Z‐Ro (Rapper from Houston, Texas.)

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collaborator on:Assholes by Nature
member of:Guerilla Maab
member of (as Joseph W. McVey):ABN
original member of:Assholes by Nature
performs as (as Joseph W. McVey):The Mo City Don
Discogs (as Joseph W. McVey):https://www.discogs.com/artist/185587 [info]
https://www.discogs.com/artist/692126 [info]
official homepages:http://www.themocitydon.com/ [info]
other databases:https://www.worldcat.org/identities/lccn-no2009099160 [info]
other databases (as Joseph W. McVey):http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/no2009099160 [info]
https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/z_ro [info]
https://www.whosampled.com/Z-Ro/ [info]
Myspace:https://myspace.com/zroofficial [info]
social networking:https://twitter.com/zromocitydon [info]
https://www.instagram.com/zromocitydon/ [info]
YouTube channels:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjQWgmp28Hzu7_B7YLkeJXQ [info]
stream for free:https://open.spotify.com/artist/6MrdwyCIKbpXmTKQBlG3uq [info]
lyrics page (as Joseph W. McVey):https://genius.com/artists/Z-ro [info]
Allmusic (as Joseph W. McVey):https://www.allmusic.com/artist/mn0000598734 [info]
VIAF ID (as Joseph W. McVey):90586820 [info]
Wikidata (as Joseph W. McVey):Q135794 [info]
Songkick:https://www.songkick.com/artists/187622 [info]
Last.fm (as Joseph W. McVey):https://www.last.fm/music/Z-Ro [info]
streaming page (as Joseph W. McVey):https://www.iheart.com/artist/z-ro-2545/ [info]


DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Exotic GirlZ‐Ro feat. Kez3:46
BurnguestScarface feat. Z‐Ro3:53
Real WitchaguestDaz Dilly feat. Z‐Ro4:46
25 LighterZ‐Ro9:21
Call My PhoneZ‐Ro feat. Slim Thug4:50
Crack (intro)Z‐Ro2:58
Down in TexasAssholes by Nature feat. H.A.W.K.4:08
Here We GoZ‐Ro feat. Mike D4:35
I Wanna Get HighAssholes by Nature4:17
In My CityAssholes by Nature4:10
Paid My DuesZ‐Ro4:08
That MoZ‐Ro3:59
3 Way RelationshipZ‐Ro4:23
25 LighterZ‐Ro9:21
25 Lighters (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro6:51
A Southern GirlZ‐Ro feat. Yo Gotti3:37
Ain't No LoveZ‐Ro4:11
AssociatesguestSlim Thug feat. J‐Dawg & Z‐Ro4:33
Baby GirlZ‐Ro4:08
Baby Girl (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro5:07
Baby Momma BluesZ‐Ro4:15
Call My PhoneZ‐Ro feat. Slim Thug4:50
Call My Phone (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro feat. Slim Thug6:00
Come with MeZ‐Ro4:51
Coming Down (Every Town)guestSlim Thug feat. Kirko Bangz, Big K.R.I.T. & Z‐Ro4:55
Coming DyneZ‐Ro4:10
Crack (intro)Z‐Ro2:58
Crack Intro (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro4:21
Devil Ass CityZ‐Ro4:47
Dome, Kush, And CodeineZ‐Ro3:53
Drank & SmokeZ‐Ro4:03
Eyes on PaperZ‐Ro feat. Paul Wall4:48
Eyes On Paper (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro feat. Paul Wall5:26
Go LongguestSlim Thug feat. Z‐Ro & Nipsey Hussle4:53
H-Town Kinda DayZ‐Ro feat. Slim Thug4:18
Hands UpZ‐Ro3:45
Happy AloneZ‐Ro5:06
Hate Me so MuchZ‐Ro4:13
Hater Maker (Explicit)guestKayJay feat. Z‐Ro4:00
Hater Maker (Clean)guestKayJay feat. Z‐Ro3:49
Hater Maker (Screwed & Chopped) (Screwed & Chopped By OG Ron C)guestKayJay feat. Z‐Ro & OG Ron C7:02
He HoesZ‐Ro4:02
Here We Go (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro feat. Mike D5:07
Here We GoZ‐Ro feat. Mike D4:35
I Ain't Gonna LieZ‐Ro4:15
I CanZ‐Ro feat. Mike D4:23
I KnowZ‐Ro3:31
I'm GoodZ‐Ro4:12
I’m GoneZ‐Ro3:54
If That's How You FeelZ‐Ro feat. Lil’ KeKe4:33
If That's How You Feel (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro feat. Lil’ KeKe5:41
II TrillguestBun B feat. Z‐Ro & J. Prince4:19
II TrillguestBun B feat. Z‐Ro & J. Prince5:26
It's Going Down (King & the Boss) (ChopNotSlop Remix)guestSlim Thug feat. Z‐Ro4:16
It's OkZ‐Ro feat. Just Brittany3:36
Keep ShiningZ‐Ro feat. Chris Ward3:58
Kush Drank PillsZ‐Ro3:38
Live Your LifeZ‐Ro4:12
Lonely (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro4:50
Love My DickZ‐Ro3:54
Love These BitchesZ‐Ro4:05
Made (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro5:33
Mo CityZ‐Ro3:48
MurdererZ‐Ro feat. Just Brittany3:10
My MoneyZ‐Ro3:38
My TimeZ‐Ro4:04
My TimeadditionalKirko Bangz feat. Z‐Ro4:07
Naked Headed LoverZ‐Ro4:10
Never Had LoveZ‐Ro4:04
Never WroteZ‐Ro3:53
New ShitZ‐Ro4:41
No Love (ChopNotSlop Remix)guestSlim Thug feat. J‐Dawg & Z‐Ro5:42
No ReasonZ‐Ro3:48
On Mo TimeZ‐Ro feat. Willie D4:22
One Deep 4 LifeZ‐Ro5:40
Out His MindZ‐Ro4:58
P.A.N.Z‐Ro feat. Shaun King4:01
Paid My DuesZ‐Ro4:08
Paid My Dues (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro5:34
Pig FeetZ‐Ro feat. Dallas Blocker4:06
Razor BladeZ‐Ro4:02
Real or FakeZ‐Ro3:58
Ro & BunZ‐Ro feat. Bun B4:11
Rollin (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro5:42
Since We Lost Y'allZ‐Ro feat. Krayzie Bone4:46
Skrewed UpZ‐Ro5:11
Smoke EverydayguestPaul Wall feat. Z‐Ro & Devin the Dude6:38
Swangin in the Rain (Muddmix) (Slowed & Chopped)guestPaul Wall feat. Slim Thug, Lil’ KeKe, J‐Dawg, Z‐Ro & Chamillionaire7:15
Thangz Are Crazy (Slowed & Chopped)guestPaul Wall feat. Z‐Ro4:42
That MoZ‐Ro3:59
The CrownZ‐Ro4:04
The Mo City Don (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro4:54
The Mo City DonZ‐Ro4:01
Thru the CityZ‐Ro5:13
TiredZ‐Ro feat. Mýa4:14
Tired (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro feat. Mya5:12
Top Notch (Screwed & Chopped)Z‐Ro4:54
Top NotchZ‐Ro feat. Pimp C3:54
Trill Niggas Don’t DieguestUGK feat. Z‐Ro4:28
We Ain't Trippin No Mo (Mixed, Chopped & Screwed)guestE.S.G. & Slim Thug feat. Z‐Ro4:26
We AreZ‐Ro4:18
What It Look LikeZ‐Ro feat. Billy Brasco3:57
When It Get's GangstaguestGeto Boys4:04
When We RideZ‐Ro3:51
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3 Way RelationshipJoseph McVey
A Southern GirlJoseph McVey
H-Town Kinda DayJoseph McVey
Happy AloneJoseph McVey
MurdererJoseph McVey
Never Had LoveJoseph McVey
No ReasonJoseph McVey
On Mo TimeJoseph McVey
Pig FeetJoseph McVey
Razor BladeJoseph McVey
Real or FakeJoseph McVey
Ro & BunJoseph McVey
That MoJoseph McVey
When We RideJoseph McVey
I Hate You BitchJoseph W. McVey
I Love You BitchJoseph W. McVey