Ed Townsend

~ Person


member of:The Teen Town Singers
original eponymous member of:Townsend, Townsend, Townsend & Rogers
children:David Townsend
IMDb:https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0870116/ [info]
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/artist/214683 [info]
Allmusic:https://www.allmusic.com/artist/mn0000163328 [info]


DateTitleCredited AsArtistLength
1965-06Don't Play With My HeartFats Domino2:15
1965-06I Done Got Over ItFats Domino2:40
1965-06I Got the Blues So Bad for New OrleansFats Domino2:31
1965-06I Left My Heart in San FranciscoFats Domino2:21
1965-06I Left My Heart in San Francisco (alt.)Fats Domino2:24
1965-06It's Never Too LateFats Domino2:17
1965-06What's That You Got?Fats Domino2:07
1973-03-13If I Should Die TonightMarvin Gaye4:00
1973-03-13Keep Gettin’ It OnMarvin Gaye3:13
1973-03-13Please Stay (Once You Go Away)Marvin Gaye3:30
Let’s Get It On (album version)Marvin Gaye4:52
Let’s Get It On (single edit)Marvin Gaye4:01
Foolish Fool
For Your Love
If I Should Die Tonight
Just Cruisin’ (remix)E. Townsend
Keep Gettin’ It On
Let’s Get It On (Julius Hemphill/World Saxophone Quartet arrangement)
Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
For Your Love
Just Cruisin’ (remix)E. Townsend
– 1959-07-01Give Me Your Hand to Hold (late 1950's pop song, light doo wop)
Comment l'oublier ?
Every Night
How Can I Forget
I WIll Never Turn My Back On You
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Let’s Get It On
Over and Over Again
Tears of Joy
The Love of My Man
What Does a Girl Do