Eric Clapton

~ Person

Legal name: Eric Patrick Clapton



1970Eric Clapton (1970 debut solo album)Eric Clapton417
1971The London Howlin’ Wolf SessionsHowlin’ Wolf featuring Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Bill Wyman & Charlie Watts4.414
1974461 Ocean BoulevardEric Clapton4.225
1975There’s One in Every CrowdEric Clapton411
1976No Reason to CryEric Clapton3.6510
1977SlowhandEric Clapton4.5535
1978BacklessEric Clapton3.7512
1981Another TicketEric Clapton3.511
1983Money and CigarettesEric Clapton3.7510
1985Behind the SunEric Clapton411
1986AugustEric Clapton3.815
1989JourneymanEric Clapton3.815
1994From the CradleEric Clapton3.713
1998PilgrimEric Clapton3.416
2000Riding With the KingB.B. King & Eric Clapton3.919
2000Knockin' on Heaven's DoorArthur Louis feat. Eric Clapton31
2001ReptileEric Clapton49
2004Me and Mr JohnsonEric Clapton3.28
2004Sessions for Robert JEric Clapton3.653
2005Back HomeEric Clapton3.59
2006The Road to EscondidoJ.J. Cale & Eric Clapton3.856
2010ClaptonEric Clapton3.611
2013Old SockEric Clapton3.57
2014The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ CaleEric Clapton & Friends4.27
2016I Still DoEric Clapton48
2018Happy XmasEric Clapton3.6513

Album + Compilation

1970The Best of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton33
1972Eric Clapton at His BestEric Clapton2
1972History of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2
1973ClaptonEric Clapton1
1975The Blues World of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton42
1978Big Boss ManEric Clapton1
1978The Early Cream of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger BakerEric Clapton, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker1
1982Eric Clapton / John Mayall (La grande storia del rock)Eric Clapton / John Mayall1
1982Time Pieces: The Best of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton4.518
1983After MidnightEric Clapton1
1983Pop Giants, Vol. 7Eric Clapton1
1984Backtrackin’Eric Clapton37
1984Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1
1984White Boy Blues – Classic Guitars of Clapton, Beck & PageClapton, Beck & Page1
1987The Cream of Eric Clapton (1987 compilation)Eric Clapton5
1987The Early Clapton CollectionEric Clapton53
1988CrossroadsEric Clapton4.654
1990StoryEric Clapton3
1990The Best of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2
1990The First Time I Met the BluesEric Clapton1
1991The Best of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1
1991The Story of Rock Music CollectionEric Clapton1
1992ExperienceEric Clapton1
1992Mister SlowhandEric Clapton1
1993StagesEric Clapton3
1994The Cream of Clapton (1994 compilation)Eric Clapton4.6512
1994BeginningsEric Clapton31
1994The Blues YearsEric Clapton2
1995Early GreatestEric Clapton1
1996Strictly the BluesEric Clapton2
1996Eric Clapton / Jimmy Page & Albert LeeEric Clapton / Jimmy Page & Albert Lee1
1996The Very Best: Blues and BalladsEric Clapton1
1996White Boy Black Boy BluesJimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton1
1997Birth of a Blues Legend ’63–’66Eric Clapton1
1997Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1
1997Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1
1997Volume IEric Clapton2
1998Blues PowerEric Clapton1
1998Lonely YearsEric Clapton2
1999Hits of FireEric Clapton1
1999Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton10
1999Eric Clapton: Best of The Yardbirds YearsEric Clapton1
1999West Coast IdeaEric Clapton1
2000Most Famous Hits: The AlbumEric Clapton1
2001The Legends Collection: The Eric Clapton Collection, Volume 1Eric Clapton1
2001The Legends Collection: The Eric Clapton Collection, Volume 2Eric Clapton1
2001Unplugged / Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1
2001Draggin’ My TailEric Clapton2
2001Eric Clapton & Friends: Let It RockEric Clapton1
2001Eric Clapton and FriendsEric Clapton1
2001The Guitar PlayerEric Clapton1
2002The Blues Roots of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1
2002Unplugged / From the CradleEric Clapton31
2003Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1
2003BalladsEric Clapton1
2003Alone With My FriendsEric Clapton1
2003LouiseEric Clapton1
200420th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2
2004She's So RespectableEric Clapton1
2005Classic Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1
2005Early in the MorningEric Clapton1
2005Eric Clapton Chronicles: 3 Classic AlbumsEric Clapton2
2006Telephone BluesEric Clapton1
2006Eric Clapton & FriendsEric Clapton1
2006Mister Slowhand – The Master Plays The BluesEric Clapton1
2007Complete ClaptonEric Clapton3.659
200820th Century HeroesEric Clapton1
2008Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1
2008SlowhandEric Clapton and The Yardbirds1
2008The 20 Greatest HitsEric Clapton1
2009461 Ocean Boulevard / SlowhandEric Clapton2
2010Tribute To Elmore, White-CollectionEric Clapton1
2010The Platinum Collection: Reptile / Me & Mr Johnson / UnpluggedEric Clapton1
2011IconEric Clapton1

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