Frankie Avalon (American actor, singer)

~ Person


Swingin' on a RainbowFrankie Avalon12" Vinyl12
ChancellorCHLX 5004[none]
The Young Frankie AvalonFrankie Avalon7" Vinyl4
President Hifi RecordsPRC 161
Venus / I'm BrokeFrankie Avalon with Orchestra & Chorus directed by Peter de Angelis7" Vinyl2
Why / Swingin' on a RainbowFrankie Avalon7" Vinyl2
Swingin' on a RainbowFrankie Avalon12" Vinyl12
ChancellorCHLX 5004
The Young Frankie AvalonFrankie Avalon12" Vinyl12
The Hit MakersFabian & Frankie Avalon12" Vinyl12
ChancellorCHL 5009
... And Now About Mr. AvalonFrankie Avalon12" Vinyl12
Frankie Avalon's Christmas AlbumFrankie Avalon12" Vinyl12
ChancellorCHL-5031 (CHLS-5031)[none]
Sings Cleopatra Plus 13 Other Great HitsFrankie Avalon12" Vinyl14
Muscle Beach Party and Other Motion Picture SongsFrankie Avalon12" Vinyl12
United ArtistsUAS 6371
VenusFrankie Avalon12" Vinyl2
De‐Lite RecordsDISCO 1578
You're A MiracleFrankie Avalon12" Vinyl2
Rams Horn RecordsRHR 3261
Venus & Other HitsFrankie AvalonCD16
Cédé InternationalCD 66074
Revival - A Portrait Of Franky AvalonFrankie AvalonCD20
Let the Good Times RollFrankie AvalonCD20
Big Top (European hits compilations)BCD-02689[none]
Frankie AvalonFrankie AvalonCD23
Repertoire Records (Hamburg-based multinational reissue label)REP 4158-WZ4009910415825
New Recordings of Old FavoritesFrankie AvalonCD10
CEMA Special Markets (a division of Capitol‐EMI Music, Inc.)S21-56923077775692327
The Teen Idols: The Very Best OfFrankie Avalon & FabianCD18
Music Club (Hoboken, NJ)50030614475003024
The EP CollectionFrankie AvalonCD28
See for Miles RecordsSEECD 6995014661069936
The Best ofFrankie AvalonCD24
  • DE2006-02-10
Repertoire Records (Hamburg-based multinational reissue label)REP 4831-WG4009910483121
The Best of Frankie AvalonFrankie AvalonCD18
  • US2006-07-27
Varèse Sarabande
Secret LoveFrankie AvalonCD14
  • US2011-12-06
Mocking Bird
Tallahassee LassieFrankie AvalonCD14
  • US2012-02-28
Platinum Classics
Venus (Greatest Hits 20 Songs Remastered)Frankie AvalonDigital Media20
  • -2012-03-12
Venus (Rerecorded)Frankie AvalonDigital Media15
  • US2012-08-20
Music Manager
Secret Love (Shellac Memories)Frankie AvalonDigital Media14
  • US2012-11-12
Shellac Memories
A Day at the Beach Frankie AvalonFrankie AvalonDigital Media20
  • XW2015-03-15
Shami Media Group 3
Love Songs Especially For YouFrankie AvalonDigital Media18
  • US2017-03-30
SRI Records
Too Young to Love / FeverFrankie Avalon7" Vinyl2ChancellorCH 02001
25 All-Time Greatest HitsFrankie Avalon(unknown)25
Best of 2 Super ArtistsFrankie Avalon / Annette Funicello(unknown)10
The FabulousFrankie Avalon(unknown)12
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