Artist Type Gender Rating
12 Seconds of Rage
16 Piece Bucket
Aaron "Bubble" Patrick (US metal bassist) Person Male
Abe Olman Person Male
Abiodun Oyewole Person Male
Amanda Appiarius Person Female
American Sin Group
Amy Whitaker Person Female
Andrew Coleman (guest guitar for Hogscraper) Person Male
Andy Black (Black Veil Brides) Person Male
another cultural landslide Group
Ant Dog Person Male
Arin Ray Person Male
Artie Matthews Person Male
Ass Ponys Group
Automagik Group
Automaton (Steampunk power metal band from Ohio) Group
Autumn Rising (Louisville/Cincinnati rock band) Group
Bad Veins Group
Barney Rapp Person Male
Barry Ries Person Male
Below Between Group
Bill Ramsey Person Male
Bill Rank Person Male
Black Veil Brides Group
Blacklight Barbarian Group
Blessid Union of Souls Group
Blind Judgment
Blue Wisp Big Band Group
Bob Roberts (1900s US ragtime singer) Person Male
Bobby Borchers (American songwriter) Person Male
Bonnie Bishop Person Female
Bonnie Lou Person Female
BOO FROM Q102! Other Other
Boom Bip Person Male
Bootsy Collins Person Male
Bottom Line Group
Boy Fruit Person Male
BoyMeetsWorld Group
Boys (Punk band from Ohio) Group
Brandi Chavonne Massey (American stage actress and singer) Person Female
Brette Taylor (American actress) Person Female
Bridget Battle Person Female
Bryan Devendorf Person Male
Bryan Hollon (Boom Bip) Person Male
Buffalo Killers Group
Buggs Tha Rocka Person Male
Burning Star Core Group
Carl Hugo Grimm Person Male
Caterpillar Tracks Group
Channel Theory Group
Charles Hyde Band Group
Charles Manson Person Male
Chastain Group
Checkmates ('60's Ohio garage rock band) Group
Chris Donnelly (Mimis, Sluggo, SS-20) Person Male
Chris Jasper Person Male
Christ Church Cathedral Choir (Cincinnati, Ohio) Choir
Chrome Cranks Group
Cincinnati Boychoir Choir
Cincinnati Children's Choir (CCC) Choir
Cincinnati Philharmonia Orchestra Orchestra
Cincinnati Summer Opera Association Chorus Choir
Cincinnati Summer Opera Association Orchestra Orchestra
Cliff Friend Person Male
Cobra Kai Group
Come the Dawn Group
Convicted Felons Group
Corporate Speedball Group
Corpus Christi (Christian metal band) Group
Craig Bailey Person Male
Cream & Sugar (Cream and Sugar) Group
Croatan (Cincinnati punk band) Group
Cult of Sorrow Group
Curtis Peagler Person Male
D-Maub Person Male
Daisy Caplan Person Male
Dana Burnet Person Male
Daniel von Bargen (actor) Person Male
Dark Soul (Cincinnati, Ohio punk band) Group
Dawg Yawp Group
Death Before Disco (Psychedelic rock band from Ohio) Group
Deborah Berry Person Female
Decide Today
Destined to Fester (digital goregrind) Group
Detached (Cincinnati punk band) Group
Djack & The Antidote Group
Doris Day Person Female
Dr. Meow Meow Person Male
Driver (Cincinnati punk band) Group
E‐Swift Person Male
Edgar Courance Person Male
Electric Citizen (Cincinatti, OH Sabbath-style Rock Band) Group
Elk (90s Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati post rock band) Group
Elwood cromwell Person Male
Emmaline (four-piece jazz band) Group
Endless Chaos (Endless Chaos Band) Group