Orlando Gibbons

~ Person


Work Writers Artists ISWC Type Lyrics Languages Attributes Rating
2 Fantasies a 4 (edited by Fellowes)
  • zxx
A Song of Joy Unto the Lord We Sing
  • eng
Ah, dear heart
  • eng
Alman (for keyboard), MB 33
Alman (for keyboard), MB 34
Alman (for keyboard), MB 35
Alman (for keyboard), MB 36
Alman (for keyboard), MB 37
Almighty and Everlasting God
  • eng
Anthem a 5: O Lord, I lift my heart to Thee
Behold, thou hast made my days
  • eng
Blessed are all they that fear the Lord
  • eng
Come, Kiss Me With Those Lips of Thine
  • eng
Coranto (for keyboard), MB 38: French Coranto
Coranto (for keyboard), MB 39
Coranto (for keyboard), MB 40
Dainty Fine Bird
  • eng
Drop, drop, slow tears
  • eng
Fancy in C fa ut
  • zxx
Fantasia (for keyboard), MB 5
Fantasia (for keyboard), MB 6
Fantasia (for keyboard), MB 7
Fantasia (for keyboard), MB 8
Fantasia (for keyboard), MB 9
Fantasia (for keyboard), MB 10
Fantasia (for keyboard), MB 11
Fantasia (for keyboard), MB 12
Fantasia (for keyboard), MB 13
  • C major (Key)
Fantasia (for keyboard), MB 14
Fantasia à 2 No. 1
Fantasia à 2 No. 2
Fantasia à 2 No. 3
Fantasia à 2 No. 4
Fantasia à 2 No. 5
Fantasia à 2 No. 6
Fantasia à 3 No. 4 "For the Great Dooble Bass", MB 19
Fantasia à 6 No. 1
Fantasia à 6 No. 2
Fantasia à 6 No. 2, MB 32
Fantasia à 6 No. 3
Fantasia à 6 No. 4
Fantasia à 6 No. 5
Fantasia à 6 No. 6
Fantasia I, MB 31
Fantasia II, MB 32
Fantasia III, MB 33
Fantasia IV, MB 34
Fantasia V, MB 35
Fantasia VI, MB 36
Fantasie I
Fantasie II
Fantasie III
Fantasie IV
Fantasie IX
Fantasie V
Fantasie VI
Fantasie VII
Fantasie VIII
Fantasie X
Fantasie XII
Fantasie XIV
Fantasie XV
Fantasies of Three Parts
  • eng
Fantasy a 4 for the "Great Dooble Base"
Fantasy I, MB 7
Fantasy II, MB 8
Fantasy III, MB 9
Fantasy IV, MB 10
Fantazia of foure parts
  • zxx
French Air (for keyboard), MB 32
Galliard (for keyboard), MB 19: Lord Salisbury
Galliard (for keyboard), MB 20: Lady Hutton
Galliard (for keyboard), MB 21
Galliard (for keyboard), MB 22
Galliard (for keyboard), MB 23
Galliard (for keyboard), MB 24
Galliard (for keyboard), MB 25
Galliard à 6
Galliard, MB 42
Give the king thy judgements, O God
  • eng
Glorious and powerful God
  • eng
Go From my Window, MB 40
Great king of gods
  • eng
Great Lord of Lords
  • eng
Ground (for keyboard), MB 26
Ground (for keyboard), MB 27: The Italian ground
Ground (for keyboard), MB 28: The Queen's command
Ground (for keyboard), MB 29: The woods so wild
Ground (for keyboard), MB 30: Peascod time, or, The hunt's up
Ground (for keyboard), MB 31: Whoop, do me no harm, good man
Hosanna to the Son of David
If ye be risen again with Christ
  • eng
In Nomine a : 4
In Nomine à 4, MB26
In Nomine I, MB 27
In Nomine II, MB 28
In Nomines a 5 (3), for consort (unidentified)
Jesu, grant me this, I pray (arr. Bairstow)
  • eng