Jony Rockstar

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legal name: John Lipsey
member of: Naked Funk
Discogs: [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Feel drum machine Robbie Williams 4:24
The Lights electronic instruments [NC-303 treatment] Robbie Robertson 5:54
Cry Howie B 10:16
Angels Go Bald: Too Howie B 5:20
Away Again Howie B 3:08
Baby Sweetcorn (Come Here) Howie B 4:28
Ballistic Squeeze Sly & Robbie 7:50
Butt Meat Howie B 5:40
Don’t Think of Me Dido 4:32
Drilling for Oil Sly & Robbie feat. Howie B 8:51
Exodub Implosion Sly & Robbie 6:12
Fatigue Chic Sly & Robbie 4:51
Fizzy in My Mouth/Your Mouth Howie B 4:22
Flipside assistant Everything but the Girl 4:33
Here Comes the Tooth Howie B 4:01
High Voltage Syndrome Sly & Robbie 5:55
Hopscotch Howie B 5:14
How to Suckie Howie B 4:29
Hyper‐Ballad (Robin Hood Riding Through the Glen mix) Björk 6:32
In the Blood Robbie Robertson 4:35
Into Battle Sly & Robbie 9:45
Major Magic Sly & Robbie 5:34
Making a Noise Robbie Robertson 5:14
On the Other Hand coba 4:08
On the Way Howie B 2:34
Psionce Merge Sly & Robbie 4:28
Reflection additional and drums Vanessa‐Mae 3:38
Sayonara (Techno Cabaret version) coba 4:46
Softcore Surge Sly & Robbie 3:09
Sore Brown Eyes Howie B 4:15
Stripped to the Bone Sly & Robbie 4:44
Superthruster Sly & Robbie 3:58
Switch Howie B 4:59
Take Your Partner by the Hand Howie B feat. Robbie Robertson 7:19
The Lights Robbie Robertson 5:54
The Sound Is Fading Robbie Robertson 5:02
Zen Concrete Sly & Robbie 5:48
The Science of Things Bush
The Science of Things Bush
The Science of Things Bush