New Zealand

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!ssuxx! RecordsOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
$lave Recordings (New Zealand metal/rock, aka Slave Collective)New Zealand
2Much RecordsOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
8K.NZ (New Zealand internet radio station)New Zealand
20cityOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
174 East MusicNew Zealand
833 RecordsOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
A Low HumNew Zealand
A Major Label (Chris Knox & The Nothing)Original ProductionNew Zealand
A&R Records (New Zealand label)New Zealand
Action (60s New Zealand)Original ProductionNew Zealand
Action Man RecordsNew Zealand20032008-11-24
Aeroplane Music Records (New Zealand)Original ProductionNew Zealand
Affiliated Records NZNew Zealand
Age RecordsNew Zealand
AIR (NZ label, aka Allied International Records)New Zealand
Air New Zealand (New Zealand airline)New Zealand
Allied InternationalOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Alta RecordingsNew Zealand
Angry RabbitNew Zealand
Anodyne AudioNew Zealand
Antenna Recordings (New Zealand)New Zealand
Antipodean Records (NZ house/breaks label)New Zealand
Aotearoa RecordsOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
ApoplexyOriginal ProductionNew Zealand1998
Arcade Recordings (New Zealand label)New Zealand
Arch DynastyOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Arch Hill RecordingsOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Arclife RecordsOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Armar (New Zealand, 1960s)New Zealand
Astral ProjectionNew Zealand
Atoll Ltd (NZ-based label)New Zealand
Attention Deficit Grindcore DisorderNew Zealand
Audio Network New ZealandDistributorNew Zealand2008
Bag RecordsNew Zealand
Banished from the Universe (NZ label)New Zealand
Bastard Son Records (New Zealand punk)New Zealand
Battle Circus (Battle Circus Label, used by band of same name from NZ)New Zealand
BattlecruiserOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Beat Atlas RecordsNew Zealand
Bedroom EmpireNew Zealand
Benthouse RecordsNew Zealand
Big Bang & FuzzDistributorNew Zealand
Big House Records (New Zealand, Annah Mac’s label)Original ProductionNew Zealand
Blackest Thorn Media (New Zealand hardcore)New Zealand
Blah-Lah-Lah RecordsNew Zealand
Bliss MusicNew Zealand
Blue AmpOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
BMG Arista / Ariola Limited (not for release label use! manufacters and distributors operating in Australasia)DistributorNew Zealand
BMG New ZealandNew Zealand
Bodega Records WellingtonProductionNew Zealand1996
Bondage Records (New Zealand punk)New Zealand
Boo Music (label)Original ProductionNew Zealand
Border Music (New Zealand)New Zealand
Bounce Records (New Zealand)Original ProductionNew Zealand
Breakin WreckwordzOriginal ProductionNew Zealand2001
Broken Boy Records (New Zealand DIY punk)New Zealand
Broken Hill Records (New Zealand)New Zealand
Buffaload Productions (Sold compilations on defunct NZ music store Zealand
But Wait! ProductionsNew Zealand
Can’t Stop Music (NZ indie label)Original ProductionNew Zealand
Canapé King RecordsOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Capital Recordings (NZ electronic & indie, est. 2001)Original ProductionNew Zealand2001-11
Cautious Bull (New Zealand DIY/street)New Zealand
Caveman Noise (New Zealand punk)Original ProductionNew Zealand
Celebrate Psi PhenomenonOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Celibate Monks (New Zealand)New Zealand
Central Records (New Zealand label)Original ProductionNew Zealand
Chain Gang RecordsNew Zealand
Chewy RecordsOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Chill ChildrenNew Zealand
Choice Records (New Zealand, The Neighbours and offshoots involving Sam Ford and Trudi Green)New Zealand
Clientele Records (New Zealand hip-hop)Original ProductionNew Zealand
CMR (New Zealand experimental label)Original ProductionNew Zealand
Concert FM (New Zealand classical)New Zealand
Concordance (Wellington, New Zealand)PublisherNew Zealand
Concorde Productions (New Zealand Christian rock label)New Zealand
Continuum NZProductionNew Zealand1988
Cooper CultProductionNew Zealand
Corpus HermeticumOriginal ProductionNew Zealand19932004
Cosmic Conspiracy RecordsNew Zealand
Craig Potton PublishingNew Zealand
Cranium MusicOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Crawlspace RecordsOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Creeping Ivy RecordsNew Zealand
Creepshow ProductionsNew Zealand
Crystal MagicOriginal ProductionNew Zealand2005
Curious Recordings (NZ label, released primarily Salmonella Dub albums)Original ProductionNew Zealand1994[unknown]
Cursed Helm (New Zealand netlabel)New Zealand
Cyanide RecordingsOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Darkside Records (New Zealand hardcore)New Zealand
Dawn Raid EntertainmentOriginal ProductionNew Zealand1999
Deep Red (New Zealand)New Zealand
DeepgroovesNew Zealand
Deepskin Conceptual MindmusicProductionNew Zealand
Definitive MusicOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Delta Vee Music (University of Otago, Albany Studios, Dunedin)ProductionNew Zealand
Demon Nation MusicOriginal ProductionNew Zealand
Dept. of Conservation (New Zealand, Pūkaha/Mt. Bruce)New Zealand
Destroy Records (New Zealand)New Zealand