302JAZZIZ on Disc: Guitars Volume 1: The Bridge: March 2002here
2002/040402JAZZIZ on Disc: What in the World, Volume 2: April 2002here
2002/050502JAZZIZ on Disc: May 2002here
2002/060602JAZZIZ on Disc: Critics' Choice, Volume 2 (2002): June 2002here
2002/070702JAZZIZ on Disc: Women 3: July 2002here
2002/080802JAZZIZ on Disc: Cool Summer, Volume 2: August 2002here
2002/090902JAZZIZ on Disc: September 2002here
2002/101002JAZZIZ on Disc: Education 2: October 2002here
2002/111102JAZZIZ on Disc: The Key Players, Volume 2: November 2002here
2002/121202JAZZIZ on Disc: Twelve Sounds of the Season: December 2002here
2003/010103JAZZIZ on Disc: JAZZIZ 20th Anniversary: January 2003here
2003/020203JAZZIZ on Disc: Portraits of Love: February 2003here
2003/030303JAZZIZ on Disc: Fusion: March 2003here
2003/040403JAZZIZ on Disc: Traditions in Transition: April 2003here
2003/050503JAZZIZ on Disc: What in the World, Volume 3: May 2003here
2003/060603JAZZIZ on Disc: June 2003here
2003/070703JAZZIZ on Disc: Women 4: July 2003here
2003/080803JAZZIZ on Disc: Summertime Blues: August 2003here
2003/090903JAZZIZ on Disc: September 2003here
2003/101003JAZZIZ on Disc: Education 3: October 2003here
2003/111103JAZZIZ on Disc: The Key Players, Volume 3: November 2003here
2003/121203JAZZIZ on Disc: Crooners: December 2003here
2004/010104JAZZIZ on Disc: Critics' Choice, The Best of 2003: January 2004here
2004/020204JAZZIZ on Disc: Love Songs: February 2004here
2004/030304JAZZIZ on Disc: Guitars Volume 2: No Boundaries: March 2004here
2004/040404JAZZIZ on Disc: Tradition in Transitions, Volume 2: April 2004here
2004/050504JAZZIZ on Disc: May 2004here
2004/060604JAZZIZ on Disc: Cool Summer, Volume 2: June 2004here
2004/070704JAZZIZ on Disc: Women 5: July 2004here
2004/080804JAZZIZ on Disc: Blues, Volume 2: August 2004here
2004/090904JAZZIZ on Disc: On the Latin Side: September 2004here
2004/101004JAZZIZ on Disc: Education 4: October 2004here
2004/111104JAZZIZ on Disc: The Key Players, Volume 4: November 2004here
2004/121204JAZZIZ on Disc: Standards Old and New, Volume 1 (Vocals): December 2004here
2005/010105JAZZIZ on Disc: January 2005here
2005/020205JAZZIZ on Disc: February 2005here
2005/030305JAZZIZ on Disc: Guitars 3: March 2005here
2005/040405JAZZIZ on Disc: Tradition in Transitions 3: April 2005here
2005/050505JAZZIZ on Disc: May 2005here
2005/060605JAZZIZ on Disc: Cool Summer, Volume 4: June 2005here
2005/070705JAZZIZ on Disc: Women 6: July 2005here
2005/080805JAZZIZ on Disc: August 2005here
2005/090905JAZZIZ on Disc: September 2005here
2005/101005JAZZIZ on Disc: October 2005here
2005/111105JAZZIZ on Disc: The Key Players, Volume 5: November 2005here
2005/121205JAZZIZ on Disc: December 2005here
2006/020206JAZZIZ on Disc: February 2006here
2006/030306JAZZIZ on Disc: March 2006here
2006/040406JAZZIZ on Disc: April 2006here
2006/050506JAZZIZ on Disc: May 2006here
2006/060606JAZZIZ on Disc: June 2006here
2006/070706JAZZIZ on Disc: Women 7: July 2006here
2006/080806JAZZIZ on Disc: Guitars, Volume 4: August 2006here

There also exist a release out of this serie:

??The JAZZIZ Holiday Albumhere