Steve Lacy (jazz saxophonist and composer 1934–2004)

~ Person

Legal name: Steven Norman Lackritz



1958Soprano SaxSteve Lacy2
1959Reflections: Steve Lacy Plays Thelonious MonkSteve Lacy3
1960The Straight Horn of Steve LacySteve Lacy3
1962EvidenceSteve Lacy2
1966DisposabilitySteve Lacy1
1966Jazz RealitiesCarla Bley, Mike Mantler, Steve Lacy4
1966SortieSteve Lacy1
1969EpistrophySteve Lacy2
1971LapisSteve Lacy1
1971MoonSteve Lacy1
1972Journey Without EndMal Waldron-Steve Lacy1
1972The GapSteve Lacy2
1973FlapsFranz Koglmann With Steve Lacy1
1975StalksSteve Lacy1
1975DreamsSteve Lacy1
1975LumpsSteve Lacy, Michel Waisvisz, Han Bennink, Maarten van Regteren Altena2
1975Saxophone Special +Steve Lacy2
1976Distant VoicesSteve Lacy, Yuji Takahashi & Takehisa Kosugi1
1976TricklesSteve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Kent Carter, Beaver Harris2
1977One‐UpmanshipMal Waldron Quintet with Steve Lacy2
1977RapsSteve Lacy1
1977StrawsSteve Lacy2
1977ShotsSteve Lacy2
1977SidelinesSteve Lacy & Michael Smith2
1977ThreadsSteve Lacy, Alvin Curran & Frederic Rzewski1
1978CatchSteve Lacy1
1978PointsSteve Lacy1
1978UnexpectedKenny Davern, Steve Lacy, Steve Swallow, Paul Motian1
1979EronelSteve Lacy1
1980Call NotesWalter Zuber Armstrong, Steve Lacy1
1981N.Y. Capers & QuirksSteve Lacy2
1981SongsSteve Lacy & Brion Gysin2
1981TipsSteve Lacy, Steve Potts Featuring The Voice Of Irène Aebi1
1982BalletsSteve Lacy1
1982The FlameSteve Lacy2
1983RegenerationRoswell Rudd - Steve Lacy - Misha Mengelberg - Kent Carter - Han Bennink2
1984The BowTchangodei, Steve Lacy, Oliver Johnson1
1985Change of Season (Music of Herbie Nichols)Misha Mengelberg, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Arjen Gorter & Han Bennink1
1986Music MakersHelen Merrill, Gordon Beck, Stéphane Grappelli & Steve Lacy3
1986OutingsSteve Lacy1
1987ExplorationsSubroto Roy Chowdhury, Steve Lacy1
1987MomentumSteve Lacy1
1987Only MonkSteve Lacy1
1987Sempre amoreMal Waldron & Steve Lacy52
1987The KissSteve Lacy1
1988Paris BluesGil Evans / Steve Lacy3
1989The DoorSteve Lacy2
1990AnthemSteve Lacy2
1991Flim FlamSteve Lacy & Steve Potts1
1991Hot HouseSteve Lacy & Mal Waldron2
1991More MonkSteve Lacy1
1991Rushes - 10 Songs From RussiaSteve Lacy1
1991TrochusGiancarlo Locatelli Quintet With Steve Lacy1
1992トワイライトMasahiko Togashi, Steve Lacy1
1992Dutch MastersMisha Mengelberg, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Ernst Reÿseger, Han Bennink1
1992RemainsSteve Lacy1
1992Spirit of MingusSteve Lacy, Eric Watson1
1993MauresacaRichard Calleja, Jazz Time Big Band, Steve Lacy, Christian Salut1
1994FindingsSteve Lacy1
1994Sweet SixteenKeptorchestra Meets Steve Lacy2
1995PACKETSteve Lacy, Irene Aebi & Frederic Rzewski1
1995The RendezvousBarry Wedgle, Steve Lacy1
1995Weal & WoeSteve Lacy1
19975 X Monk, 5 X LacySteve Lacy1
1997CommuniquéSteve Lacy & Mal Waldron51
1998SandsSteve Lacy1
2000Monk's DreamSteve Lacy & Roswell Rudd1
2002One More TimeMal Waldron, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Steve Lacy2
2002DummySteve Lacy Meets The Riccardo Fassi Trio1
2002WorkSteve Lacy, Daniel Humair & Anthony Cox1
2003The Beat SuiteSteve Lacy2
2003We SeeSteve Lacy2
2004Lift the BandstandSteve Lacy1
2006New Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden 2002Steve Lacy1
2006TaoSteve Lacy, Andrea Centazzo1
2007Early and LateSteve Lacy - Roswell Rudd Quartet1
2008Hocus Pocus - Book 'H' of "Practitioners"Steve Lacy1
2011In BerlinSteve Lacy Solo & Quintet1
2014Change of SeasonSteve Lacy1
2014TroublesSteve Lacy1
2014The CondorSteve Lacy1
2014The Cry set 2Steve Lacy1
2022New York SaudadeGianfranco Menzella feat. ANTONIO CIACCA, David Wong, Aaron Kimmel & Steve Lacy1

Album + Compilation

1986The Complete Jaguar SessionsSteve Lacy1
1993AxiemeSteve Lacy2
1995Steve LacySteve Lacy1
1996Duets: AssociatesSteve Lacy1
1997Scratching The Seventies / DreamsSteve Lacy1
1999Don CherryDon Cherry feat. Ornette Coleman & Steve Lacy1
2001OpiumBill Dixon / Franz Koglmann / Steve Lacy1
2004Early Years 1954-1956Steve Lacy1
2004The Complete Whitey Mitchell SessionsSteve Lacy2
2010Sortie + DisposabilitySteve Lacy1
2011The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note Steve Lacy Solos Duos TriosSteve Lacy1
2014The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note Steve Lacy Quartet Quintet Sextet OctetSteve Lacy1
2016Four Classic AlbumsSteve Lacy1
2017Free for a Minute: 1965-1972Steve Lacy1
The Straight Horn of Steve LacySteve Lacy1

Album + Live

1966The Forest and the ZooSteve Lacy1

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