Robert Farnon

~ Person


Work Writers Artists ISWC Type Lyrics Languages Attributes Rating
A la claire fontaine
A Star Is Born
  • zxx
As Time Goes By (the song from "Casablanca") Song
  • eng
Colditz March
  • zxx
Cue 1-1: Arrival: Rover (Timpani and Base)
Cue 1-2: Arrival: Theme One (Timp and Piano Strings)
Cue 1-3: Arrival: Big Brother (Singing Timpani)
Cue 1-4: Arrival: Jaws Singing Harp (Jaws Harp - Normal Speed)
Cue 1-5: Arrival: Screams (Siren Whistle)
Cue 1-6: Arrival: Frantic Jaws Harp (Jaws Harp - Half Speed)
Cue 1-7: Arrival: "Pop Goes the Weasel" ("Pop-Weasel" - Piano)
Cue 1-8: Arrival: "Pop" Two ("Pop-Weasel" - Piano, Block, Etc)
Cue 1-9: Arrival: "Pop" Three ("Pop-Weasel" - Piano, Cymbal Etc)
Cue 1-10: Arrival: Secondary Theme - Jazz Slow Tempo
Cue 1-11: Arrival: Secondary Theme - Jazz Fast Tempo
Cue 1-12: Arrival: "Pop Goes the Weasel" (Most Orchestrated)
Cue A1M1A-3: Arrival: Second Title Section (Boss's Office to Gas)
Cue A1M1A-4: Arrival: First Titles Section - Over Westminster Bridge to Boss's Office
Cue A1M1B-9: Arrival: Third Titles Section - P. Wakes to Extended Village
Cue A1M1C-3: Arrival: Commercial Break in and Out
Cue A2M2-2: Arrival: Sup/Imp Section
Cue A2M4-3: Arrival: Helicopter Descends After No.2 Tour With P.
Cue A3M2-2: Arrival: Birth of Rover
Cue A4M2-1: Arrival: All Drums at End
Cue A4M2-3: Arrival: P. Out of House Etc
Cue A4M3-2: Arrival: Beach Fight - Rover Overcomes P.
Cue A4M4-3: Arrival: "Boys and Girls Come Out to Play"
Cue A4M4-8: Arrival: "Boys and Girls Come Out to Play"
Cue A6M1-2: Arrival: "What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor?"
Cue A6M1-4: Arrival: P. About to Enter No.2's House for First Time
Cue A6M3A-6: Arrival: No. 2 Orders, Take Over of Helicopter
Cue A6M5-1: Arrival: End Credits
Cue A6M6-5: Arrival: Open Act
Cue A6M7-4: Arrival: End Act
Cue N/A: Arrival: Extra Drum
Cue WT-1: Arrival: Drum FX - 1, Low Timp - Slow
Cue WT-2: Arrival: Drum More Menace
Cue WT-2: Arrival: Piano and Triangle Constant
Cue WT-3: Arrival: Cymbal Various
Cue WT-3: Arrival: Small Timp - Slow
Cue WT-4: Arrival: Small Timp - More Menace
Cue WT-5: Arrival: Large Timp - Single Beats
Dark Suspense No. 1
Derby Day
  • zxx
Experiments in Space: Vega
Gateway to the West
  • zxx
Holiday Spirit
  • zxx
How Beautiful Is Night
  • zxx
Jumping Bean
  • zxx
Jumping Bean (BBC Send for Shiner theme)
Lake of the Woods
  • zxx
Little Miss Molly
  • zxx
Melody Fair
  • zxx
Mission Control
  • eng
Outer Space
Pictures in the Fire
  • zxx
Porgy and Bess: A Symphonic Picture
Portrait of a Flirt (BBC In Town Tonight theme)
State Occasion
  • zxx
The Macrocosm
The Peanut Polka
  • zxx
The Power Game: Introduction
The Power Game: Introduction
The Prisoner: Incidental Cue
Three Impressions for Orchestra
  • zxx
Three Impressions for Orchestra: No. 1. High Street
  • zxx
Three Impressions for Orchestra: No. 2. In a Calm
  • zxx
Three Impressions for Orchestra: No. 3. Manhattan Playboy
  • zxx
Westminster Waltz