Toxic Holocaust (USA speed/thrash/black metal)

~ Group


members:Joel Grind (US metal vocalist/multi-instrumentalist and engineer) (from 1999 to present: guitar, lead vocals; from 1999 until 2008: drums (drum set), bass guitar; from 2015 to present: bass guitar)
Philthy Gnaast (metal bassist) (from 2008 until 2015: bass guitar)
Nikki Rage (from 2009 to present: drums (drum set))
founded by:Joel Grind (US metal vocalist/multi-instrumentalist and engineer)
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DateTitleCredited asArtistLength
holds phonographic copyright (℗) for
2005Arise From the CemeteryToxic Holocaust3:01
2005BurnToxic Holocaust3:06
2005Death CampToxic Holocaust3:04
2005Hell on EarthToxic Holocaust2:31
2005IntroToxic Holocaust1:26
2005Metallic CrucifixionToxic Holocaust1:48
2005Never Stop the MassacreToxic Holocaust1:26
2005Ready to FightToxic Holocaust3:52
2005Send Them to HellToxic Holocaust3:08
2005Thrashing DeathToxic Holocaust2:38
2005Time to DieToxic Holocaust1:39
2013666 (2002 rehearsal)Toxic Holocaust1:50
2013A.T.O.M.I.C.Toxic Holocaust2:18
2013Agony of the DamnedToxic Holocaust3:57
2013Altar-ed StatesToxic Holocaust2:26
2013Arise From the CemeteryToxic Holocaust2:32
2013Army of OneToxic Holocaust2:54
2013BitchToxic Holocaust2:46
2013Created to KillToxic Holocaust2:08
2013Damned to Fire (2003-02-01 rehearsal)Toxic Holocaust2:03
2013Death Brings DeathToxic Holocaust1:41
2013Death CampToxic Holocaust3:37
2013Death MasterToxic Holocaust3:22
2013Get in the PitToxic Holocaust2:04
2013I'm Not Dead (2002 demo)Toxic Holocaust0:37
2013In the Name of ScienceToxic Holocaust3:46
2013IntroToxic Holocaust0:41
2013Metal AttackToxic Holocaust3:41
2013Never Stop the MassacreToxic Holocaust2:29
2013Nuke the CrossToxic Holocaust3:06
2013Ready to FightToxic Holocaust3:53
2013Reaper's GraveToxic Holocaust2:01
2013Send Them to HellToxic Holocaust2:51
2013Suicide EyeToxic Holocaust1:43
2013Thrashing DeathToxic Holocaust2:34
2013We Bring Em HellToxic Holocaust1:29
Agony of the DamnedToxic Holocaust3:59
BitchToxic Holocaust2:49
I Am DiseaseToxic Holocaust4:24
In the Depths (Of Your Mind)Toxic Holocaust2:43
Judgment Awaits YouToxic Holocaust1:55
Nowhere to RunToxic Holocaust3:45
Red WinterToxic Holocaust3:32
RevelationsToxic Holocaust2:50
Sound the ChargeToxic Holocaust3:17
The Liars Are BurningToxic Holocaust2:54
holds copyright (©) for
2005Hell on EarthToxic HolocaustToxic Holocaust
2013From the Ashes of Nuclear DestructionToxic HolocaustToxic Holocaust
holds phonographic copyright (℗) for
2005Hell on EarthToxic HolocaustToxic Holocaust
2013From the Ashes of Nuclear DestructionToxic HolocaustToxic Holocaust