collaborator on:The Unbound Allstars
member of:The Grand Wizzards
Money Making Jam Boys
original member of:The Roots (seminal hip hop group)
founded:The Roots (seminal hip hop group)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Cold BloodedhandclapsCommon feat. Rahzel, Roy Hargrove & Black Thought4:59
EpisodesTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots5:56
No AlibiTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots5:11
Ain't Nobody Playin'Jaguar Wright feat. Black Thought4:20
America (explicit)guestLogic feat. Black Thought, Chuck D, Big Lenbo & No I.D.5:31
Clap!guestSoulive feat. Black Thought5:22
Clap!Soulive feat. Black Thought5:24
FreequencyguestBlack Star6:53
Get This LowJedi Mind Tricks4:16
Guerrilla Monsoon RapTalib Kweli feat. Black Thought & Pharoahe Monch4:13
I Don't KnowJaguar Wright feat. Black Thought4:43
Love Movin’J Dilla feat. Black Thought3:35
My Favorite MutinyThe Coup feat. Black Thought & Talib Kweli?:??
Right NowFort Minor featuring Black Thought of The Roots and Styles of Beyond4:14
Who Want It (Screwed & Chopped)guestDavid Banner feat. Black Thought & WatchtheDuck5:10
X-Ecutioner Styleadditional and guestSean C & Roc Raida feat. Black Thought1:49
Zen ApproachDJ Krush feat. Black Thought4:15
Black RockTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots feat. Dice Raw2:41
Carryin’ OnTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots1:26
Common DustTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots5:04
Essawhamah? (live at Soulshack)Tariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots4:21
Good MusicTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots4:33
Good Music (prelude)Tariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots1:01
GritsTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots6:36
I’m Out DeahTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots4:11
Leonard I–VTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots4:06
NeverTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots feat. Patty Crash3:54
No John Trumbull (intro)Tarik TrotterThe Roots0:46
No Stoppin’Tariq Luqmaan TrottercoLarry Gold4:25
Pass the PopcornTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots5:33
PeaceTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots1:16
Popcorn RevisitedTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots4:06
Respond/ReactcoThe Roots5:07
Syreeta’s Having My BabyTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots0:42
The Anti‐CircleTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots3:49
The ComingTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots feat. Mercedes Martinez3:01
The Dark (Trinity)Tariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots feat. Dice Raw & Greg Porn5:17
The Roots Is Comin’Tariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots1:18
The Session (Longest Posse Cut in History 12:43)Tariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots12:46
The UnravelingTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots feat. Raheem DeVaughn4:21
There’s a RIOT Goin’ OnTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots0:13
TomorrowTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots feat. Raheem DeVaughn5:06
UnderstandTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots feat. Dice Raw & Greg Porn2:50
When the People CheerTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots feat. Modesty Lycan & Greg Porn3:01
Writer’s BlockTariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots1:45
You’ll Be BackTarik TrotterJimmy Fallon & The Roots4:10
1996Cloneslead vocalsThe Roots4:54
1996Concerto of the Desperadolead vocalsThe Roots3:38
1996Episodeslead vocalsThe Roots5:56
1996It Just Don’t Stoplead vocalsThe Roots4:34
1996Ital (The Universal Side)lead vocalsThe Roots4:54
1996No Alibilead vocalsThe Roots5:11
1996One ShineThe Roots5:40
1996Panic!!!!!lead vocalsThe Roots1:25
1996Push Up Ya Lighterlead vocalsThe Roots4:36
1996Respond/Reactlead vocalsThe Roots5:07
1996Sectionlead vocalsThe Roots4:09
1996The Adventures in WonderlandThe Roots4:34
1996The Hypnoticlead vocalsThe Roots5:19
1996UNIverse at Warlead vocalsThe Roots4:56
1996What They Dolead vocalsThe Roots5:57
2019Old Town Halllead vocalsJimmy Fallon2:17
75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)lead vocalsThe Roots3:16
100% DundeeThe Roots3:53
Atonementlead vocalsThe Roots feat. Jack Davey of J*Davey2:36
Babylead vocalsThe Roots feat. John‐John of Nouveau Riche2:51
Becoming Unwrittenlead vocalsThe Roots0:37
Birthday GirlThe Roots4:05
Black Rocklead vocalsThe Roots feat. Dice Raw2:41
Boom!lead vocalsThe Roots2:58
Bread and Butterlead vocalsThe Roots3:41
Burnin’ and Lootin’guestBob Marley with The Roots featuring Black Thought4:53
Can’t Stop Thislead vocalsThe Roots8:36
Carryin’ OnThe Roots1:26
Clock With No Handslead vocalsThe Roots feat. Mercedes Martinez of Jazzfatnastees4:23
Cold Bloodedbackground vocals and guestCommon feat. Rahzel, Roy Hargrove & Black Thought4:59
Common Dustlead vocalsThe Roots5:04
Conceptionlead vocalsBlack Thought & Salaam Remi feat. Reek Ruffin4:14
Cops See Fogel’s ID / Seth Saves Evanlead vocalsThe Roots feat. Dice Raw of Nouveau Riche & Malik B4:11
CountdownguestSpacek feat. Bahamadia, Black Thought & Slum Village5:16
Criminallead vocalsThe Roots feat. Truck North & Saigon4:09
Dear God 2.0Tariq Luqmaan TrotterThe Roots feat. Monsters of Folk3:52
Doin’ It AgainThe Roots2:24
Don’t Feel Rightlead vocalsThe Roots feat. Maimouna Youssef4:08
Don’t Say Nuthin’lead vocalsThe Roots3:36
Duck Down!lead vocalsThe Roots3:56
Essawhamah? (live at Soulshack)lead vocalsThe Roots4:21
False Medialead vocalsThe Roots2:44
Fentanyllead vocalsBlack Thought & Salaam Remi1:57
Fight the Power: Remix 2020 (explicit)additional and guestPublic Enemy featuring Nas, Rapsody, Black Thought, Jahi, YG & Questlove4:57
Game Theorylead vocalsThe Roots feat. Malik B4:01
Get OutlinedBlack Thought & Salaam Remi3:29
Good Musiclead vocalsThe Roots4:33
Good Music (prelude)lead vocalsThe Roots1:01
Gritslead vocalsThe Roots6:36
Guns Are Drawnlead vocalsThe Roots5:16
Hard Hitters (explicit)guest and lead vocalsDilated Peoples featuring Black Thought3:57
History Unfoldslead vocalsBlack Thought & Salaam Remi1:22
How I Got OverThe Roots feat. Dice Raw3:34
How to Hold a Choppalead vocalsBlack Thought & Salaam Remi1:32
Hurricanelead vocalsBlack Thought, Common, Mos Def, Dice Raw, Flo Brown, Jazzyfatnastees & The Roots5:40
HustlaThe Roots feat. STS2:56
I Can’t Help Itlead vocalsThe Roots feat. Malik B, Mercedes Martinez & Dice Raw4:40
I Don’t Carelead vocalsThe Roots4:03
I RememberThe Roots3:15
I Will Not Apologizelead vocalsThe Roots feat. Porn & Dice Raw4:34
I’m Out Deahlead vocalsThe Roots4:11
In tha ParkguestGhostface Killah feat. Black Thought3:47
In the Musiclead vocalsThe Roots feat. Malik B & Porn4:07
Kool OnThe Roots feat. Greg Porn & Truck North3:49
Leonard I–Vlead vocalsThe Roots4:06
Lift Your FistguestGuru feat. The Roots3:48
LighthouseThe Roots feat. Dice Raw3:44
Livin’ in a New Worldlead vocalsThe Roots feat. John‐John of Nouveau Riche1:48
Living in BunkersguestHilltop Hoods feat. Black Thought & Lotek3:42
Long Livethlead vocalsBlack Thought & Salaam Remi2:38
Long Timelead vocalsThe Roots feat. Peedi Peedi & Bunny Sigler4:22
Lost Desirelead vocalsThe Roots feat. Malik B & Talib Kweli3:58
Make MyThe Roots feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Dice Raw4:27
MeisoDJ Krush with Black Thought & Malik B4:04
My Favorite Mutinyguest and lead vocalsThe Coup feat. Black Thought & Talib Kweli4:36
Networkguest and lead vocalsThe Pharcyde5:14
Neverlead vocalsThe Roots feat. Patty Crash3:54
No Stoppin’Larry Gold4:25
Nothing Venturedguest and lead vocalsEdo.G feat. Black Thought4:17
Now or NeverThe Roots feat. Phonte & Dice Raw4:34
One TimeThe Roots feat. Phonte & Dice Raw3:56
Pass the Popcornlead vocalsThe Roots5:33
Peacelead vocals and other vocalsThe Roots1:16
Pimpa’s ParadiseDamian Marley feat. Stephen Marley & Black Thought5:04
Popcorn Revisitedlead vocalsThe Roots4:06
Radio DazeThe Roots feat. Blu, Porn & Dice Raw4:16
Rafikiother vocals [rap]Zap Mama4:04
Rapid Eye Movementlead vocalsPharoahe Monch feat. Black Thought4:22
Reality TVJ Dilla feat. Black Thought2:40
Right OnThe Roots feat. Joanna Newsom & STS3:36
Rising Uplead vocalsThe Roots feat. Wale & Chrisette Michele4:23
Singing Manlead vocalsThe Roots feat. Porn, Truck North & Dice Raw4:08
SleepThe Roots2:16
Somebody’s Gotta Do Itlead vocalsThe Roots4:09
Soundtrack to Confusionlead vocalsBlack Thought & Salaam Remi3:11
Star/Pointrolead vocalsThe Roots7:36
Stay Coollead vocalsThe Roots3:34
Stolen Moments, Part IIguest and lead vocalsCommon feat. Black Thought (Tariq)2:57
StompThe Roots feat. Greg Porn2:23
Streetslead vocalsBlack Thought & Salaam Remi feat. Tish Hyman3:15
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The Hamilton MixtapeTarik TrotterexecutiveVarious Artists
Appreciate / Every Part of Me / All by Myselfadditional, guest and spoken vocalsLaToya London feat. Black Thought from The Roots
MeisoDJ Krush
Break You OffTariq Luqmaan Trotter
ComplexityTariq Luqmaan Trotter
DatskatTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Distortion to StaticTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Do You Want More?!!!??!Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Essaywhuman?!!!??!Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Good Music
Hard HittersTariq Luqmaan Trotter
I Remain CalmTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Intro / There's Something Goin' OnTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Lazy AfternoonTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Living in BunkersTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Mellow My ManTariq Luqmaan Trotter
PeaceTariq Luqmaan Trotter
ProceedTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Pussy GaloreTariq Luqmaan Trotter
QuillsTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Rock YouTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Rolling With HeatTariq Luqmaan Trotter
SacrificeTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Swept AwayTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Syreeta's Having My BabyTariq Luqmaan Trotter
The Lesson, Part 1Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
The Seed (2.0)Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Thought @ WorkTariq Luqmaan Trotter
WaterTariq Luqmaan Trotter
What Goes On, Part 7Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
You Ain't FlyTariq Luqmaan Trotter
PeaceTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Super LyricalTariq Trotter
100% DundeeTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Act Too (The Love of My Life)Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Adrenaline!Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Ain't Sayin' Nothin' NewTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Approximately FreeTarik Trotter
Beautiful DayTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Black RockTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Boom!Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Burned Hollywood BurnedTariq Trotter
Carryin' OnTariq Luqmaan Trotter
ClonesTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Coke Wave BoysTarik Collins
Cold BloodedTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Common DustTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Concerto of the DesperadoTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Dear God 2.0Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
DeclarationTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Doin' It AgainTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Don’t Say Nuthin’Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Don’t See UsTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Double TroubleTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Duck Down!Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Dynamite!Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
EpisodesTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Essawhamah?Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Good MusicTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Good Music (Prelude)Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
GritsTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Guns Are DrawnTariq Luqmaan Trotter
How I Got OverTariq Luqmaan Trotter
HustlaTariq Luqmaan Trotter
I Don't CareTariq Luqmaan Trotter
I RememberTariq Luqmaan Trotter
I'm Out DeahTariq Luqmaan Trotter
In Love With the MicTariq Luqmaan Trotter
In tha ParkTariq Luqmaan Trotter
In the MusicTarik Trotter
It Just Don't StopTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Ital (The Universal Side)Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Kool OnTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Leonard I-VTariq Luqmaan Trotter
LighthouseTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Love Movin’Tariq Collins
Mad NiceT. Trotter
Make MyTariq Luqmaan Trotter
My Shot (Rise Up remix)Tariq Luqmaan Trotteradditional
NeverTariq Luqmaan Trotter
No AlibiTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Now or NeverTariq Luqmaan Trotter
One ShineTariq Luqmaan Trotter
One TimeTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Panic!!!!!!!Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Pass the PopcornTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Popcorn RevisitedTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Push Up Ya LighterTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Radio DazeTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Rapid Eye MovementTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Respond/ReactTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Right NowTariq Trotter
Right OnTariq Luqmaan Trotter
SectionTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Silent TreatmentTariq Luqmaan Trotter
SleepTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Somebody’s Gotta Do ItTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Star/PointroTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Stay CoolTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Step Into the RealmTariq Luqmaan Trotter
StompTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Table of Contents (Parts 1 & 2)Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Tao of the MachineTarik Trotter
The ’NoticTariq Collins
The Anti-CircleTariq Luqmaan Trotter
The Dark (Trinity)Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
The DayTariq Luqmaan Trotter
The FireTariq Luqmaan Trotter
The HypnoticTariq Luqmaan Trotter
The Next MovementTariq Luqmaan Trotter
The OtherSideTariq Luqmaan Trotter
The Roots Is Comin'Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
The Session (Longest Posse Cut in History 12:43)Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
The SparkTariq Luqmaan Trotter
The UnravelingTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Tip the ScaleTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Try AgainTariq Luqmaan Trotter
UnderstandTariq Luqmaan Trotter
UNIverse at WarTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Walk AloneTariq Luqmaan Trotter
WebTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Web 20/20Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
What They DoTariq Luqmaan Trotter
When the People CheerTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Who Tells Your StoryTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Why (What's Goin On?)Tariq Luqmaan Trotter
Without a DoubtTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Writer's BlockTariq Luqmaan Trotter
Yah YahTarik Trotter
You Got MeTariq Luqmaan Trotter