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Date Title Artist Length
1985 At the End of the Day Claude‐Michel Schönberg 4:42
1985 Come to Me Claude‐Michel Schönberg 3:44
1985 Finale (Les Misérables, 1985 original London cast) Claude‐Michel Schönberg 4:39
1985 I Dreamed a Dream Patti LuPone 4:29
1985 Lovely Ladies Claude‐Michel Schönberg 4:09
2005-03-19 Company: Being Alive Stephen Sondheim 3:05
2005-03-19 Happy Birthday to Stephen Sondheim [anonymous] ?:??
A Little Priest Stephen Sondheim 8:08
A New Argentina Bob Gunton, Patti LuPone, Mandy Patinkin 7:02
Another Suitcase in Another Hall Patti LuPone, Jane Ohringer, Mandy Patinkin 4:41
Buenos Aires Patti LuPone, Mandy Patinkin 4:51
Buenos Aires Patti LuPone 4:54
By the Sea Stephen Sondheim 3:53
Charity Concert / I’d Be Surprisingly Good for You Mark Syers, Mandy Patinkin, Patti LuPone, Bob Gunton 5:59
Dice Are Rolling Bob Gunton, Patti LuPone 5:08
Don't Cry for Me Argentina Patti LuPone 5:23
Epiphany Stephen Sondheim 4:03
Eva’s Final Broadcast Mandy Patinkin, Patti LuPone 3:12
Final Scene Stephen Sondheim 4:52
God, That's Good! Stephen Sondheim 6:19
Goodnight and Thank You Mandy Patinkin, Patti LuPone 3:12
High Flying, Adored Mandy Patinkin, Patti LuPone 3:44
High Flying, Adored Mandy Patinkin & Patti LuPone 3:48
Lament Patti LuPone, Embalmers, Mandy Patinkin 2:56
Montage Mandy Patinkin, Mark Syers, Patti LuPone, Crowd, Bob Gunton 2:41
My Friends Stephen Sondheim 3:49
Not While I'm Around Stephen Sondheim 4:31
On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada / Don’t Cry for Me Argentina Mandy Patinkin, Bob Gunton / Patti LuPone 9:35
On This Night of a Thousand Stars / Eva and Magaldi / Eva Beware of the City Mandy Patinkin, Mark Syers, Patti LuPone 7:36
Parlor Songs Stephen Sondheim 4:05
Peron’s Latest Flame Mandy Patinkin, Aristocrats, Army 4:27
Poor Thing Stephen Sondheim 3:25
Rainbow High Patti LuPone, Dressers 2:18
Rainbow Tour Bob Gunton, Mandy Patinkin, Patti LuPone 4:47
The Actress Hasn’t Learned the Lines (You’d Like to Hear) Patti LuPone, Mandy Patinkin 2:21
The Art of the Possible Patti LuPone, Officers 2:40
The Worst Pies in London Stephen Sondheim 3:08
Wait Stephen Sondheim 3:15
Waltz for Eva and Che Mandy Patinkin, Patti LuPone 3:46
What's the Use of Feeling (Blue)? Patti LuPone & Deedee Magno Hall 2:26