~ Subdivision in Liguria, Italy


Artist Type Gender Rating
Andrea Martini (house DJ) Person
Ashes to Ashes (alternative metal band from Italy) Group
Athlantis (Italian power metal band) Group
Carlo Marrale Person Male
Coffee Shock Group
Donatella Canepa Person Female
Elisa Pegreffi Person Female
Fabio Armiliato Person Male
Fabio Cuomo Person Male
Franco Boggero Person Male
Franco Franchi (singer, lyricist) Person Male
Gabriele Serpe Person Male
Giacomo Bondi Person Male
Giuliana Tavolaccini Person Female
Giuseppe Taddei Person Male
Gleemen Group
Isaak (Italian stoner rock group) Group
Kafka (Italian punk band) Group
Killers Lodge Group
La famiglia degli Ortega Group
Luciana Gonzales Person Female
Maya (Italian band from Genoa) Group
Nuova idea Group
Od Fulmine Group
Pippo Barzizza Person Male
Quartetto di Cremona Group
Riccardo Dillon Wanke (Italian multi-instrumentalist, composer) Person Male
S.lle Canepa S.r.l. Group
Salvatore Linguido Person Male
Tears of Othila Group
TECHNOIR (Electro Experimental Soul duo) Group
The Psycheground Group Group
The Strange Connections Group
Ugo Savarese (Italian baritone) Person Male
Varego Group
Vaz Tè Person Male