A&M RecordsProductionLC 00485Hollywood, United States19624
A&M Records, Inc.HoldingHollywood, United States1962
A&M videoHollywood, United States
Airwave Records (2) (sublabel of Airwave International founded by Tom Depierro)Hollywood, United States19801987
AlliedHollywood, United States
AmaretOriginal ProductionHollywood, United States
Ardmore Music Corp.PublisherHollywood, United States1951-02-05[unknown]
Atlas (Hollywood, 1942-1948)Hollywood, United States19421948
Atomic Records (1940s-1950s Hollywood label)Hollywood, United States19451955
Bagdad (1960s Hollywood label)Hollywood, United States[unknown]
Bel-Tone RecordsHollywood, United States1945-071946-11
Bellmark Records (Hollywood, CA)Original ProductionHollywood, United States
Bong Load Custom RecordsOriginal ProductionHollywood, United States19912000
Bryan Records (1960s-1970s Hollywood label)Hollywood, United States
Capitol Records, Inc. (not for release label use; US company behind the “Capitol Records” imprint)HoldingHollywood, United States1942-04-09
Caroline (artist & label services division of Universal Music Distribution's Capitol Music Group)DistributorHollywood, United States2021
Celestial Records (50s/70s US)Original ProductionHollywood, United States
Century Records (limited edition, direct-to-disc recordings)Original ProductionHollywood, United States
Cheify MusicPublisherHollywood, United States
Classic Compact Discs (audiophile limited editions)Hollywood, United States
Crest (R&B and early R&R label)Original ProductionHollywood, United States
Dayla (Record label of Bob Hilliard)Hollywood, United States19711981
Demon Record Co.Hollywood, United States
Edison InternationalHollywood, United States
Enterprise Record (1946-47, Hollywood)Hollywood, United States19461947
Fable (1950s Hollywood label)Hollywood, United States
Faro (US label)Hollywood, United States
Film CityHollywood, United States
Flip Records, Inc. (1950s Hollywood label)Hollywood, United States
FM Recording CompanyHollywood, United States
Fritz Spritz MusicPublisherHollywood, United States
Fussion Groove (US house label)Hollywood, United States
G.I. RecordsOriginal ProductionHollywood, United States
G4L RecordsHollywood, United States
GLO6ixOSO EntertainmentProductionHollywood, United States2015-06-01
Grindhouse ReleasingHollywood, United States
Harvest Records (company behind the Harvest label since 2013)HoldingHollywood, United States2013
ICI SanoblastOriginal ProductionHollywood, United States19811982
Indigo Records (60s US)Original ProductionHollywood, United States
IrvanneHollywood, United States19581959
K Disc MasteringManufacturerHollywood, United States19791995
KalamoHollywood, United States
Klasky Csupo, Inc.ProductionHollywood, United States1981-05
Liberty Record Sales Corp.DistributorHollywood, United States
Little Star Records (1960s Hollywood label)Original ProductionHollywood, United States
M.S.R. Records (song-poem label)Hollywood, United States
Marmolotta MusicPublisherHollywood, United States
MilkAlive Music (Brad Laner's Publishing)PublisherHollywood, United States
Mothers Records & The Snarf CompanyOriginal ProductionHollywood, United States1967[unknown]
Mystic Records (US punk)Original ProductionHollywood, United States
Noah Shain MusicPublisherHollywood, United States
Nocturne HollywoodHollywood, United States
Opaline RecordsHollywood, United States1997
Org MusicOriginal ProductionHollywood, United States2006
Paramount StudiosHollywood, United States
Popsquad RecordsHollywood, United States
Preview Records (poet-song label)Hollywood, United States
Prince Records (Hollywood based label 1958 - 1971)Original ProductionHollywood, United States19581971
Priority Records, Inc.DistributorHollywood, United States
Rama RamaHollywood, United States
Riff Records (Hollywood label)Hollywood, United States
Risk Records (US alternative rock)Original ProductionHollywood, United States
Rockin’ Records (Hollywood label founded by Willie H. Rocquemore)Hollywood, United States
Rockmore Music (Hollywood label founded by Willie H. Rocquemore)Hollywood, United States
Saratoga Music Co.PublisherHollywood, United States
Saturn RecordsOriginal ProductionHollywood, United States
Secular Pineapple (iGod)Hollywood, United States
Striped HorseOriginal ProductionHollywood, United States
Superfecta RecordingsReissue ProductionHollywood, United States2003-02-14
Swag Records (late 70s US indie rock)Original ProductionHollywood, United States
Synematik Musicworld LLCHollywood, United States2013
The Greene Mountain Record CompanyOriginal ProductionHollywood, United States
The Ladd CompanyProductionHollywood, United States1979
Todo o' Nada Music Co. (T.O.N. also used as an abbreviation)Hollywood, United States
Tone CasualtiesProductionHollywood, United States
Vine StreetsHollywood, United States
Wilco (US label from Hollywood, CA.)Hollywood, United States