Legal name: Ólafur Þór Andrésson Arnalds



2007Eulogy for EvolutionÓlafur Arnalds53
2010…and They Have Escaped the Weight of DarknessÓlafur Arnalds53
2013For Now I Am WinterÓlafur Arnalds56
2015The Chopin ProjectÓlafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott54
2016Trance FrendzÓlafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm54
2016Island SongsÓlafur Arnalds54
2018re:memberÓlafur Arnalds511
2020some kind of peaceÓlafur Arnalds56

Album + Compilation

2015Collaborative WorksÓlafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm1
2022some kind of peace — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds2

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2016LateNightTales: Ólafur ArnaldsÓlafur Arnalds3

Album + Soundtrack

2009Dyad 1909Ólafur Arnalds52
2012Another Happy DayÓlafur Arnalds3
2014Gimme ShelterÓlafur Arnalds3
2015Broadchurch: Original MusicÓlafur Arnalds3
2017Broadchurch: The Final ChapterÓlafur Arnalds2
2022Surface, Season 1Ólafur Arnalds2


2012Two Songs for DanceÓlafur Arnalds2
2016Kinesthesia IÓlafur Arnalds1
2016Say My NameÓlafur Arnalds feat. Arnór Dan1
2016RGBÓlafur Arnalds1
2017ÖldurotÓlafur Arnalds1
2018re:memberÓlafur Arnalds1
2018unfoldÓlafur Arnalds feat. SOHN1
2018samanÓlafur Arnalds1
2019ekki hugsaÓlafur Arnalds1
2019…og lengra (orchestral version)Ólafur Arnalds1
2019momentaryÓlafur Arnalds ft. Voces82
2020OceansRY X & Ólafur Arnalds2
2020Back to the SkyÓlafur Arnalds & JFDR1
2020Woven SongÓlafur Arnalds1
2020LoomÓlafur Arnalds & Bonobo2
2020The Bottom LineÓlafur Arnalds & Josin1
2021Happiness Does Not Wait (2021 Version)Ólafur Arnalds1
2021TREEÓlafur Arnalds1
2021PartisansÓlafur Arnalds1
2022DrifterÓlafur Arnalds1
2022Loom (Sunrise Session II)Ólafur Arnalds & Reykjavík Recording Orchestra1
2022We Could StayJosin & Ólafur Arnalds1
2022Woven Song — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Hania Rani2
2022Light of DayODESZA feat. Ólafur Arnalds1
2022Back to the Sky — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Lambert2
2022New Grass — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; tstewart2
2022We Contain Multitudes — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Yiruma2
2022Still / Sound — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Sophie Hutchings2
2022Loom — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds & Bonobo; Eydís Evensen1
2022Spiral — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Dustin O’Halloran1
2022The Bottom Line – piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds & Josin; JFDR1
2022Undone — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Magnús Jóhann1
2022Zero — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Alfa Mist1

Single + Live

2015Life Story Love and GloryÓlafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm3
2019ypsilon (leicester)Ólafur Arnalds1
2019nyepi (münchen)Ólafur Arnalds1
2020We Contain Multitudes (from home)Ólafur Arnalds1
2021Back to the Sky (Sunrise session)Ólafur Arnalds & JFDR1
2021The Bottom Line (live from home)Josin & Ólafur Arnalds1

Single + Remix

2013Only the WindsÓlafur Arnalds1
2017Oldurot (Tontario remix)Ólafur Arnalds1
2019partial / ypsilonÓlafur Arnalds1
2019they sinkÓlafur Arnalds1
2020For Now I Am Winter (Nils Frahm rework)Ólafur Arnalds & Arnór Dan1

Single + Soundtrack

2015Not AloneÓlafur Arnalds1
2017Take My Leave of YouÓlafur Arnalds feat. Arnór Dan2
2021EpilogueÓlafur Arnalds1
2021Saudade (When We Are Born)Ólafur Arnalds2
2021Raddir (Halo Infinite version)Ólafur Arnalds1
2022Video TapeÓlafur Arnalds1


2008Variations of StaticÓlafur Arnalds52
2009Found SongsÓlafur Arnalds52
2010EndalausÓlafur Arnalds1
2011Living Room SongsÓlafur Arnalds56
2012StareÓlafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm3
2013The Winter EPÓlafur Arnalds2
2015LoonÓlafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm2
2019re:member — string quartetsÓlafur Arnalds1
2019re:member — choir versionsÓlafur Arnalds ft. Voces81
2021The InvisibleÓlafur Arnalds1

EP + Compilation

2014Two Songs for Dance / Stare / Thrown EPÓlafur Arnalds2
2022Remember (piano collection)Ólafur Arnalds1

EP + Live

2019re:visionsÓlafur Arnalds2
2021A Sunrise SessionÓlafur Arnalds4
2022Sunrise Session IIÓlafur Arnalds2

EP + Soundtrack

2013BroadchurchÓlafur Arnalds1
2021When We Are BornÓlafur Arnalds3

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