Prefuse 73

~ Person

Performance name of: Guillermo Scott Herren

Also performs as: Ahmad Szabo, Delarosa & Asora, Piano Overlord, Reto A Ichi (Guillermo Scott Herren project), Savath & Savalas, The Predicate Production Guild (Electronic, Jazz, Stage & Screen, Soundtrack, Abstract, Experimental)



2001Vocal Studies + Uprock NarrativesPrefuse 7355
2003One Word ExtinguisherPrefuse 732
2005Surrounded by SilencePrefuse 733
2006Security ScreeningsPrefuse 734
2007PreparationsPrefuse 734
2009Everything She Touched Turned AmpexianPrefuse 7334
2009Meditation Upon Meditations: The Japanese DiariesPrefuse 731
2011Prefuse 73 / Jaytram / EpsteinPrefuse 73 / JayTram / Epstein1
2011The Only She ChaptersPrefuse 733
2015Rivington Não RioPrefuse 733
2015Every Color of DarknessPrefuse 731
2018SacrificesPrefuse 732
2019Fudge BeatsPrefuse 732
2020The Failing Institute of the Sampled SourcePrefuse 731
2020The Failing Institute of the ContrasPrefuse 731
2020The Failing Institute of Tapes Upon Tapes (sample pack)Prefuse 731
2021The Failing Institute of Drums & Other PercussionPrefuse 731
2021The Failing Institute of the Human VoicePrefuse 731
2021The Failing Institute of Season No.2Prefuse 731
2024New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol.1Prefuse 731
2024New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol.2Prefuse 731

Album + Compilation

2011Zola Jesus & Prefuse73 Supports Finders KeepersZola Jesus & Prefuse731
2024New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol.1 & Vol.2Prefuse 731

Album + DJ-mix

2011The Misanthrope Meditation MixPrefuse 73 + Zola Jesus2


2002Wylin OutMos Def, Diverse, Prefuse 731
2005HideYaFacePrefuse 73 feat. Ghostface and El‐P2
2007The Class of 73 BellsPrefuse 73 feat. School of Seven Bells2
2014The Only ScarfPrefuse 73 & Machinedrum1


2000EstrocaroPrefuse 731
2002The '92 vs '02 CollectionPrefuse 732
2003Extinguished: OuttakesPrefuse 733
2005Prefuse 73 Reads the Books E.P.Prefuse 73 & The Books1
2009The Forest of OversensitivityPrefuse 732
2011The Flaming Lips with Prefuse 73The Flaming Lips with Prefuse 731
2015Travel In ConstantsPrefuse 731
2015Forsyth GardensPrefuse 731
2019Every Off Key BeatPrefuse 731

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