K Camp (US rapper)

~ Person


Show MoneyToo Cold x K. CampDigital Media13
  • XW2013-06-11
MADE (US hip hop)848928088348
In Due TimeDJ Drama Presents K CampDigital Media11
  • XW2013-12-02
4.27 Music
Cut Her OffK Camp ft. 2 ChainzDigital Media1
  • XW2013-12-20
In Due TimeK CampDigital Media8
  • US2014-04-22
Interscope Records602537825264
Cut Her Off (remix)K Camp feat. Lil Boosie, YG & Too ShortDigital Media1
  • US2014-06-12
Interscope Records
Turn Up For A CheckK Camp & Yo GottiCD1
  • -2014-06-24
Made MeSnootie Wild feat. K CampDigital Media1
  • US2014-07-15
  • GB2014-07-22
Epic (US label founded by CBS in 1953, now owned by Sony)
In the ModeTha Joker feat. K CampDigital Media1
  • XW2014-07-22
eOne (primary label of eOne Music, the music division under Entertainment One since 2010-07, was formerly E1 Entertainment)099923075325
K.I.S.S.K CampDigital Media26
  • US2014-12-02
Too Hot Records
I MightG‐Eazy ft. P‐Lo & K CampDigital Media1
  • US2014-12-30
Show ’emLil Boosie feat. Webbie, K Camp(unknown)1
  • -2014
One WayK CampDigital Media10
  • -2015-01-19
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none]
Find YouPlies feat. Lil Wayne & K CampDigital Media1
  • US2015-02-11
Big Gates[none]
Do What I WantDJ Carisma feat. Iamsu!, K Camp & RJDigital Media3
  • US2015-08-21
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)
Only Way Is UpK CampCD13
  • US2015-09-04
Family Ties Entertainment, Interscope RecordsB0023769-02602547503374
Only Way Is UpK CampDigital Media16
  • US2015-09-04
Interscope Records
KISS 3K CampDigital Media18
  • XW2016-04-26
KMJ Records
Lyric AveK CampDigital Media6
  • FR2016-09-02
Interscope Records602557122329
RareK CampDigital Media10
  • -2016-10-27
  • XW2017-02-14
4.27 Music, FTE888915343418
5 MinutesK Camp(unknown)1
  • -2016
KISS 4K CampDigital Media8
  • XW2017-03-08
EMPIRE (US label/distributor/publisher of hip hop/R&B), Interscope Records
Slum Lords 2K CampDigital Media15
  • XW2017-10-27
4.27 Music
This for YouK CampDigital Media5
  • XW2018-09-11
4.27 Music888915725337
RARE SoundK CampDigital Media16
  • XW2018-11-02
EMPIRE (US label/distributor/publisher of hip hop/R&B), Interscope Records, Rare Sound Records888915751671
Wayy 2 KriticalK CampDigital Media15
  • XW2019-06-21
EMPIRE (US label/distributor/publisher of hip hop/R&B), Interscope Records, Rare Sound Records888915913673
Black Men Don't CheatK Camp feat. Ari Lennox, 6LACK & TinkDigital Media1
  • XW2020-03-20
Interscope Records602508822865
Kiss 5K CampDigital Media15
  • XW2020-04-24
Interscope Records602508851599
K.I.S.S. 5K CampDigital Media14
  • -2020-04-24
Rare FamilyK CampDigital Media12
  • XW2020-07-03
Rare Sound Records8720205194046
Kiss 5 (deluxe)K CampDigital Media20
  • XW2020-11-13
Interscope Records
RARE Family (reloaded)RARE Sound, K Camp & iAmTheGENIUSDigital Media20
  • XW2021-03-05
Rare Sound Records8720205194756
FLOATK CampDigital Media15
  • US2021-08-13
Interscope Records
FLOATK CampDigital Media15
  • XW2021-08-13
Interscope Records602438662401
Vibe ForeverK CAMPDigital Media12
Interscope Records602448085177
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