Mike Thorne (UK producer & keyboardist)

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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Crybaby Information Society 5:15
Going, Going, Gone Information Society 4:54
Peace & Love, Inc. Information Society 5:00
Where the I Divides Information Society 8:15
40 Versions keyboard and synthesizer Wire 3:28
A Mutual Friend keyboard and synthesizer Wire 4:28
A Touching Display keyboard and synthesizer Wire 6:55
Blessed State keyboard and synthesizer Wire 3:28
I Should Have Known Better keyboard and synthesizer Wire 3:52
Indirect Enquiries keyboard and synthesizer Wire 3:37
Keep Me From Harm synclavier Peter Murphy 4:28
Let Me Love You synclavier Peter Murphy 3:35
Map Ref. 41°N 93°W keyboard and synthesizer Wire 3:39
On Returning keyboard and synthesizer Wire 2:06
Once Is Enough keyboard and synthesizer Wire 3:23
Our Secret Garden synclavier Peter Murphy 5:48
Single K.O. keyboard and synthesizer Wire 2:24
The 15th keyboard and synthesizer Wire 3:05
The Other Window keyboard and synthesizer Wire 2:08
Two People in a Room keyboard and synthesizer Wire 2:10
Searching (Mike Thorne Full Length version) Indoor Life 6:38
40 Versions Wire 3:28
A Man Could Get Lost Soft Cell 3:58
A Mutual Friend Wire 4:28
A Touching Display Wire 6:55
Ain’t Necessarily So Bronski Beat 4:09
Are You Serious? Mike Thorne ’Til Tuesday 3:15
Bedsitter Soft Cell 3:35
Bedsitter (’91 remix) Soft Cell 3:39
Birthday Blur 3:50
Blessed State Wire 3:28
Cadillac Car Bronski Beat 8:10
Chips on My Shoulder Soft Cell 4:07
Close to the Edge Bronski Beat 4:45
Disenchanted The Communards 4:09
Disenchanted (12″ remix) The Communards 6:09
Don’t Leave Me This Way The Communards 4:32
Don’t Leave Me This Way / Sanctify (Gotham City mix) The Communards 11:08
Don’t Watch Me Bleed Mike Thorne ’Til Tuesday 3:26
Entertain Me Soft Cell 3:35
Fait divers Téléphone 3:17
Flipper Téléphone 6:04
Fool Blur 3:15
Frustration Soft Cell 4:11
Hard Rain Bronski Beat 8:11
Heat Wave Bronski Beat 5:42
Hot and Cold Indoor Life 5:30
Hygiaphone Téléphone 2:54
I Could Get Used to This Mike Thorne ’Til Tuesday 3:04
I Feel Love Bronski Beat & Marc Almond 5:49
I Feel Love / Johnny Remember Me Bronski Beat feat. Marc Almond 5:48
I Feel Love Medley: Love to Love You Baby / I Feel Love / Johnnie Remember Me Bronski Beat 9:43
I Should Have Known Better Wire 3:52
Indirect Enquiries Wire 3:37
Infatuation/Memories Bronski Beat 7:09
Insecure… Me? Soft Cell 7:30
Junk Bronski Beat 6:08
Le vaudou (est toujours debout) Téléphone 2:13
Looking Over My Shoulder Mike Thorne ’Til Tuesday 4:15
Love in a Vacuum Mike Thorne ’Til Tuesday 3:35
Map Ref. 41°N 93°W Wire 3:39
Maybe Monday Mike Thorne ’Til Tuesday 3:41
Memorabilia Soft Cell 5:22
Métro (c’est trop !!) Téléphone 4:27
No More Crying Mike Thorne ’Til Tuesday 4:18
On Returning Wire 2:06
Once Is Enough Wire 3:23
Outdoor Miner Wire 2:52
Perfect The The 5:43
Red Letter Day China Crisis 4:38
Reuters Wire 3:03
Riverbank Mike Thorn John Cale 6:26
Run From Love Bronski Beat 8:21
Say Hello Wave Goodbye ’91 (’91 remix) Soft Cell 5:23
Say Hello Wave Goodbye 12″ (The Long Goodbye — extended Mendelsohn remix) Soft Cell 8:19
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye Soft Cell 5:25
Searching (Mike Thorne Full Length version) Indoor Life 6:38
Secret Life Soft Cell 3:38
Seedy Films Soft Cell 5:05
Sex Dwarf Soft Cell 5:16
Sex Dwarf Soft Cell 5:15
Single K.O. Wire 2:24
Sleep Mike Thorne ’Til Tuesday 3:39
Smalltown Boy Bronski Beat 5:01
Smalltown Boy Bronski Beat 6:04
Smalltown Boy (12″ version) Bronski Beat 8:58
So Cold the Night The Communards 4:41
Song from the Edge of the World Siouxsie and the Banshees 3:43
St. Saviour Square China Crisis 4:08
St. Saviour Square (extended 12" Mike Thorne mix) China Crisis 6:17
Sur la route Téléphone 4:04
Tainted Love (’91 remix) Soft Cell 2:59
Tainted Love Soft Cell 2:38
Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go? Soft Cell 8:57
The 15th Wire 3:05
The Other Window Wire 2:08
The Sweetest Drop Peter Murphy 4:03
The Whole Price of Blood Siouxsie and the Banshees 3:54
Torch Soft Cell 4:09
Two People in a Room Wire 2:10
Uncertain Smile (original version) The The 4:56
Voices Carry Mike Thorne ’Til Tuesday 4:22
Wear Me Down Blur 4:49
What (’91 remix) Soft Cell 3:11
What Soft Cell 4:33
Where Did Our Love Go Soft Cell 4:22
Why Bronski Beat 6:19
Why? Bronski Beat 3:57
Why? (12″ version) Bronski Beat 7:48
Wilson Joliet Mike Thorn John Cale 4:25
Winning the War Mike Thorne ’Til Tuesday 4:04
You Are My World The Communards 4:31
You Are My World (12″ remix) The Communards 8:05
You Know the Rest Mike Thorne ’Til Tuesday 4:27
Youth Soft Cell 3:15
Don't Leave Me This Way The Communards
Holy Smoke Peter Murphy
Holy Smoke Peter Murphy
Holy Smoke Peter Murphy
Smalltown Boy Bronski Beat
Tainted Love Soft Cell
Strange Angels percussion Laurie Anderson 3:51
The Day the Devil percussion Laurie Anderson 4:00
You Can Have Him additional Carmel 3:47
Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go? Soft Cell 8:57