~ Subdivision in Canada


Label Type CodeBegin End Rating
Assemblée Productions Imprint
ATMA Publisher
Chaos Rural Records (Independant Post Punk, Hardcore, Punk label from Stukely-Sud, Québec, Canada) 2007
Cobalt Records (Quebec) Original Production
D.M.T. Records
D’elles S.E.C. Les Éditions Musicales Publisher
Disques Diva Imprint
Disques MPV Production
Disques Silence Records Original Production
Éditions Bloc‐Notes Publisher
Gammick International inc.
Guérilla (Band label) Holding
Hymnes d'Antan 2011
Instinct Musique inc. Holding
Intolerant Records Production [unknown]
Isba Music Entertainment Original Production 1984
Jaune Original Production
Kébec‐Disc (1974–1982) Original Production 1974 1982
Les Ambassadeurs
Les Disques All In 2015-11-30
Les Disques Citation Imprint
Les Disques Mont Réal Production 1998-01-27
Level Music (1999–2007) Original Production 1999 2007
Madacy Entertainment Group, Inc. (do not use as a release label! later renamed Madacy Lifestyle Marketing, read annotations for sub-label to use) Holding 1980
Madacy Music Group, Inc. Distributor
Midi-Plus Consultants inc. Production
Mononc’ Serge Records Original Production
Mushku Mus Publisher
Orange Music Canada Publisher
Outrageous Defecation Records (Candian grindcore/crustcore) 2002
Pertin_nce Original Production 2005
Processed Inc. / Bros Distribution Distributor
Productions Frères Chasseurs 2011
Productions Organizés
Propagande Distributor 2015-04-15
Reanimator Records (canadian hip hop) Original Production
Rivage Production
Roues et Archets
S7 Productions Production
Sans Issue 2011-11
Sir Goulus Productions
Sumo (canadian label by Audiogram) Imprint 1990
The Compo Company Ltd. Distributor 1918 1970
Union Finale (Record Label run by S. & G. of Menace Ruine) Original Production 2013