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Artist Type Gender Rating
(((O))) (June Marieezy, drone) Person Female
1:43 (Filipino pop boy band) Group
3LOGY (Filipino trio boyband) Group
3rd Avenue (Filipino band) Group
3Yo Group
4 By 4 Group
4th Impact Group
5th Gen (Filipino Pop Group) Group
6Cyclemind Group
12-O-1 Group
14K (Filipino band) Group
17:28 Group
18th Issue (Filipino band) Group
19 Dongalo Bad Boyz Group
604 Group
1017 (Philippine quintet band) Group
A.D.D. (Filipino band) Group
Abaddon (Filipino Rapper) Person Male
Abby Asistio Person Female
Abie (Filipina Rapper) Person Female
Abie Flinstone (Philippines-born Belgian rapper/singer) Person Female
Abigail (Filipina Singer) Person Female
Abra (Raymond "Abra" Abracosta) Person Male
Abrakadabra (Filipino rock band) Group
Acapellago (Filipino contemporary pop a cappella group) Group
Ace Cada Person Male
Ace Libre Person Male
Acel Bisa Person Female
Acel van Ommen Person Female
AcidRadio Group
Acinom (Filipina rapper) Person Female
Adela-Mae Marshall Person Female
Ador Torres Person Male
Adult Sleepovers
Advent Call Group
Adventnote Group
Aegis (Filipino pop rock band) Group
After 5 (Filipina all girls group) Group
AfterImage (Filipino rock band) Group
Agatha Obar (Filipina singer) Person Female
Agaw Agimat Group
Agot Isidro Person Female
Agsunta (Filipino Band) Group
Aia de Leon Person Female
Aicelle Santos Person Female
Aikee Person Male
Aiko Melendez Person Female
Aiza Seguerra Person Female
Aizo (Filipino rock band) Group
AKA Jam Group
Akiko Solon Person Female
Akuma (Filipino rapper) Person
Al James (Filipino Rap Artist) Person Male
Al Termulo Person Male
Alamid Group
Albert Godinez Person
Alden Richards Person Male
Aldrich Talonding Person Male
Alecx Estrada Person Female
Aleph (Filipina Singer) Person Female
Alessandra De Rossi Person Female
Alex Godinez Person Female
Alex Gonzaga (Cathy Gonzaga) Person Female
Alexa Ilacad Person Female
Alexis (Filipina Singer)
Alexis Poblete Person
Alfa (singer/songwriter Alfa Garcia) Person Female
Alisah Bonaobra & Stan Perfecto Group
Alisah Bonaobra, Janice Javier & Jessica Reynoso Group
Aliya Parcs Person Female
Aljur Abrenica Person Male
All Star (Filipino group of singers) Group
Allan K. Person Male
Allan Mitchel Person Male
Allan Mitchell Silonga Person Male
Allen Duane Coligado Person Male
Allen Jane Sta. Maria Person Female
Allona (Filipina singer) Person Female
Almira Cercado Person Female
Aloha (Filipina singer) Person Female
Alon (Filipino band) Group
Alonzo Muhlach Person Male
Alvin Nuñez Person Male
Alyssa Angeles (Philippines singer-songwriter) Person Female
Alyssa Gibbs Person Female
Amber Davis Person Female
Amy Libot Person Female
Amy Nobleza Person Female
Ana de Leon (Filipina singer) Person Female
Analepsis Of The Sha'ar Group
Andión Fernández Person Female
Andre Paras Person Male
Andrea Babierra Person Female
Andrea Brillantes Person Female
Andrew & Ric Group
Andrew E. Person Male
Andrew Espiritu Person Male
Andrew Florentino Person Male
Android-18 Group
Ang Grupong Pendong Group