Fats Domino

~ Person

Legal name: Antoine Dominique Domino, Jr.



1956Rock and Rollin’ With Fats DominoFats Domino4.54
1956Fats Domino Rock and Rollin’Fats Domino44
1956This Is Fats Domino!Fats Domino44
1957Here Stands Fats DominoFats Domino42
1957This Is FatsFats Domino4.54
1958The Fabulous "Mr. D"Fats Domino43
1959Let’s Play Fats DominoFats Domino43
1960Fats Domino Sings Million Record HitsFats Domino42
1960...A Lot of Dominos!Fats Domino43
1961I Miss You SoFats Domino43
1961Let the Four Winds BlowFats Domino45
1961What a Party!Fats Domino42
1962Twistin’ the StompFats Domino44
1962Just DominoFats Domino41
1963Walking to New OrleansFats Domino43
1963Let’s Dance With DominoFats Domino42
1963Here Comes... Fats DominoFats Domino42
1963Here He Comes Again!Fats Domino44
1964Fats on FireFats Domino42
1965Getaway With Fats DominoFats Domino46
1966The Best of Fats Domino! (ABC)Fats Domino42
1968Fats Is BackFats Domino42
1971FatsFats Domino44
1979Sleeping on the JobFats Domino42
1993Christmas Is a Special DayFats Domino43
2006Alive and Kickin'Fats Domino41
Blueberry Hill!Fats Domino1
Legends In MusicFats Domino1

Album + Compilation

1958Fats Domino Swings (12,000,000 Records)Fats Domino3
1961"Surboum" chez Fats DominoFats Domino1
1962Million Sellers by FatsFats Domino2
1965Ses plus grands succèsFats Domino1
1967Million Sellers by Fats Domino - Vol. 1Fats Domino1
1967Million Sellers by Fats Domino - Vol. 2Fats Domino1
1968Rare DominosFats Domino2
1971Fats DominoFats Domino2
1971Rare Dominos Volume TwoFats Domino1
1973Stars of the Sixties: Fats Domino (Nine Songs Never Released on L.P.)Fats Domino1
1977Seine 20 größten HitsFats Domino1
1978Fats Domino Meets Jerry Lee LewisFats Domino / Jerry Lee Lewis41
197920 Rock 'n' Roll HitsFats Domino3
1979Gold CollectionFats Domino1
1986Greatest Hits (GrandPrix)Fats Domino3
1987Don’t You Know?Fats Domino1
198720 HitsFats Domino1
1987Blueberry HillFats Domino1
1987The Best of Fats Domino (EMI America)Fats Domino1
1987The Fat Man (World Star Collection)Fats Domino2
1988Blueberry Hill (Starlite)Fats Domino3
1988The Best of Fats Domino (Liberty UK)Fats Domino1
198916 Greatest HitsFats Domino1
1989A Portrait of Fats DominoFats Domino1
1989Rock ’n’ Roll «Black»Fats Domino / Little Richard / Chuck Berry1
1990My Blue Heaven: The Best of Fats Domino, Volume 1Fats Domino1
1990When I’m WalkingFats Domino1
1990All-Time Greatest HitsFats Domino1
1990Heroes Of Rock'n Roll 2cdFats Domino1
1990My Blue HeavenFats Domino1
1990The Originals, Volume 1: What a Party / Twistin' the StompFats Domino1
1990The Originals, Volume 2: Let's Play Fats Domino / Rock and Rollin' With Fats DominoFats Domino1
1991"They Call Me The Fat Man..." — The Legendary Imperial RecordingsFats Domino1
1991The Originals, Vol. 3 (Stereo): ...A Lot of Dominos! / Let the Four Winds BlowFats Domino1
1992Be My GuestFats Domino3
1992Fats Domino (Legends of Rock n’ Roll Series)Fats Domino1
1992Greatest Hits (EMI Australasia)Fats Domino1
1992Here Comes... Fats DominoFats Domino1
1992The Fat Man SingsFats Domino2
1992The Fats Domino Gold CollectionFats Domino1
1992The Originals, Vol. 4Fats Domino1
1992The Originals, Vol. 5: Just Domino / I Miss You SoFats Domino1
1993Out of New Orleans (8 CD box)Fats Domino51
1993Best of Fats DominoFats Domino1
1993Fats Domino LiveFats Domino1
1993Greatest Hits (Evergreen)Fats Domino1
1993Greatest Hits LiveFats Domino1
1993Sweet Patootie: The Complete Reprise RecordingsFats Domino2
1993The Originals, Vol. 6: This Is Fats Domino! / Fats Domino Rock and Rollin'Fats Domino1
1993The Originals, Vol. 7: This Is Fats / The Fabulous "Mr. D"Fats Domino1
1993The Originals, Vol. 8: Here Stands Fats Domino / Rare DominosFats Domino1
1993They Call Me the Fat ManFats Domino1
1994The Fat Man (Javelin)Fats Domino1
1994The EP CollectionFats Domino1
1994Greatest Hits (Excelsior)Fats Domino1
1994The Originals, Vol. 9: Let's Dance With Domino / Walking to New OrleansFats Domino1
1994Walking to New Orleans: 25 Greatest HitsFats Domino1
1995Greatest Hits (10 Best Series)Fats Domino2
1995Blueberry Hill: His Greatest HitsFats Domino1
1995The Originals, Vol. 10: The Previously Unissued VersionsFats Domino1
1996The Fat Man: 25 Classic PerformancesFats Domino1
1996That’s Fats DominoFats Domino1
1996The Early Imperial Singles 1950-1952Fats Domino1
1996The Paramount YearsFats Domino3
1997Fats Domino (The Natural Collection)Fats Domino1
1997The EP Collection Vol. 2Fats Domino1
1997The Gold CollectionFats Domino1
1997The Imperial Singles, Volume 2: 1953-1956Fats Domino1
199820 Great Love SongsFats Domino1
1998Blueberry Hill - BestFats Domino1
1998Fats Domino (Original Gold)Fats Domino1
1998Here Stands Fats Domino / This Is FatsFats Domino1

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