engineering location for
Magic (featuring Doughboy Sauce)Bellion Boss4:00
No Quitting (song)2ffe skylow2:42
producing location for
Nothing to Lose (Official Music Video)Real Flow feat. Sal Mex5:58
recording location for
1943-12-08Don't Cry, Baby (live, 1943)Louis Armstrong and His Sensational Big Band3:03
1943-12-08I Can’t Give You Anything but Love (live, 1943)Louis Armstrong and His Sensational Big Band2:36
1947-02-19Fa-De-Do StompHarry Choates2:36
1947-06-10Just Thinkin'Walter Brown with Jay McShann's Quartet2:53
1947-06-10Lovin' a BeggarWalter Brown with Jay McShann's Quartet2:54
1947-06-10Sloppy DrunkWalter Brown with Jay McShann's Quartet2:45
1947-06-10W.B. BluesWalter Brown with Jay McShann's Quartet2:31
1947Good Road BluesWright Holmes2:38
1948-02Shotgun BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:41
1948-12 – 1949-01Atomic EnergyClarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Jack McVea & Orchestra2:34
1948-12 – 1949-01Didn't Reach My GoalClarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Jack McVea & Orchestra2:55
1948-12 – 1949-01Mary Is FineClarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Jack McVea & Orchestra2:50
1948-12 – 1949-01Mercy on MeClarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Jack McVea & Orchestra2:33
1948-12 – 1949-01My Time Is ExpensiveClarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Jack McVea & Orchestra2:53
1948Ain’t It a ShameLightnin’ Hopkins2:54
1948Appetite BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:33
1948Baby Please Don’t GoLightnin’ Hopkins2:51
1948Baby Please Don’t GoLightnin’ Hopkins2:53
1948Bad Whiskey Bad WomenLil’ Son Jackson2:09
1948Death BellsLightnin’ Hopkins2:41
1948Freedom Train BluesLil’ Son Jackson2:40
1948Ground Hog BluesLil’ Son Jackson2:16
1948Lee's BoogieLee Hunter2:29
1948Lightning BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:35
1948Lonesome HomeLightnin’ Hopkins2:45
1948MercyLightnin’ Hopkins2:34
1948No Mail BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:49
1948Roberta BluesLil’ Son Jackson2:28
1948Somebody’s Got to GoLightnin’ Hopkins2:45
1948Tim Moore’s FarmLightnin’ Hopkins2:40
1948Treat Me KindLightnin’ Hopkins2:40
1948Walking BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:50
1948What Can It BeLightnin’ Hopkins2:38
1948You Don’t KnowLightnin’ Hopkins2:43
1948 – 1949Little Willie's BoogieLittle Willie Littlefield2:57
1949-01My Time Is ExpensiveClarence “Gatemouth” Brown2:49
1949“T” Model BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:37
1949Airplane BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:40
1949AutomobileSam "Lightnin’" Hopkins2:48
1949Automobile BluesSam "Lightnin’" Hopkins3:05
1949Boogie RamblerClarence “Gatemouth” Brown2:58
1949Cairo BluesLil’ Son Jackson2:48
1949European BluesSam "Lightnin’" Hopkins2:39
1949Evil BluesLil’ Son Jackson2:49
1949Fast Life WomanSam "Lightnin’" Hopkins2:47
1949Gambling BluesLil’ Son Jackson2:56
1949Gone With the Wind (She’s Gone)Lil’ Son Jackson2:45
1949Homeless (Blues) (Homesick Blues)Lil’ Son Jackson3:06
1949I Live My LifeClarence “Gatemouth” Brown2:46
1949I’ve Been MistreatedClarence “Gatemouth” Brown3:00
1949It Can Never Be That WayClarence “Gatemouth” Brown2:56
1949Jailhouse BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:42
1949Just Got LuckyClarence “Gatemouth” Brown3:05
1949Justice BluesClarence “Gatemouth” Brown2:56
1949Lightnin' Boogie (Lightnin' Blues) (Mad Man's Boogie)Lightnin’ Hopkins2:52
1949Mad With YouLightnin’ Hopkins2:29
1949Milford BluesLil’ Son Jackson2:30
1949No Money, No LoveLil’ Son Jackson2:43
1949Organ BoogieSam "Lightnin’" Hopkins2:59
1949Rollin' Woman BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:48
1949Talkin’ BoogieLil’ Son Jackson3:02
1949Traveler’s BluesLightnin’ Hopkins3:06
1949Trying to Find a FriendLightnin’ Hopkins3:02
1949Two O’Clock in the MorningClarence “Gatemouth” Brown2:49
1949Unkind BluesLightnin’ Hopkins3:01
1949Unsuccessful BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:23
1949Zologo (Organ Blues)Sam "Lightnin’" Hopkins2:31
1949 – 1950All I Got Is GoneLightnin’ Hopkins3:03
1949 – 1950Another Fool in TownLightning Hopkins2:56
1949 – 1950Bad Luck and TroubleLightning Hopkins2:39
1949 – 1950Beggin' You to Stay (Someday Baby)Lightning Hopkins2:38
1949 – 1950Black CatLightning Hopkins2:39
1949 – 1950Bluebird BluesLightnin’ Hopkins3:15
1949 – 1950Candy KitchenLightning Hopkins2:44
1949 – 1950Coolin’ Board BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:43
1949 – 1950Don't Keep My Baby LongLightning Hopkins2:19
1949 – 1950Drifting BluesLightning Hopkins2:20
1949 – 1950Everyday I Have the BluesLightning Hopkins2:22
1949 – 1950Give Me Back That Wig (Wig Wearing Mama)Lightning Hopkins2:18
1949 – 1950Goin’ Back and Talk to MamaLightnin’ Hopkins2:56
1949 – 1950Goodbye BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:46
1949 – 1950Grievance Blues (Nobody Cares for Me)Sam "Lightnin’" Hopkins3:00
1949 – 1950Grosebeck BluesSam "Lightnin’" Hopkins2:24
1949 – 1950Henny Penny BluesSam "Lightnin’" Hopkins2:09
1949 – 1950House Upon the HillLightning Hopkins2:35
1949 – 1950Jack Head BoogieLightning Hopkins2:55
1949 – 1950Jackstropper BluesSam "Lightnin’" Hopkins2:51
1949 – 1950Jazz BluesSam "Lightnin’" Hopkins2:29
1949 – 1950Last AffairLightning Hopkins3:01
1949 – 1950Lonesome Dog BluesLightning Hopkins2:42
1949 – 1950Mistreated BluesLightning Hopkins2:41
1949 – 1950Needed TimeLightning Hopkins2:54
1949 – 1950Old Women Blues (Good Old Woman)Sam "Lightnin’" Hopkins3:04
1949 – 1950One Kind FavorLightning Hopkins2:52
1949 – 1950Penitentiary BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:34
1949 – 1950Racetrack BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2:37
1949 – 1950Santa FeLightning Hopkins2:51
1949 – 1950Seems Funny BabyLightnin’ Hopkins3:04
1949 – 1950Someday Baby (Worried Life)Lightning Hopkins2:33
1949 – 1950Tell Me Pretty MamaLightning Hopkins3:14
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