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Artist Type Gender Rating
.gif (Singaporean electronic duo) Group
"Sound Forest" Person Male
Aarika Lee Person Female
Abolition A.D. Group
Adrian Yeo Person Male
Ahli Fiqir Group
Aidil Shah Person Male
Alison (from Singapore) Person Female
Allura (Singapore rock band) Group
Amateur Takes Control Group
Analdicktion (Singapore death metal/grindcore) Group
Anathema (Singaporian black/death metal band) Group
Anita Sarawak Person Female
Anna Judge April Group
Arcn Templ Group
Árpád Joó Person Male
Arrakeen (trance from Singapore) Person
Arun Shenoy Person Male
As Sahar Group
Ash (Drum 'n' Bass DJ and producer from Singapore) Person Male
Asilent (death metal) Group
Astreal Group
atman (ambient/downtempo artist from Singapore) Person Male
Averruncus Person Male
Avery Shen Person Male
Azrael (Singaporean hip hop artist) Person
B-Quartet (Singaporean rock group) Group
Baby K (Singaporean-born rapper active in Italy and UK) Person Female
Bakar Hamid Dan The Hawks Group
Balberith (Black Metal, Singapore (Singapore City)) Group
Bang Wenfu Person Male
Battlestorm Group
Beneath the Encasing Group
Bertram Wee (composer) Person Male
Beryl (member of Sea☆A) Person Female
Bhelliom Group
Bless (Singaporean hip hop artist) Person
Bob (Singaporean producer, Aging Youth Records) Person
Bonafide (Singapore singer) Person
Bryan Chua Person Male
Buto Group
By2 (Singaporean Girl Group) Group
Calin Wong Person
Camero Official Person Male
Candice de Rozario (Singaporean vocalist, theatre artist) Person
Cardiac Necropsy Group
Case (Singaporean deep house producer) Person
Celest Chong Person Female
Cerise Lim Jacobs Person Female
Chang Siao Ying (Singaporean)
Charger (Producer) Person Male
Charles ENERO Person Male
Charles Lazaroo Person Male
Charlie Lim (Singapore-born Australian singer/songwriter) Person Male
Chavito Person Male
Cherie Ko Person Female
Chew Keng How Person Male
Chöd (Singaporean group) Group
Christy Smith Person Male
ChromaZone (Singapore jazz band) Group
Cindy Bernadette Person Female
Clinton Carnegie (Singapore jazz guitarist) Person Male
Colin Thurston Person Male
Corrinne May Person Female
Cosa Nostra (duo from Singapore, DJ Funk Bast*rd & Kaye) Group
Cosmic Armchair Group
Cosmic Child Group
D.E.A.D. Group
Daily Ritual (Punk-rock band from Singapore) Group
dante (Sir Spacebar) Person Male
Daren Tan Person Male
Darrell Ang Person Male
Daryl Lai Person Male
Dave D’aranjo Person Male
Debauchery (black metal band from Singapore) Group
Decepticons (Singaporean hip hop group) Group
Define (Singaporean hip hop artist) Person
Demisor (Singapore grindcore) Group
Deon (Singapore) Person Male
Desecrate (Singaporean hardcore band) Group
Deus ex Machina (Singapore death metal band) Group
Dick Lee (Singaporean pop singer) Person Male
Distrust (Singapore punk band) Group
DJ J Styles Person Male
DJ Rap Person Female
DJ Ruxta Person Male
DJ Sathiya Person Male
DJ Vortex (Singaporean drum & bass DJ) Person
Doxomedon Group
Draconis Infernum Group
Dream State Vision (Shaun Sankaran) Person Male
Electric (Singapore) Group
Electrico Group
Electronic Music Lab Other
Elintseeker Person Male
Eric Chiryoku Person Male
Eric Foenander Person Male
Ervinna Person Female
Estelle (member of Sea☆A) Person Female