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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Akosua noJazz FR33Y0500304 7:08
BLZ & Timike (interlude) noJazz FR42W0100023 0:22
Boogaloo noJazz FR33Y0500309 4:28
C'mon Talk (Soul Stimulation Mix) noJazz 2:57
C&C (interlude) noJazz FR42W0100021 1:02
Candela noJazz FR42W0100005 3:36
Candela noJazz 3:58
Candela No Jazz feat. Mangu 3:36
Candela (Big Ragga mix) noJazz feat. Mangu FR42W0200454 4:03
Candela (club version) noJazz FR42W0100004 16:24
Candela (Ibizarre remix) noJazz feat. Mangu FR42W0200458 4:34
Change noJazz 3:37
Charlie Gets Wicked noJazz FR33Y0500301 5:15
El Negro Zumbon noJazz FR33Y0500302 3:16
El Primero noJazz FR42W0100010 6:51
El Primero (Shuffle I-O mix by Ooney) noJazz FR42W0200447 5:36
Every Money Needs Somebody noJazz 6:13
Flamingo noJazz FR33Y0500303 6:00
Freedom noJazz 8:26
Happy 68 noJazz 4:53
Happy 69 noJazz 1:27
Have Fun (feat. Stevie Wonder) noJazz FR33Y0500300 3:59
Have Fun (Soul Stimulation Mix) noJazz 3:49
Higher State noJazz 7:30
Hot Summer noJazz 5:22
Intro noJazz FR42W0100016 0:39
Jazz Attack noJazz FR42W0100026 3:01
Jump noJazz FR33Y0500311 2:57
Jungle Out noJazz 5:54
Jungle Out (Big Band mix by Ooney) noJazz FR42W0200450 2:46
Jungle Out (Fanfare mix by Zephyrologie) noJazz FR42W0200455 4:04
Jungle-Out noJazz FR42W0100013 5:54
Kool (feat. Stevie Wonder) noJazz FR33Y0500312 4:46
Kool (Remastered) noJazz 4:37
Le K du Q noJazz feat. Claude Nougaro FR42W0200446 4:56
Le K du Q noJazz feat. Claude Nougaro 4:53
Le K Du Q (feat. Claude Nougaro) noJazz FR33Y0500308 7:27
Long Twins noJazz 1:28
Maestro noJazz 4:54
Medina noJazz FR42W0100015 6:57
Medina No Jazz 6:56
Medina noJazz 6:59
Medina (intro) noJazz FR42W0100028 0:23
Medina (Orient mix by David F) noJazz FR42W0200452 7:22
My Kind of Blue noJazz 3:18
Nobody Else noJazz FR33Y0500305 4:54
Nobody Else (Soul Stimulation Mix) noJazz 3:51
Nojazz End noJazz 0:30
Nojazz Radio noJazz 1:32
noJazz Song noJazz FR42W0100014 4:25
Nojazz Song noJazz 3:26
noJazz Song "Unplugged" (interlude) noJazz FR42W0100022 1:11
noJazz Song (Tabla Dance mix by David F) noJazz FR42W0200453 5:56
noJazz Song (What is Hep) noJazz feat. Maurice White & Tewf Horns FR42W0200457 3:29
One Muscle (interlude) noJazz FR42W0100024 0:44
One Note noJazz FR33Y0500306 5:23
Organ 113 noJazz 5:36
Pick up noJazz 9:19
Pick-Up noJazz FR42W0100009 5:05
Please noJazz 5:22
Seven to Five noJazz 4:13
Step Back noJazz 7:05
Swingin' in da Rain (Mix Club) noJazz 3:30
Swingin' in da Rain (Moar Remix) noJazz 3:30
The Bridge noJazz FR33Y0500307 2:45
Two Hours noJazz 3:48
Urgence noJazz 5:07
Urgence (by Bogart & Mdee) noJazz FR42W0200448 4:57
Waiting noJazz 1:33
Waka noJazz FR33Y0500310 4:10
What Time is it noJazz FR42W0100011 5:01
What Time is it (by Monsieur Elle) noJazz FR42W0200460 5:34
What Time Is It (Mandigno Jazz mix) noJazz feat. Ousmane FR42W0200461 5:20
Zooland noJazz 3:07
Zoolooland noJazz 3:08

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