Acid WaxaOriginal ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne
Amazing Record Co.PublisherNewcastle upon Tyne2015
Antara RecordsOriginal ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne
Applied Holographics (Nimbus & 3DCD Ltd)ManufacturerNewcastle upon Tyne
Axon Recordings (Label project from DJ/producer Ché Armstrong, focused on releasing quality techno, tech-house and deep-house)ImprintNewcastle upon Tyne2012-04-20
Beeftin Records (Beeftin Productions)PublisherNewcastle upon Tyne
Beeswax Records (UK Funk label)DistributorNewcastle upon Tyne2014-05
Beyond The WallNewcastle upon Tyne2014
Big Bright Beautiful Records (Label owned by STAN)Original ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne2007
Box Records (UK underground music label)ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne
CEL36PublisherNewcastle upon Tyne2014-01-01
Climax RecordingsNewcastle upon Tyne
Conviction Records (Hardcore punk label from the UK)Newcastle upon Tyne2020
Cruel Nature Records (UK based limited edition cassette label)Original ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne2013
Eggs in AspicPublisherNewcastle upon Tyne2016
Entoptic AudioOriginal ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne2021
Final Trauma RecordingsNewcastle upon Tyne2010-01
GCM RecordingsReissue ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne
Get Into It RecordsNewcastle upon Tyne
Golden MantraPublisherNewcastle upon Tyne2015
Ice Cold RecordsDistributorNewcastle upon Tyne2018-01
Infinity Mirror RecordsOriginal ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne20152021
Inverted Grim-Mill RecordingsNewcastle upon Tyne2011-09
Kitchenware RecordsOriginal ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne1982
Loft Music Studios (Newcastle, UK upon Tyne
Malady MusicOriginal ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne2004
Me Me Me (Man Power & Friends)Newcastle upon Tyne2016
MWM Records (UK label)Newcastle upon Tyne
NARC. MediaProductionNewcastle upon Tyne
Neuroscience Recordings (UK digital EDM label launched in 2006 by Ché Armstrong)ImprintNewcastle upon Tyne2006-06-01
New Media Records (Newcastle Media Workshops' record label)Newcastle upon Tyne
Panurus ProductionsNewcastle upon Tyne
Push Puzzle RecordsNewcastle upon Tyne
RailCablesNewcastle upon Tyne
Rubber Records (UK folk label)Newcastle upon Tyne
Smack in the MouthNewcastle upon Tyne
Springfall RecordsProductionNewcastle upon Tyne
Stay Critical Or DieOriginal ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne
Stereo 45Original ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne
Still Heat RecordingsOriginal ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne2015
Sulk Magic (dance music)Original ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne
Sun HarmonicsNewcastle upon Tyne2015-01-01
Tame The Silence Records (Newcastle, UK)Newcastle upon Tyne2014
The Old NoiseProductionNewcastle upon Tyne
Triptik MusicOriginal ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne
Turquoise Blue Recordings (House etc label in Newcastle upon Tyne)ImprintNewcastle upon Tyne
Visual Volume (Mike Vests (Bong, Blown Out, Haikai no ku) label)PublisherNewcastle upon Tyne
Volume MusicPublisherNewcastle upon Tyne
Wudwink (label associated with Impulse Studios, Newcastle)Original ProductionNewcastle upon Tyne[unknown]