DJ King Assassin (US producer, rapper & DJ)

~ Person


The Here After2Pac feat. The Notorious B.I.G.CD12
  • JP1999-06-23
P‐VINE RECORDS (record label — add releases here)PVCP-87544995879087541
The Here After2Pac featuring: The Notorious B.I.G.CD12
Aim Records (Australia)AIM 4005 CD752211400529
The Here AfterTupac feat. The Notorious B.I.G.CD12
ZYX MusicZYX 20531-2090204864720
Este Oeste Mix, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD27
  • -2002
On The Grind, Mixtape Volume 1Various Artists2×CD19 + 11
  • US2004-10-19
Mob Life Records616892594826
The Way He Wanted ItTupac / Makaveli the DonCD15
Altered Ego Music7651825050457651824
Makaveli, Part 1: 7 Deadly Sins2Pac(unknown)24
Double Cross Entertainment
The Way He Wanted It, Volume 2Tupac / Makaveli the DonCD17
Affiliated RecordsAR002-CD187245800029
In My GhettoAkonCD15
  • GB2007-06-08
Ghetto Transit, Hip Hop VillageAK001827912065510
Without My 5: Free AP.9 & HusalahAP.9 & HusalahCD23
  • US2007-06-27
City Hall Records, Mob Figaz LLC, Mob Shop Entertainment
Without My 5: Free AP.9 & HusalahAP.9 & HusalahDigital Media23
  • XW2007-11-27
City Hall Records, Mob Shop Entertainment, Sumo Records
The Way He Wanted It, Vol 32PacCD16
Ghetto TransitMAK003827912065114
The Way He Wanted It, Vol 42PacCD12
  • GB2008-03-17
Hip Hop Village, Ghetto TransitHVMAK 0042, MAK0045060160720267
V.I.P.Infamous-CDigital Media20
  • XW2009-03-10
Dangerous Trend Records
Chucc N It UpSouth Central CartelCD16
Gangsta Made Productions, P‐VINE RECORDS (record label — add releases here)
The Way He Wanted It, Pt 5TupacCD15
Hip Hop VillageMAK0055060160723091
Wes Rydin'BossoloDigital Media16
Bloc Hustle Inc.
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