North Carolina

~ Subdivision in United States


Artist Type Gender Rating
Akissforjersey Group
Alfred Bennett Spellman, Jr. Person Male
Alien8 Group
Among the Living (NC Based Anthrax Tribute Band) Group
Amy Lambert Person Female
Angela Shella Person Female
Apparatus (American Industrial rock) Group
Artus Moser Person Male
Audubon Park Group
Bass Mountain Boys Group
Bazanji Person Male
Beloved (post-metal hardcore) Group
Benton Blount (season 10 finalist on America's Got Talent) Person Male
Big Bang Boom (North Carolina Kid's Music) Group
Bilirubin Group
Bill Reynolds (engineer from North Carolina) Person Male
Bill Seckler Person Male
Billy Miller (U.S. singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist) Person Male
Billy Taylor (jazz/bop pianist) Person Male
Black Eyed Dog (Asheville, North Carolina power pop band) Group
Blackbird (Samuel Wright) (Vocaloid artist)
Cageless Birds (A collective of musicians and artists led by Jonathan and Melissa Helser) Group
Caleb Johnson Person Male
Carol Brice Person Female
Cave Shine (North Carolinian shoegaze artist) Person Male
Charles Berry (member of Haare, 1968 Munich cast) Person Male
Charm Days (Doug Kaufmann) Person Male
Chris Lane (Country Singer) Person Male
Chris Tuttle (piano / organ / accordian player) Person Male
Chuck Johnson (US indie folk guitarist & composer) Person Male
Citizen Shade Group
Clifton Davis (From Burgaw, North Carolina) Person Male
CLINE (Indie/Alternative Band from North Carolina) Group
Clyde Moody Person Male
Codex Obscura (Progressive metal) Group
Collective Dialect Group
Connie Woolard (member of The Mountain Laurels) Person Female
Corsayers Group
Craig Emmons Person Male
cy extra money Person Male
Cy Extra Money (former member of Verbal Chaos) Person Male
Cyndee Peters Person Female
Dahvie Vanity (lead singer of Blood on the Dance Floor) Person Male
Damascans (60's US garage rock band from North Carolina) Group
Dave Harris (mastering engineer) Person Male
David Gwaltney Person Male
Debbie Sims Person Female
Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba Group
Dick Hodgin Person Male
Dickie Goodman Person Male
Dink Roberts Person Male
Dirty Art Club Group
Dirty White Girls (NC Based all-female Foreigner tribute band) Group
DJ Polo Person Male
Don Grooms Person Male
Donald D Person Male
Douglas Quin Person Male
DRISKILL (band from NC) Group
Driver (sleepy space child figures out how to make music) Person
Drox Czen Person Male
Earl Nance Person Male
Earl Scruggs Person Male
Elaine Gray (member of The Mountain Laurels and The Mix) Person Female
Epta Astera (gregorian folk metal) Group
Eric Strickland & The B Sides (Neo-Tradional Honky Tonk Band) Group
Erie Choir (indie) Group
Faye Hunter Person Female
Fetchin Bones Group
Fifty Foot Shadows Person Male
Fire Pink Trio Group
Flood Dawg Person Male
Fractured Fairytales Group
G-Terra Person Male
G.B. Grayson Person Male
Gallagher (comedian) Person Male
Giant (Experimental metal band from North Carolina) Group
Greg Klaiber (Multi-Instrumentalist, Videographer, Film) Person Male
Greg Readling Person Male
Grover (1990s North Carolina-based band) Group
Harold Morton Person Male
Harry Deal Person Male
Harry Deal & The Galaxies Group
Haywood Blevins Person Male
Heather Berry Person Female
Helen Nance Person Female
Hell Awaits (NC Based Slayer Tribute Band) Group
Hellstorm's Hell on Earth Group
Herb Johnson Person Male
Hiss Golden Messenger Group
Homer "Pappy" Sherrill Person Male
Hotel Lights Group
Hour of 13 Group
Hugh Brodie Person Male
Infinisynth (Spiral Default 2013) Group
ISS (U.S. punk band) Group
It is rain in my face. Person Male
J.C. Burris Person Male
J.E. Mainer Person Male
JAE Mansa (Hip-hop and rap duo) Group
Jaguars (late 50s/early 60s US bluegrass band with Charlie Daniels) Group