1986Whites Off Earth Now!!Cowboy Junkies47
1988The Trinity SessionCowboy Junkies3.812
1990The Caution HorsesCowboy Junkies46
1992Black Eyed ManCowboy Junkies7
1993Pale Sun, Crescent MoonCowboy Junkies6
1996Lay It DownCowboy Junkies44
1998Miles From Our HomeCowboy Junkies44
2001OpenCowboy Junkies36
2004One Soul NowCowboy Junkies44
2005Early 21st Century BluesCowboy Junkies43
2007At the End of Paths TakenCowboy Junkies44
2007Trinity RevisitedCowboy Junkies4
2007Sharon Temple SessionsCowboy Junkies1
2007Written, Recorded and UnreleasedCowboy Junkies1
2009Acoustic JunkCowboy Junkies3
2010The Nomad Series, Volume 1: Renmin ParkCowboy Junkies2
2010The Nomad Series, Volume 2: DemonsCowboy Junkies4
2011The Nomad Series, Volume 3: Sing in My MeadowCowboy Junkies5
2012The Nomad Series, Volume 4: The WildernessCowboy Junkies5
2018All That ReckoningCowboy Junkies3
2020GhostsCowboy Junkies1
2022Songs of the RecollectionCowboy Junkies4
2022SharonCowboy Junkies2
2023Such Ferocious BeautyCowboy Junkies2
2023The Barn DemosCowboy Junkies1

Album + Compilation

1996Studio: Selected Studio Recordings 1986–1995Cowboy Junkies43
1999Rarities, B-Sides and Slow, Sad WaltzesCowboy Junkies2
2001Best of Cowboy JunkiesCowboy Junkies3
2002The Radio One SessionsCowboy Junkies2
2003Platinum & Gold CollectionCowboy Junkies1
2004Best: Sweet JaneCowboy Junkies1
2008'Neath Your Covers, Part 2Cowboy Junkies1
2012The Nomad Series Box SetCowboy Junkies1
2015Notes Falling SlowCowboy Junkies1

Album + Compilation + Live

1995200 More Miles: Live Performances 1985–1994Cowboy Junkies3

Album + Live

2000Waltz Across AmericaCowboy Junkies31
2003In the Time Before LlamasCowboy Junkies2
2005Open RoadCowboy Junkies41
2006Long Journey HomeCowboy Junkies41
2007Cowboy Junkies Live at Great American Music Hall on 2007‐04‐13Cowboy Junkies1
2007Cookie Crumbs, Volume 1: The Path Taken Tour (Spring/Summer 2007)Cowboy Junkies1
2008Cookie Crumbs, Volume 2: Blowin’ and Driftin’ (Ontario March 2003)Cowboy Junkies1
2008Cookie Crumbs, Volume 3: Waltz Across America Tour (October 2000)Cowboy Junkies1
2009Cookie Crumbs, Volume 4: In the Time Before TapersCowboy Junkies1
2010Cookie Crumbs, Volume 7: Rockland, ME, 4‐17‐10 / Somerville, MA, 4‐18‐10Cowboy Junkies1
2011Cookie Crumbs, Volume 8Cowboy Junkies1
2011Cookie Crumbs, Volume 9Cowboy Junkies1
2014Live at the Belly UpCowboy Junkies1
2019Live On SNAP, KCRW Studios, Santa Monica, CA. February 19th 1990, KCRW‐FM BroadcastCowboy Junkies1
2020Marked in Dust (The 1989 WBCN Berklee Performance Center Broadcast)Cowboy Junkies1
2020Endless Skies (The Austin City Limits Broadcast 1990 Remastered)Cowboy Junkies1
2020It's Only Moonlight (Live 1994)Cowboy Junkies1
2021Music Is the DrugCowboy Junkies1
2022Splashed in the Sky (live Santa Monica '90)Cowboy Junkies1
Cookie Crumbs, Volume 5: Empire Theatre, Belleville, ON 5‐7‐09Cowboy Junkies2
Cookie Crumbs, Volume 6: The GenesisCowboy Junkies1
Cookie Crumbs, Volume 10: UnderdogsCowboy Junkies1
Cookie Crumbs, Volume 11: Somerville Theater – Somerville, MA, 3‐8‐12Cowboy Junkies1

Album + Remix

Anatomy of an Album - One Soul NowCowboy Junkies1
Anatomy Of An Album - At The End Of Paths TakenCowboy Junkies1


1989Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)Cowboy Junkies1
1990'Cause Cheap Is How I FeelCowboy Junkies2
1990Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday MorningCowboy Junkies1
1992A Horse in the CountryCowboy Junkies1
1992Southern RainCowboy Junkies3
1996Angel MineCowboy Junkies1
1996A Common DisasterCowboy Junkies1


2004'neath Your Covers, Part 1Cowboy Junkies1

EP + Live

1992Live!Cowboy Junkies3

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