Toxic Holocaust (USA speed/thrash/black metal)

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members:Joel Grind (from 1999 to present: guitar, lead vocals; from 1999 until 2008: drums (drum set), bass guitar; from 2015 to present: bass guitar)
Philthy Gnaast (metal bassist) (from 2008 until 2015: bass guitar)
Nikki Rage (from 2009 to present: drums (drum set))
founded by:Joel Grind
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Agony of the DamnedToxic Holocaust3:59
BitchToxic Holocaust2:49
I Am DiseaseToxic Holocaust4:24
In the Depths (Of Your Mind)Toxic Holocaust2:43
Judgment Awaits YouToxic Holocaust1:55
Nowhere to RunToxic Holocaust3:45
Red WinterToxic Holocaust3:32
RevelationsToxic Holocaust2:50
Sound the ChargeToxic Holocaust3:17
The Liars Are BurningToxic Holocaust2:54