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Born in South West London towards the end of the 20th Century, Ashley Burchett was drawn to synthesized sound from a young age. His first exposure to Detroit Techno came in 1988 by way of a cassette tape recorded for him by an older friend. Although it would take a further five years or so for Ashley to even begin to realise the significance of those recordings, they were undoubtedly the seeds of a life-long obsession with underground electronic dance music.

Having experienced the developing Techno landscape of the Mid 1990’s and witnessed - along the way - some landmark DJ performances from the likes of Richie Hawtin and Derrick May, Phase began to take his first tentative steps towards music production. His debut track “Module Overload” was promo’d by Steve Bicknell during 1999 and finally released on London’s Lost/Cosmic records in 2000…

Alongside his production work Ashley is also a Mastering engineer and on/off artwork designer. Starting out at London’s prestigious (and sadly no longer in existence) Sony Music/Whitfield Street Studios, he has cut records for numerous underground dance acts as well as working on projects for mainstream artists. His various artworks can be found on the Inceptive Records (UK) back-catalogue amongst other places…

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Legal name: Ashley Burchett



2013Frames of ReferenceØ [Phase]2
2015Alone in Time?Ø [Phase]2
2021Before ThisØ [Phase]1


2019Border CountryUnderworld & Ø [Phase]1

Single + Remix

2019Border Country:The RemixesUnderworld & Ø [Phase]1


2007MassØ [Phase]11
2011TransantarcticØ [Phase]12
2012Binary OppositionØ [Phase]11
2014RemixedØ [Phase]1
2017Submerged MetropolitanØ [Phase]1
2018Boundary InteractionsØ [Phase]2
2019Versions IIIØ [Phase]1
2020[untitled]Ø [Phase] & Rødhåd1
2024Relics#01Ø [Phase]1
2024Relics#02Ø [Phase]1
2024Relics#03Ø [Phase]1

EP + Compilation

2012Binary Opposition ReprocessedØ [Phase]11

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