1989ClarinetangoGiora Feidman33
1989The Singing ClarinetGiora Feidman1
1990The Magic of the KlezmerGiora Feidman1
1991Viva El KlezmerGiora Feidman1
1991Gershwin & The KlezmerGiora Feidman3
1994Feidman in JerusalemGiora Feidman1
1995Klezmer Chamber MusicGiora Feidman1
1995The Incredible ClarinetGiora Feidman1
1995The Soul Chai (Die Seele lebt)Giora Feidman1
1997Klezmer CelebrationGiora Feidman2
1998Giora Feidman and The Israel CamerataGiora Feidman1
1998Feidman in Bayreuth: Lilith: Neun Gesänge der Dunklen Liebe...Giora Feidman1
1998Klassic KlezmerGiora Feidman1
1998Schubert & Jiddische LiederGiora Feidman1
1999Concert for the KlezmerGiora Feidman, Philharmonisches Streichorchester München, Michael Helmrath1
1999JourneyGiora Feidman1
1999Giora Feidman Plays and the Angels Sing: Symphonic Poems for a Klezmer ClarinetGiora Feidman1
1999Klarinet KlezmerGiora Feidman1
2001TangoKlezmerGiora Feidman1
2002Dancing in the FieldGiora Feidman1
2002Feidman plays PiazzollaAstor Piazzolla; Giora Feidman1
2003Plays Mozart & MoreGiora Feidman1
2004Klezmer & MoreGiora Feidman1
2005SafadGiora Feidman and The Safad Chamber Orchestra, Markus Poschner1
2006KlezMundoGiora Feidman1
2006Der GolemGiora Feidman & Arditti String Quartet1
2006The Art of KlezmerGiora Feidman1
2007Giora Feidman presents Klezmer in the GalileeGiora Feidman1
2008The Spirit of KlezmerGiora Feidman1
2008Rhapsody for KlezmerGiora Feidman2
2008Jewish Soul MusicGiora Feidman1
2009Klezmer & StringsGiora Feidman1
2009The Dance of JoyGiora Feidman1
2012Very KlezmerGiora Feidman & Gitanes Blondes1
2014Back to the RootsFeidman & Gitanes Blondes1
2014The Giora Feidman Jazz-Experience: Klezmer Meets JazzGiora Feidman1
2015Klezmer BridgesGiora Feidman & Rastrelli Cello Quartet1
2017Feidman Plays Beatles!Giora Feidman & Rastrelli Cello Quartet1
2018Klezmer for PeaceGiora Feidman1
202185Giora Feidman & Klezmer Virtuos1
2021A Tribute to PiazzollaGiora Feidman & Rastrelli Cello Quartet1

Album + Compilation

1996Rabbi Chaims Dance: Traditionals from IsraelGiora Feidman1
2011Deep Notes - The best of Bass ClarinetGiora Feidman1
2016Dances of the SoulGiora Feidman1

Album + Soundtrack

1997Silence and Beyond - Feidman plays Ora Bat ChaimGiora Feidman1
1998L'homme est une femme comme les autresGiora Feidman1

Album + Audiobook

2004Ewigkeit dringt in die ZeitIris Berben & Giora Feidman1

Album + Live

1993Israel: Yiddish SoulGiora Feidman & Ensemble2
1996To YouGiora Feidman1
2003Feidman & Eisenberg live in St. Severin / SyltGiora Feidman & Matthias Eisenberg1

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