Martin Cooke (engineer)

~ Person


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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Black Messiah assistant D’Angelo and The Vanguard
Clinging to a Bad Dream assistant Mew 6:43
Cross the River on Your Own assistant Mew 7:29
Interview the Girls assistant Mew 4:04
Making Friends assistant Mew 4:52
Mind Your Manners (album version) Pearl Jam 2:38
Moment of Hesitation assistant Flying Lotus 2:18
My Complications assistant Mew 6:03
One Last Night Vaults 3:19
Poltergeist assistant BANKS 3:32
Rows assistant Mew 10:42
Satellites assistant Mew 6:09
Straight Through My Heart Backstreet Boys 3:27
The Night Believer assistant Mew 4:12
Water Slides assistant Mew 5:05
Weaker Girl assistant BANKS 4:16
Witness assistant Mew 3:01
Black Gives Way to Blue assistant Alice in Chains
Ellipsis (deluxe) Biffy Clyro
Monster (HDtracks) assistant KISS
[Drill Sergeant] assistant Muse 0:21
[JFK] assistant Muse 0:55
A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon assistant Foster the People 4:40
Aftermath assistant Muse 5:48
Answer Phantogram 3:51
Are You What You Want to Be? assistant Foster the People 4:31
Ask Yourself assistant Foster the People 4:23
Bad Dreams Phantogram 4:20
Barbarians assistant The Libertines 3:36
Barking Dog Phantogram 3:02
Best Friend assistant Foster the People 4:28
Bill Murray Phantogram 3:35
Black Out Days Phantogram 3:47
Calling All Phantogram 3:41
Celebrating Nothing Phantogram 3:47
Coming of Age assistant Foster the People 4:40
Country Song assistant Seether 3:50
Dead Inside assistant Muse 4:24
Defector assistant Muse 4:33
Desire for Need assistant Seether 3:34
Destroyer Phantogram 4:17
Down assistant Seether 3:57
Drones assistant Muse 2:52
Fade Out assistant Seether 3:54
Fall in Love Phantogram 3:44
Forsaken assistant Seether 4:20
Fur Cue assistant Seether 3:48
Goats in Trees assistant Foster the People 5:10
Gunga Din assistant The Libertines 2:59
Harden the Paint Foster the People 3:55
Here and Now assistant Seether 3:56
Howling at the Moon Phantogram 3:58
I Don’t Blame You Phantogram 3:29
I Love My Friends Foster the People 3:45
Lotus Eater Foster the People 3:02
Master of Disaster assistant Seether 4:19
Mercy assistant Muse 3:52
My Only Friend Phantogram 4:36
Never Going Home Phantogram 4:35
Nevermind assistant Foster the People 5:18
No Resolution assistant Seether 3:08
Nothing but Trouble Phantogram 4:05
Out of My Mind assistant The Killers 3:44
Pass Slowly assistant Seether 3:28
Pseudologia Fantastica assistant Foster the People 5:31
Psycho assistant Muse 5:17
Reapers assistant Muse 6:00
Revolt assistant Muse 4:06
Roses assistant Seether 4:18
Run Run Blood Phantogram 4:59
SHC Foster the People 4:08
Static Space Lover Foster the People 4:00
The Day You Died Phantogram 3:51
The Globalist assistant Muse 10:07
The Handler assistant Muse 4:34
The Truth assistant Foster the People 4:30
Tonight assistant Seether 3:44
Water Slides Mew 5:05
Wonderful Wonderful assistant The Killers 5:10
Conscious assistant Broods
Binary Sea Death Cab for Cutie 4:05
Black Sun Death Cab for Cutie 4:49
El Dorado Death Cab for Cutie 3:39
El Dorado (demo) Death Cab for Cutie 3:38
Everything’s a Ceiling Death Cab for Cutie 3:41
Future Days (album version) Pearl Jam 4:22
Getaway (album version) Pearl Jam 3:26
Good Help (Is So Hard to Find) Death Cab for Cutie 4:47
Hold No Guns Death Cab for Cutie 3:03
Infallible (album version) Pearl Jam 5:22
Ingenue Death Cab for Cutie 4:31
Let the Records Play (album version) Pearl Jam 3:46
Lightning Bolt (album version) Pearl Jam 4:13
Little Wanderer Death Cab for Cutie 4:20
Mind Your Manners (album version) Pearl Jam 2:38
My Father’s Son (album version) Pearl Jam 3:07
No Room in Frame Death Cab for Cutie 4:07
Pendulum (album version) Pearl Jam 3:44
Sirens (album version) Pearl Jam 5:41
Sleeping by Myself (album version) Pearl Jam 3:04
Straight Through My Heart Backstreet Boys 3:27
Swallowed Whole (album version) Pearl Jam 3:51
The Ghosts of Beverly Drive Death Cab for Cutie 4:04
Yellow Moon (album version) Pearl Jam 3:52
You’ve Haunted Me All My Life Death Cab for Cutie 4:08
Black Gives Way to Blue assistant Alice in Chains
Black Gives Way to Blue assistant Alice in Chains
Black Gives Way to Blue assistant Alice in Chains
Black Gives Way to Blue assistant Alice in Chains
Black Gives Way to Blue assistant Alice in Chains
Surya Namaskar assistant Dewa Budjana, Jimmy Johnson & Vinnie Colaiuta