How to Add an Event

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If you've attended an event, or have information about one, you're likely to find out it's not in MusicBrainz yet. But you can (and should) always add it! You can find the Add Event option in the Editing menu in the top bar (or alternatively click here):


You will be directed to a page with a form like this:


The first field is Name which means the official name of the event (if it has one). Currently entering a name is mandatory (this might change in the future) so if the event doesn't have an official name, enter a descriptive one (for example, "Band at Venue").

The second field is the disambiguation, which serves to differentiate events that could otherwise be confused. For example, if an artist has an early and late concert in the same venue on the same date, it might make sense to specify which is each here.

The third field is Type, which describes what kind of event this is. Most events will be of the types Concert or Festival, but you can check our full list of event types.

Then there is a Cancelled option - if the event is cancelled or postponed, don't remove it, just select this!

Next is the Setlist which stores a list of songs performed, optionally including links to artists and works. You can see the setlist documentation for a longer explanation of how that works.

After that come the Begin and End Dates which as the name suggests indicates the dates on which the event started and ended (in the format Year-Month-Day). For one-day events, enter the same date on both.

Time means starting time of the event, in the format "Hours:Minutes" (e.g. "21:30").


The Relationships section is where you can add the performers and the venue or the place where the event is taking/has taken place. Those are added like any other relationship - you can check our guide about relationships for more info. They are important, so don't forget them!

External Links are websites/pages regarding the event (e.g. official website, Facebook event or entry in Songkick) if any.

It is recommended to write an informative edit note. This doesn't need to be long, just make sure that other people can understand where you got your information from.

Once you're done, click Enter edit to add the event.

If you end up seeing this, it means you haven't added any relationships! You'll need to add some to ensure the event is not removed because of being empty.


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