The Beatles (UK rock band, “The Fab Four”)

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Previously known as: The Quarrymen (British group that evolved into The Beatles)


Unspecified type

2021Rarities, Unreleased Tracks, and Looks Toward the FutureKevin Osmond1
Collection ambiance ‐années 60’Various Artists1
Pop Legends 6.Various Artists1
Top MedleysVarious Artists2


2004100 Hits Groovy TimesVarious Artists51
2008Presents... Bright MomentsKoushik1
2024Now That's What I Call Jukebox ClassicsVarious Artists2
Go'in Back in Time Vol. 3Various Artists1
Rock 'n' Roll RevivalVarious Artists1


1962My BonnieTony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers3.57
1981De Bach a los BeatlesLeo Brouwer1
1984Gyllene ögonblick på Gröna LundVarious Artists1
1995IRMA 1000 - ikke akkurat hudfargede knestrømperKari & Barbara1
2000Liverpool Sound CollagePaul McCartney3
200924 Ways Upon the BellsChristian Rivet1
2011Rockin’ n’ Rollin’ With Santa ClausVarious Artists1
201314 CharactersCountermeasure1
2017Explosive Rock GroupsVarious Artists1
2021This Is the Music We Dance To, Volume 2Dan Wainwright1
Mastermix Essential Hits – PartyVarious Artists1
Sing & SwingLorenz Maierhofer1

Album + Compilation

1964Let’s Do The Twist, Hully Gully, Slop, Surf, Locomotion, MonkeyVarious Artists32
1964Schlager des Jahres 2Various Artists1
1965Komm, gib mir deine HandVarious Artists2
1969No One's Gonna Change Our WorldVarious Artists1
1970Do It Now: 20 Giant HitsVarious Artists1
1973Story of PopVarious Artists1
1975History of British Rock, Volume 3Various Artists1
1976The Best of George HarrisonGeorge Harrison44
1976Golden Days of British RockVarious Artists1
1976History of British RockVarious Artists1
1983Remember the 60’s, Volume 3Various Artists1
1984Tribute to the CavernVarious Artists1
1984The Singles 1965-1968, Vol. 2Tony Sheridan2
1986Now That's What I Call Music: The Summer Album (UK)Various Artists51
1986Le disque des records: SlowsVarious Artists1
1987Golden Oldies on CD, Volume 3Various Artists1
1987The Original Music From the 60's, Volume 1Various Artists1
1987The Rock ’n’ Roll Years 1960–1963Various Artists1
1988The British Invasion: The History of British Rock, Volume 5Various Artists1
1989Deutsche Oldies 1964Various Artists2
1989Rock & Roll ClassicsVarious Artists1
1990British RockVarious Artists1
1990British Gold - 25 Great HitsVarious Artists1
1990BMI’s 50th Anniversary Collection: The Explosion of American Music 1940–1990Various Artists1
1990Hard Up HeroesVarious Artists1
1990Mr Music Plus: Number TwelveVarious Artists1
199125 Hits of the 60s, Volume 1Various Artists2
199125 Rock‐Hits, Volume 2: The Masters of the Rock‐EraVarious Artists1
1991All-Time RockVarious Artists1
1991La Fabuleuse Histoire du RockVarious Artists1
1991The British Rock ExplosionVarious Artists12
1991The Masters of the Rock‐Era, Vol. 2Various Artists1
199225 Hits of the 70’s, Vol. 2Various Artists1
1992All the Best Of, Volume 1Various Artists1
1992All the Best Of, Volume 3Various Artists1
1992Golden Hits, Vol. 1Various Artists1
1992Golden Hits, Vol. 2Various Artists1
1992Golden Hits Vol. 3Various Artists1
1992Hits of the Sixties Super 100 OldiesVarious Artists1
1992Sixties BeatVarious Artists1
1992The Spirit of the 60s: 1963: The Hits Don’t StopVarious Artists1
199419 Golden Rock BalladsVarious Artists3
19941963 - Die Stars - Die Hits - Die FactsVarious Artists1
19941964 World HitsVarious Artists1
1994John Cargher: For Your PleasureVarious Artists1
1994Klangfest Soundfest - Das 4D-KonzertVarious Artists1
1994Rock MartyrsVarious Artists1
199560 From the SixtiesVarious Artists1
1995Billboard Hottest Hits 1950-1990Various Artists1
1995Musikalische Zeitreise durch EuropaVarious Artists1
1995Magic MomentsVarious Artists1
1995Oldie Parade, Volume 4Various Artists1
1995Pop'n'Rock 60 Volume 1Various Artists1
1995Rock and Roll Club, Volume 2Various Artists1
1995Rock and Roll Club, Volume 3Various Artists1
1995Rock and Roll Club, Volume 5Various Artists1
1996The Godfathers of BritPopVarious Artists1
1996The Sixties Anthology, Volume 1Various Artists1
199750 Rock and Roll Milestones, Vol. 2Various Artists1
199750 Rock and Roll Milestones Vol. 1Various Artists1
199775 Rock and Roll Milestones, Volume 1Various Artists1
1997Crèdit Comú 3 – 1er Cicle ESOVarious Artists1
1997Les Voix de légendesVarious Artists1
1997The Ultimate Rock Collection: Gold and PlatinumVarious Artists1
1998A Pop Aranykora 5.Various Artists1
1998A Pop Aranykora 6.Various Artists1
1998Geschichte der Pop MusikVarious Artists1
1998La Légende des Tubes, Volume 28Various Artists1
1998Rock 'n' Roll JukeboxVarious Artists1
1998Rock StoryVarious Artists1
1999Explosive Doowops, Volume 4Various Artists1
1999The Exotic Beatles: Part ThreeVarious Artists1
199925 Rock and Roll Milestones Vol. 1Various Artists1
199950 Rock and Roll Milestones, Volume 2Various Artists1
1999A música do século, volume 6Various Artists1
1999Pop & RockVarious Artists1
1999Rock & Pop CD 4Various Artists1
1999Rock & Pop CD 3Various Artists1
1999Skeive Skiver 2Various Artists1

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