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Originated as a group of three under the name Trio Sonnerie, and later became Sonnerie upon increasing to at least four members.

Monica Huggett, violin
Sarah Cunningham, viola da gamba
Mitzi Meyerson, harpsichord

Trio Sonnerie eventually expanded to a group of four or more performers and changed name to Sonnerie.

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1984Sonatas for Violin and basso continuoJean‐Marie Leclair; Trio Sonnerie1
1986Concerts RoyauxFrançois Couperin; Trio Sonnerie2
1986Sonatas for Violin and ContinuoBach, Schmelzer, Schenck, Böhm, Erlebach; Trio Sonnerie1
1989Pièces de clavecinRameau; Trio Sonnerie2
1989Trio SonatasDieterich Buxtehude; Trio Sonnerie1
1990The Art of the RecorderMarion Verbruggen, Trio Sonnerie1
1990Violin Sonatas, op. 5Corelli; Trio Sonnerie, Nigel North4
1991Paris QuartetsTelemann; Wilbert Hazelzet, Trio Sonnerie1
1993"A Portrait of Love" – early 18th-century music for the French courtTrio Sonnerie, Nancy Argenta2
1993“A Gift of Nature” English Chamber Music of the 17th CenturyTrio Sonnerie, Stephen Stubbs, Andrew Lawrence‐King1
1994CantatasJohann Sebastian Bach; Nancy Argenta, Ensemble Sonnerie, Monica Huggett2
1994Paris QuartetsGeorg Philipp Telemann; Wilbert Hazelzet, Trio Sonnerie2
1994Trio SonatasJohan Helmich Roman; Trio Sonnerie1
19954 Paris QuartetsTelemann; Wilbert Hazelzet, Trio Sonnerie1
1996The Musical OfferingJ S Bach; Ensemble Sonnerie1
1996SonatasFontana, Cima, Turini; Ensemble Sonnerie3
1998The MonthesSimpson; Sonnerie, Monica Huggett, Sarah Cunningham, Gary Cooper, Emilia Benjamin1
1999Cantatas, Nos 51, 82a, 84, 199, 202 & 209Johann Sebastian Bach; Nancy Argenta, Sonnerie, Monica Huggett1
1999Trio Sonatas, op. 1Antonio Vivaldi; Sonnerie1
2001Violin Sonatas, 1681 / Nisi Dominus / PassacagliaBiber; Monica Huggett, Sonnerie, Thomas Guthrie1
2002Baroque Recorder ConcertosPamela Thorby, Sonnerie1
2003The World’s First Piano ConcertosDavid Owen Norris, Sonnerie, Monica Huggett, Emilia Benjamin, Joseph Crouch1
2003Vivaldi: The Four Seasons / Simpson: The MonthesVivaldi, Simpson; Monica Huggett, Sonnerie, Raglan Baroque Players1
2004The Mystery Sonatas, Volume 1 • Nos. 1-9Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber; Monica Huggett, Sonnerie1
2004The Mystery Sonatas, Volume 2 • Nos. 10-16Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber; Monica Huggett, Sonnerie1
2006Organ Concertos, op. 4Handel; Matthew Halls, Sonnerie, Monica Huggett1
2006Violin ConcertosJ.S. Bach; Sonnerie, Monica Huggett1
2009Orchestral Suites for a Young PrinceJ.S. Bach; Ensemble Sonnerie, Monica Huggett, Gonzalo X. Ruiz1
2013La GammeMarin Marais, Antoine Forqueray; Trio Sonnerie1
6 Paris QuartetsGeorg Philipp Telemann; Wilbert Hazelzet, Sonnerie1

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