Doug Watkins

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member of:The Kenny Burrell Quintet
Donald Byrd Quintet
Hank Mobley Quartet (double bass)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1954-11-13Creepin’ InbassHorace Silver & The Jazz Messengers7:26
1954-11-13Doodlin'bassHorace Silver & The Jazz Messengers6:45
1954-11-13Room 608bassHorace Silver & The Jazz Messengers5:22
1954-11-13Stop TimebassHorace Silver & The Jazz Messengers4:07
1955-02-06Hankerin’bassHorace Silver & The Jazz Messengers5:18
1955-02-06HippybassHorace Silver & The Jazz Messengers5:23
1955-02-06The Preacherdouble bassHorace Silver & The Jazz Messengers4:18
1955-02-06The PreacherbassHorace Silver & The Jazz Messengers4:18
1955-02-06To Whom It May ConcernbassHorace Silver & The Jazz Messengers5:11
1955-03-27Avila and Tequiladouble bassHank Mobley Quartet4:31
1955-03-27Hank's Prank (alternate take)bassHank Mobley4:17
1955-03-27Hank’s Prankdouble bassHank Mobley Quartet4:31
1955-03-27Hank’s Prank (alternate take)double bassHank Mobley Quartet4:15
1955-03-27Just Coolin'double bassHank Mobley Quartet4:10
1955-03-27Love for Saledouble bassHank Mobley Quartet4:31
1955-03-27My Sindouble bassHank Mobley Quartet3:50
1955-03-27Walkin' the Fence (alternate take)bassHank Mobley4:28
1955-03-27Walkin’ the Fencedouble bassHank Mobley Quartet3:40
1955-03-27Walkin’ the Fence (alternate take)double bassHank Mobley Quartet4:26
1955-11-23Alone Togetherdouble bassArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers4:15
1955-11-23Announcement by Art Blakeydouble bassArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers0:38
1955-11-23Avila & Tequiladouble bassArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers12:46
1955-11-23I Waited for Youdouble bassArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers9:47
1955-11-23Like Someone in Lovedouble bassArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers9:16
1955-11-23Minor's Holidaydouble bassArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers9:11
1955-11-23Prince Albertdouble bassArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers8:46
1955-11-23Soft Windsdouble bassThe Jazz Messengers14:06
1955-11-23Sportin' Crowddouble bassArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers6:53
1955-11-23The Themedouble bassArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers6:11
1955-11-23Yesterdaysdouble bassArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers4:18
1955-12-02Crazy RhythmbassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins7:37
1955-12-02Doug’s Bluesdouble bassDonald Byrd12:00
1955-12-02Doug’s BluesbassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins12:09
1955-12-02El SinobassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins10:05
1955-12-02El Sinodouble bassDonald Byrd10:00
1955-12-02Everything Happens to MebassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins5:47
1955-12-02Everything Happens to Medouble bassDonald Byrd5:45
1955-12-02Hank’s Other Tunedouble bassDonald Byrd7:50
1955-12-02Hank’s Other Tune (a.k.a. the Late Show)bassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins7:30
1955-12-02Hank’s TunebassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins7:44
1955-12-02Hank’s Tunedouble bassDonald Byrd7:46
1955Bradley's Beansdouble bass [bass]J. R. Monterose3:21
1955Brainwasherdouble bass [bass]J. R. Monterose2:45
1955Jaywalkin'double bass [bass]J. R. Monterose4:41
1955My Old Flamedouble bass [bass]J. R. Monterose4:54
1955Spicedouble bass [bass]J. R. Monterose2:42
1955Sugar Hipsdouble bass [bass]J. R. Monterose3:26
1956-01-27A Foggy Daydouble bass [bass]The Jackie McLean Quintet6:24
1956-01-27Indingdouble bass [bass]The Jackie McLean Quintet6:30
1956-01-27Kerplunkdouble bass [bass]The Jackie McLean Quintet8:51
1956-01-27Lights Outdouble bass [bass]The Jackie McLean Quintet13:00
1956-01-27Lorrainedouble bass [bass]The Jackie McLean Quintet6:26
1956-01-27Updouble bass [bass]The Jackie McLean Quintet4:47
1956-02-08Cattin'bassHank Mobley4:38
1956-02-08MadelinebassHank Mobley4:42
1956-02-08There Will Never Be Another YoubassHank Mobley5:51
1956-02-08When I Fall in LovebassHank Mobley3:47
1956-04-05Carol’s Interludedouble bassThe Jazz Messengers5:33
1956-04-05Infra‐Raedouble bassThe Jazz Messengers6:54
1956-04-05It’s You or No Onedouble bassThe Jazz Messengers5:35
1956-04-05Nica’s Dreamdouble bassThe Jazz Messengers11:51
1956-04-05The End of a Love Affairdouble bassThe Jazz Messengers6:41
1956-05-03I Cried for YoubassRita Reys with the Jazz Messengers3:33
1956-05-03Taking a Chance on LovebassRita Reys with the Jazz Messengers2:37
1956-05-03That Old Black MagicbassRita Reys with the Jazz Messengers3:00
1956-05-03You'd Be So Nice to Come Home With MebassRita Reys with the Jazz Messengers3:40
1956-05-04Ecarohdouble bassThe Jazz Messengers6:00
1956-05-04Hank’s Symphonydouble bassThe Jazz Messengers4:36
1956-05-07If I Love AgainbassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins4:39
1956-05-07Little Rock GetawaybassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins7:02
1956-05-07People Will Say We're in LovebassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins3:36
1956-05-07Polka Dots and MoonbeamsbassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins7:18
1956-05-07Stella by StarlightbassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins3:40
1956-05-07What's NewbassDonald Byrd & Doug Watkins4:59
1956-06-02How Long Has This Been Going On?bassThe Horace Silver Quintet4:17
1956-06-02Shoutin’ OutbassThe Horace Silver Quintet6:36
1956-06-02To Beat or Not to BeatbassThe Horace Silver Quintet4:05
1956-06-15Cool AidbassPhil Woods Septet9:47
1956-06-15Pairing OffbassPhil Woods Septet12:16
1956-06-15Suddenly It's SpringbassPhil Woods Septet8:23
1956-06-15The Stanley StomperbassPhil Woods Septet14:21
1956-06-17I’ll KnowbassThe Horace Silver Quintet7:27
1956-06-17Silver’s BluebassThe Horace Silver Quintet7:47
1956-06-18Hank’s TunebassThe Horace Silver Quintet5:28
1956-06-18The Night Has a Thousand Eyesdouble bass [bass]The Horace Silver Quintet9:00
1956-06-22Blue 7double bassSonny Rollins11:14
1956-06-22Die Moritat von Mackie Messer (The Ballad of Mack the Knife) A Theme From “The Threepenny Opera”double bassSonny Rollins10:06
1956-06-22St. Thomasdouble bassSonny Rollins6:48
1956-06-22Strode Rodedouble bassSonny Rollins5:15
1956-06-22You Don’t Know What Love Isdouble bassSonny Rollins6:29
1956-07-13Contourdouble bass [bass]Jackie McLean5:01
1956-07-13Jammin' With Genedouble bass [bass]Gene Ammons14:15
1956-07-13Not Really the Bluesdouble bass [bass]Gene Ammons16:06
1956-07-13Sentimental Journeydouble bass [bass]Jackie McLean10:02
1956-07-13We'll Be Together Againdouble bass [bass]Gene Ammons10:00
1956-07-13Why Was I Born?double bass [bass]Jackie McLean5:16
1956-07-2052nd Street ThemebassHank Mobley Quintet5:41
1956-07-20Abstractiondouble bass [bass]Jackie McLean8:00
1956-07-20Alternating CurrentbassHank Mobley Quintet6:31
1956-07-20Au PrivavebassHank Mobley Sextet7:31
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1958-04-1510 to 4 at the 5 Spotdouble bassPepper Adams Quintet
1958-04-1510 to 4 at the 5 Spot (mono)double bassPepper Adams Quintet
1958-04-1510 to 4 at the 5 Spot (stereo)double bassPepper Adams Quintet
1958-04-1510 to 4 at the 5 Spot (stereo/mono - track 5=mono)double bassPepper Adams Quintet
1958-10-22Jazz in Paris: Parisian Thoroughfaredouble bassDonald Byrd Quintet
Countdown: The Savoy SessionsbassJohn Coltrane & Wilbur Harden
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