Neuropa (Australian synthpop)

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2002InstalledVirtual Server1
2004The Evening BellB! Machine2

Album + Compilation

1997Synth Pop - The Next GenerationVarious Artists1
1998Voices in the Dark, Volume IIVarious Artists1
1999World of Synthpop 3Various Artists2
1999Mix Rinse and Spin, Volume 2Various Artists2
2000A Different Mix, Volume TwoVarious Artists1
2000A Different Mix, Volume ThreeVarious Artists1
2000A Different Mix, Volume FourVarious Artists1
2000A Reflexion of Synthpop, Volume 2Various Artists1
2001A Different Mix, Volume FiveVarious Artists1
2001Synthetik WonderlandVarious Artists1
2001New Wave UndercoverVarious Artists1
2001Strange Love 5Various Artists1
2002Der Seelen Tiefengrund 4: Music for Candlelight & RedwineVarious Artists1
2002Electro NouveauVarious Artists1
2002Heart of Synthetic Melodies - Violation 2Various Artists1
2002Synthpop Club AnthemsVarious Artists1
2003Space Age Electro PopVarious Artists1
2003State of Synthpop 2003Various Artists1
2003Futuretro Megamix: Beat OneVarious Artists1
2003Synthpop for a Darkened RoomVarious Artists1
2004Synthpop Club Anthems 3Various Artists1
2005Space Age Electro Pop 2Various Artists1
2005Synthpop Lives!Various Artists1
2005State of Synthpop 2005Various Artists1
2005Miami Resistance, Volume 1Various Artists1
2007Elektrisch! 2Various Artists1
2008Synthpop Club Anthems 5Various Artists1
2010electropop.5Various Artists1
2011Schwarze Welle 3Various Artists1
2013What We've Done Lately...Various Artists1
2018electropop.12Various Artists2
2021Electropop 18Various Artists1
2021Electropop 19Various Artists1
DiscoverVarious Artists1
World of Electronic Music Vol.1Various Artists1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2001Synthpop MegamixVarious Artists1

Album + Compilation + Soundtrack

2004Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 Limited Edition Music SamplerVarious Artists1
2007Dance Dance Revolution Universe Limited Edition Music SamplerVarious Artists1

Album + Remix

2002Synth Pop Remixed, Volume 1Various Artists1
2005Synthphony REMIXed!, Volume 6Various Artists1

Album + Soundtrack

2006Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4Various Artists1

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