The Supremes (60s/70s Motown singing group)

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members:Barbara Martin (until 1961)
Florence Ballard (until 1967-06-28)
Diana Ross (until 1967-06-28)
Jean Terrell (from 1970-01-14 until 1973)
Lynda Laurence (vocalist) (from 1972-04 until 1973)
Scherrie Payne (from 1973 to present)
Susaye Greene (from 1976 to present)
members (as Diana Ross & The Supremes):Mary Wilson (until 1967-06-28, from 1970-01-14 until 2021-02-08)
Cindy Birdsong (from 1970-01-14 until 1972-04, from 1973 until 1976)
part of:Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame: Performers (number: 1988) (order: 30)
Hollywood Walk of Fame (order: 1359)
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1964-11Ooowee Baby (25th Anniversary mix)The Supremes2:59
Stop! In the Name of LoveThe Supremes2:55
I Hear a Symphonybackground vocalsThe Supremes
I Hear a Symphonybackground vocalsThe Supremes